What fits an IpleHouse EID woman?

Nov 19, 2009

    1. for me santoria j is great source of eid clothes...
    2. the fer sets fit the OLD yid body... so if you ever get one of those girls that works... and i believe that means SD16 fits the old type body as well? I have one and a fer set for her.
    3. I've talked to Alice's Collections, and they do custom measurements. If the clothing starts with:SPO, SPB, SPG, EDG,EDSG,EDB,EDSB,EDPB, SZD, M3, MMP ; then it means it can be custom! I don't know if anyone has tried it yet, but I would think it should work.
    4. I did! I placed a custom order at Alice's Collections to fit an EID woman body and it was ecxellent!
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    5. Hi :dance doing some shoe shopping for my little Soli. Does anyone know if American Girl Doll shoes will fit? I found some adorable light up shoes. [​IMG]
      Also, i was looking at some basic sneakers on ebay that say 7.5cm. [​IMG]
    6. Iple ladies need shoes that measure 8" for the flat feet
    7. Ah that's a big foot lol ty
    8. the EID foot asy 7.5, you have to ADD to it for the 'shoe' size. So shoes that measure 8 work... i didn't want you to think the 'foot' was that size...
    9. Thank you. I realize that now but all I see are 8.5cm for 1/3 male. I think those would be too big. I just want to find cute white sneakers :( seems like mission impossible. Lol regretting the size of my dolly atm but i still love her. I found an ad on Facebook for some shoes measuring 7.5cm inside. Might go with that so she isn't barefoot but they're lolita and goth style. Not really what I was hoping for. Ugh or i might break down and buy the iplehouse sneaker wedges eventually. :atremblin pricey
    10. Are heel feet the same size as flat feet?
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    12. when getting shoes for the flat feet i look for 8cm long sizes in shoes... i look for anthing over 7.5 'inner' fit for the heel feet if i can get them.. the new feet (current basics) a teeny bit smaller than before they redesigned the look of the foot.. it's a tiny change but can really help with fit for some shoes.