What fits an IpleHouse EID woman?

Nov 19, 2009

    1. omg...so gotta have those
    2. I tried these (xxx) I have not been able to stretch the toe enough and i fear forcing more will rip them... have not tried heat yet (to soften shoe up) Human feet warm a shoe to allow the stretch dolls can't so ya dicey. Also the heel 'last' (the back seam line) I don't think is straight enough for IH feet. If money is an issue for you don't risk it.... if you got a few bucks you can afford to lose...lol but I don't think so. Also my sample measured 8 with 7.6 inner.... yours lists 7.5 for both....

      Luts is bad for having unreliable measurements too -_-
    3. Thank you Lady Tiku! Drat, it just doesn't sound like a good bet.
      Thank you for saving me some frustration and dissapointment!
      Robyn :)
    4. YW ... for the iple girls it's best to stick to Iple shoes unless you see a specific posted shoe proof of fit in here lol. I also plan on trying to take the knot out of my shoes to see if that helps. It's killing me I cant afford to buy the clear plastic types ... from my own feet... that type stretches best lol and should be easier to soften with heat (ie near a heat vent)
    5. Are there any companies that make basic flats for the EID women? I'm looking for a pair of brown flats and I can't find any!

      Thanks for your help.
    6. I don't know, unfortunately, but if you find some, please share?

      Iple does have black suede flats and a pair with a Ferragamo-ish buckle, when last I checked. I'd suggest posting a thread in the Iple Talk section of their website, requesting more flat shoes for the girls -- if you post the thread link here, I know a few of us would co-sign!

      I have found that sandals intended for 60cm boys fit, so you can likely find brown sandals, even if you're stuck for ballet-type flats.

      60cm male flat boots work, as well -- it's just hard to find basic femme flats in this size!

      -- A <3
    7. You are very welcome. I have two of them now, but no new clothing or footwear discoveries. As more companies are making clothes specifically for the very popular EID women, it is becoming less of a problem, except for one's wallet.
    8. Hi,

      I just got these in from Dollmore and as expected they will fit Iplehouse dolls. Though you will have to put some foam in front of the foot. >.<


      Really wish there were more options for Iplehouse girls, back to hunting for more shoes. Really glad that this thread exists. ^-^

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    9. Hi!

      Another one came in from a different source: Clover Yama!
      This one fits snugly, it needs some careful persistence and she wont be wearing any kind of socks...

      Hopefully this was helpful. ^-^

    10. Does anyone know if an sd doll heart fer will fit an EID girl?
    11. No, it won't. It won't even fit a small busted SID girl (and I've tried) ... the Iple girls are way too big in the upper chest and shoulders, and the Fer style is much too fitted for it to fit them.
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    12. a bit of an update... the 'new' feet that the girls come with... they are enough smaller that they now can wear some shoes from Luts that previously did not fit the older style heel foot.. the the curve of the under foot is off a bit but they now fit the heel in.... specifically this shoe: I have the white ones. Do note that the measurements must still be as below... Iple feet are still big

      Height: 6.5 cm
      Length: 8 cm
      Inner foot length: 7.6 cm
    13. thank you... I was about to buy one lol so thank you or I would have wasted 150 bucks...
    14. thank you... I was about to buy one lol so thank you or I would have wasted 150 bucks...