What fits an Iplehouse SID Woman?

Jul 28, 2010

    1. I've purchased my first SID girl, and am wondering who else has?

      Clothing wise, what can they wear? Same with wigs/eyes. Feel free to post pictures.

      I was comparing measurements to Luts and the SID girls (both large breast and small) seem to big to wear any luts clothing. I know they can fit into EID clothing though.

      I've seen some discussions on just the SID girls, but instead of weaving through topics to find clothing posts I'm hoping to have it focused into a thread.

      So yes! What clothing works, doesn't work, or works with some modification?

      What wigs have you found that are too big/to small?

      And perhaps those SID women trying on different size of eyes? There isn't enough love for these girls out there!
    2. So far my Soo wears Leekeworld 8-9 inch wigs and she wears 12mm eyes wonderfully. Right now she is wearing some 14mm Dollshe Urethane eyes in Aluminum and they fit her eyewell perfectly! I think I will buy more for her in that size. For clothes she is wearing Iplehouse SID woman clothes and shoes for now. Her shape is a real factor and she has the small size breast.
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    3. Do you think you could post a picture of the two different eye sizes?
      My girl only has EID clothing since none of the SID clothing fit her personality, but to help I got the large bust and ordered everything you had a choice with - with small bust for the EID's... i know there's a .5cm difference but I'm sure i can manage...
    4. My Cherie (large bust),

      eyes: 12 mm. eyeco
      Wigs: 8-9 inch


      Clothes: Dollmore Female Model doll (Stretch fabric), SD17 boy shirt and pants (for shirt, I can't button first and second button.)
      Shoes: Angel studio high heels, China shoes
    5. Tiphereth ~ Thanks! Do you have any more pictures/pictures of the clothing you tried on her?
    6. Hellsing363 - I do not have more pictures of the other clothes but I will take a picture and post more. ^ ^
    7. Tiphereth ~ alright cool! That works :)
    8. *adding to*
      in addition, it's off topic but what's the inside of an SID's head look like? They attach with magnets or S hooks?
    9. ah hah! The basic set-up. Thanks :) i haven't seen that link
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      anything new?
    11. What kind of bust sizes do you guys have?
    12. I'd love to know what shoes; other than iplehouse's fit the s.i.d women
    13. Does anyone know if YID boy or SID male clothing will fit on them? I'm trying to get a rough idea of sizes. I hoping all the clothes I have for the old body is gonna fit this body but she's going to be 3cms shorter.
      This character has gone from being 60cms to 65cms and will now be 62cms. Really hope I don't have to get a new wardrobe (Again!) :lol:
    14. Jacobean - I have an SID man (Lee) and just comparing my SID girl clothes with his I think the SID boy clothes would be too big. The SID men are pretty bulky like their EID counterparts.
    15. Ok, thanks for the tip. Anyone know about the YID male clothing?
    16. Well since this hasn't been added to for a while. Here's a good sized info post by me! I ordered some things from Dollmore for Margo. My Realskin Jessica on a SID body, she's large bust by the way. Everything fit good! So here I will share.

      Hair and Eyes Info: The eyes she has are 12mm park green Dollshe urethanes. Gourgeous eyes and wonderful fit. Wigs, the reddish wavy one is an 8-9 from Iplehouse. Fits her perfectly and doesn't have to go over her ears. The curly maroon tone wig is a jpopdolls. Kanawaves cherry colour in size 7-8. It fits her perfectly!

      Model F - Cauline Leggings
      These fit perfect! I am super pleased with the fit, which is excellent! Not too long or too tight.

      Model F - Saraband Dress Set
      Another perfect fit! Easy to get on, not too tight either. It's a two piece set fyi, with a top and bubble skirt.

      Model F - Noboy Once Piece
      A good fit, a little snug to get on but it does get on well. Fits nicely, really suits my girls RS skin colour. Prob my fav of the batch!

      Model F - Soft Ice Dress Set
      Fits, but is VERY snug. Not too bad that she can't wear it. Just you have to really force it over the hips. Also she cannot wear underwere in this dress..not without getting a pantyline lolz. The tights fit good too, a little long but you can shift them up. Though DO NOT pull them off from the foot. After this shoot I went to pull one off by the foot part and the stiching came loose at the ankle X___X. Also note glitter sheds from the sparkled ruffle trim......Still a very nice dress.

      Model F Girl Panty Gauzee
      Fit perfect and look quite sexy! The tights in the photo are from the ice set fyi.

      Silicone wig cover size 8/9
      Fits good and a good way to keep wigs on. It kind folds at her ears. But fits good!

      Okie onto some shoes, I don't have many that fit her. Some like the dollheart shoes are rare shoes now. (it's a hobby of mine to collect em hehe). But I will show anyway

      Volks SD girl shoes (comes with the Bianka/Rose limisted BTTSB set)
      Great fit, she can stand in them good too!

      Dollheart red heels
      Nice fit, the velcro straps don't fully meet the ones in the shoe. But still pretty.

      Dollheart pink heels
      Fit very nice, can do the buckle up too.

      Dollheart Blue Heels
      Another super fit, they can go in the front hole for the strap. These came with the blueberry set.

      Luts girl shoes
      Meh they fit but it's not a good fit. Also she can't stand well at all in them. Do not recommend.