What draws you to elf ears?

Mar 19, 2018

    1. Love elves have 4 and one forest boy. All of their wigs are cut so full ear shows. Why buy elf and cover ears up with wig.
    2. I personally love little elf ears. They're cute, but they also mean that the doll is not human. I like that.
      Personally, because I find human behaviour quite odd and struggle with the way they behave, I love that I have a little elf doll to say 'wtf?' to. Not sure if it is something that stems from my Autism, and my lack of social awareness from that, or just because I'm not overly extroverted and prefer my own company and the company of my dolls over other humans.
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    3. I like fairies~!

      ...and other humanoid fantasy creatures as well. Many of them tend to have pointed ears in their depictions, so it's nice to be able to have that in a doll. It's an easy visual cue that the doll is some 'other' being, and gives a good starting point to expand with other unreal features.
    4. It’s brings another breath of magic into the dolls for me. Elves are magical, beautiful beings and I love the idea of having one.
    5. I have one elf eared character but shes not human (shes also not a traditional elf character either) and one other customization of young Maleficent who does but otherwise all my other dolls have regular human ears. If it fits the character I'm designing I do include it.
    6. Depending on the type of elf ears I think that they look either cute or graceful, and look very sweet peeping out of the hair on a wig. Sometimes you gotta be careful though because with some head sculpts it often changes or prevents the wig from fitting correctly
    7. elf ears are just a little extra interest i feel like! it's a quick and easy way to make a face look more elegant or stylized.
      i wanted to insert that meme of marge going "i just think they're neat" but my images are broken ;w;
    8. I like fantasy and have a special fondness for elves in urban fantasy settings. I don't like them more than I like my human dolls, but I'm really glad there are sculpts I like with elf ears.
    9. I think it’s just adds a cute flair to a doll. It can add a layer of characterization right off the bat. I also find it’s a neat twist if you decide to dress them in modern fashion. I don’t go out of my way to find elf dolls but if a sculpt I liked had them I’d be perfectly happy to get one!
    10. I tend to look for sculpts with detail to their ears in some form or another. A lot of molds with elf or fantasy sculpts happen to have better pictures of the ears and that ends up swaying me heavily towards them!
      So far only one of mine I was seeking out the elf ears for, since she comes from one of my Starfinder characters.
    11. I personally fell in love with elf ears as a child playing Zelda Ocarina of Time. I really enjoy dolls with elf ears, I find it so cute and in a way I reminisce about the game!
    12. I love ELVES!!! I love fantasy dolls. I love Tolkien. I love Elfquest.

      I grew up when there were just Barbies--so give me Male dolls and horns and hooves, and animal bits and vampire teeth and colorful resin!!!! It's part of the appeal of BJDs, that they come in such a great variety! Or you can mod them into something different.

      I have realistic human bjds, but only because they are a bit of something different after all my elves and anthros and whatever. I personally find ordinary human dolls a little boring.

      Plus--with Elf ears--they are usually hidden by wigs anyway and can seem like humans... So... more versatile! :XD:
    13. I love the pointed ears on a vampire doll. It just seems more fantasy realistic. It’s just something that I don’t mind at all because I love vampires
    14. I just think they’re cute. Plus I love lord of the rings, & the hobbit, so I think they’re cool. I got into BJDs because I wanted a toy of Lee Pace as Thranduil, so even from the start of my collecting, I went for elves.

      In real people, I actually like pointy ears, or sticky out ones. Even just big ears.
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    15. I love elves, so most of my characters tend to be elves...and the aesthetic appeal, too. It's probably connected to the fact I like hiking, mythology, Tolkien's books and I'm landscape painter.

      Anthro dolls. Well, I can't very well explain why I like them. When I was kid I tended to draw humanized, bipedal animals and paper dolls -- dunno why. But it extended to dolls.

      That doesn't mean I have no realictic or semi realistic animals (or plans for human dolls). I do, especially these 3D printed - they are incredibly realistic.
    16. I love he touch of the other worldly.
    17. While I haven't found a doll with elf ears I like, yet, I am drawn to really big elf ears! I've seen some mods that have them that are really cute. I guess, for me, I think big ears are adorable in general, and the bigger and pointer the most I like them. I also like big animal ears on some dolls.. Just a touch of the non-human is adorable to me.
    18. It's the uniqueness and the otherworldly quality. I also enjoy putting dolls with "fantasy" features like elf ears or fairy wings in clothes many people wouldn't expect, like 18th century or 1920s dresses.
    19. Elf ears are cute! I just don't have anyone in mind that needs them. I do have a Feeple65 Chloe, but I had her ears modded to human ones a long time ago.
    20. I think elf ears are just so cute due to my love of fantasy and gaming. I've always liked the look of elf ears peaking out of hair.