What fits an IpleHouse EID woman?

Nov 19, 2009

    1. Some of the Dollmore Model Doll F shoes will work too. I've got the. "Cara" boots in blavk and a pair in white and I LOVE them on my EID lady.
    2. Thank you! I'll take a look at them.

      I think I may have looked at those. Thank you for the suggestion though, I will keep them in mind.

      Yep I definitely did look at them, I'd have to do some modification to remove all the straps but the shin plates/ foot plates would cover the laced area. Those might just do it!

      Also these heels would have been perfect.. except they aren't black :(

      I'm blind.. they have those heels in black, they just happen to be sold out..like the cara boots.
    3. I think Sweetinger is not an option right now, but I had to leave that discussion. A 91 year old mother who gets sick is a little scary. But Dollsinging on Ebay has posted something about making Eid Iplehouse shoes. So anyone interested should message her. Because of Dollsinging saying some shoes would not fit Iplehouse or Soul doll Zenith I quickly went to Soul doll and they have some really beautiful lace up boots in two styles. Much prettier than the Iplehouse version. I got a dark red pair and in person they are really nice, very pretty and well made. I usually do not like white shoes, but the creamy white ones are really lovely. There is also khaki and black as well. They have PLENTY of room for EIDs, etc. They also have a pair of shoes that are a tad strange, but could be modified with a permanent marker and a different tie.
      I have used markers often on shoes with no problem and pulled off studs if the color would be dark to cover the holes. The best ones are the Christy Stone open toed gray booties. Pulled off the studs, cut off the fringe and markered them black. I think DollHeart still has them. The pitch on those is off and I put one of those clear circle or black stick on things you put under glass on a table or to protect furniture from being scratched, under the ball of the foot. If anyone is interested I can take some pics. I'm going to try cutting off some straps with an Xacto knife next. Everything either has straps with buckles, studs or bows. WHY? OMG.
      Also I think it's Dollsinging has a pair of boots big enough for EID guys, but not sure about them.
      I went ahead and photographed these and am making a correction. I had forgotten all about these,some fit and the EID girls can stand in a couple of them. The pitch being off is the heels are at a strange angle to the shoe and it is not fixed by the sticky things, those I use on some boots for BIDs.
      Dollheart and Denver doll Emporium have the camo ones, the Victorian Brocade and another Christy Stone pair that a clear plastic with a lace pattern open toed booties. I didn't find the gray fringed ones.
      Possibly Christy Stone may have some. The Victorian brocade ones I couldn't get on. I didn't take the foot off and it might go on, but not sure. They are actually gray brocade with a button as well as the buckle.
      The dark red ones are the Soul Doll Zenith.
      I hope this helps someone.
    4. Thanks for the information Lilsgirl. I have actually been trying to find those grey boots, so if you should remember where they are from, please let me know. In the meantime, I do really like the red boots too. I may pick those up.
    5. Wow Lilsgirl those army boots looks really nice.. so they fit EID? I'm actually just staring to hunt some interesting and more unique shoes than Iplehouse's own.

      I love these, but I have no idea do they fit:
      1. http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=12002&b_code=B20050506094358&c_code=C20060405041345
      2. http://www.dollmore.net/shop/step1.php?number=10172&b_code=B20050506094358&c_code=C20060405041345

      and these.. just too perfect but maybe too small :( I'm thinking to test them anyway.
    6. adalwolf - those red boots from Dollmore should fit. I have the black enamel ones (though i don't see them on site) and they fit just fine.
    7. Luckeegurl36: Wow thanks! They're in my must have list so I'm glad they should fit. I'll match them with bright red leather jacket and black fishnet stockings.. Now I will hunt them.
    8. Oh yesness! I really want a pair of those, too... *bookmarks page*

      Also, I think I found which shoes Lilsgirl is referring to - the plastic-like ones? Here: http://www.dollheart.com/gs000022-p-3799.html#.VEyUw_mUeSo

      And here are the camo boots *also bookmarks page*: http://www.dollheart.com/gs000019-p-3796.html#.VEyVEPmUeSo

      Interested in these, too. I think I'll buy them and give them a go. Unless someone here can confirm they fit? http://www.dollheart.com/gs000020-p-3797.html#.VEyUw_mUeSo
    9. Luckeegurl36 I bought on pair of the gray boots at Dollheart and the other at the Denver Doll emporium. I didn't see them on either site now.
    10. That's for letting me know Lilsgirl. I see the gray boots on Dollheart, but they only have them for SD10/13 now. I'll probably get them for my Supia girls. Thanks.
    11. I think I may have mentioned this before but I wasn't sure so It merits posting it again.
      If you're looking for anything in the latex dept for EID women clothes a lovely woman on etsy will work with you https://www.etsy.com/shop/LadyLikeLatex
      She primarily deals in human size clothes but has made a few EID sizes for dresses, bathing suits and pants and is currently working with me on making a full body catsuit for my doria who is still being made.

      I'll actually have the first prototype catsuit here in a week or so (it's been shipped and is siting in NY customs) and she's been more than willing to work with me on the sizing and fit.
      I'd definitely go give her a look and drop her a line. She's been an absolute dream to work with.
    12. Luckeegurl36, the gray boots I have are for Sd 13 they just fit EIDs too.
    13. I would be very interested to hear how this turns out and the practicalities of it; how easy it is to get on, how strong it is (so, resilience to ripping), whether there is any staining etc.

      And just noticed she is in the UK. Woo hoo!
    14. I will gladly keep you updated on it all. I'll post pictures once it gets here and then again once I have the doll.
      For now though another member has two of her in stock non custom items (looks to be the halter top swimsuit and the shorts) if you want to see some of her work on a doll! http://www.denofangels.com/forums/s...n-April-Story-Hybrid)&p=11141868#post11141868
    15. Alright I got the catsuit in, I just don't have the doll body yet for it!
      Picture of the catsuit sans body. It's also super dull because it's got talc all over it.
      I'll post pics of it on the body asap, this is more for construction and proof of concept.
      Also shoes.
    16. Definitely worth keeping an on eye on, I would love a a Mrs. Peel (Rigg not Thurman) inspired dress collection.
    17. Thank you Lilsgirl?! I'm on it!
    18. So I got my girl today! I can show what that catsuit looks like on a body now!
      It fits super tight (obviously) and aside from a few lose areas like the crotch which I feel was likely due to my lack of talc (I had a very small amount to work with and it wasn't enough) It's exactly what I wanted.
      So, given the correct measurements Trish can make you extremely well fitting quality latex garments!
      Still haven't had the chance to shine it yet either so its really dull.
    19. that is some seriously awesome latex
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