What fits an Iplehouse SID Woman?

Jul 28, 2010

    1. Question! Does anyone know what size Doll Heart clothing fits an SID girl?
    2. I found the skirts from the DH Melody sets work, both underskirts and the over one. But tops or the full dress part not so much, unless she is small bust then can fit the the tank top part. It's just sleeveless and buttons up back. As far as anything else I don't have anything to try on my girls so no clue. Would think unless made for a SD16 your out of luck.
    3. Looking for some Doc Marten style boots for my SID woman, wondering which boots from which companies would fit her, possibility of some SD13 ones?

      Also to answer some ones question a while back my Iplehouse SID medium(small?) bust female fits in Super Gem female shirts.
    4. I'd suggest ebay for boots, I see lots of different types when looking for footwear for my girls.
      Maybe Sunny's world or Releaserain. :)
    5. I'm confused, i mean SID women are sized 62cm so shouldnt they be sd13?
      I wanna get clothes for my future Soo from Nine9style but what size should i be looking at? I know they do sd16 size for the girls now, but do i look at the sd13 or sd16?
    6. Depends on the bust size. SID small breat fit into SD13, if you have the larger breast I'd look into the measurements of SD16 girls before you buy anything, just to make sure she has enough room 'up front'. ;)
    7. Has anyone found anything else?
    8. jenn- did you ask on the Q&A ? - they are usually good about responding on there. I'm assuming it may be a little big if it will fit a large bust EID vs. a small bust SID but I couldn't say for sure.
    9. Does anybody know if Angell Studio shoes fits on a SID woman feet? They sell amazing shoes, but the feet measurements are diferent from IH by a few millimeters...
    10. I agree with Swazini. It would be big on a small bust SID girl, but probably only a LITTLE big on a large bust SID girl.

      @COE - AS girls have a foot measurement of 6.7cm. If the shoes don't indicate an -inner- length of 7.5cm I would assume the shoes don't fit as the measurements are for the entire outer shoe length. =( It's very frustrating to find shoes for these girls, but there are a decent number of sellers on eBay who sell female shoes with an inner measurement of 7.5cm.

      You might also be able to find some SD13 shoes with an inner measurement of 7.5cm. I know in the "What fits an EID Girl" thread, some DH shoes fit, though the buckles don't fasten super great. EID and SID girls have the same size foot, so you could always check out that thread for shoe ideas. :)

      Edit to add:

      Two pairs of Volks SD16 shoes don't fit
      Some more shoes that fit with some wiggling
      SunriseArt on eBay sells SID/EID female sized shoes
      DH SD13 heel shoes fit

      The list goes on and on. Here's the whole thread if you're interested in checking it out. It might also give you some ideas on clothing. [​IMG]

    11. Thank you @Descending Twilight , I know some good sellers on ebay...Too bad that AS shoes don't fit, they're so beautiful =(
    12. They are beautiful shoes. If you wanted to be 100% certain of their size I'm sure AS would be happy to give it to you. I know most companies are happy to give folks the info they're looking for. :)

    13. I found the measurements on DOA Wiki....AS shoes are 6,8 cm and IH SID feet is 7,3...Do you know if it's possible to stretch it? Of course I don't intend to ruin the shoes...but who knows!
    14. You would stretch the width, but not really the length. I'd be afraid of ripping the seams on the shoes. =(

    15. Yeah...I don't think this is a good idea after all. Wow, I'm so desesperate for this shoes I'm considering to buy AS heel foot to my IH girl! Well, I bet it won't fit too ¬¬
    16. I doubt it would, plus, considering how big IH girls are she might not be able to stand. The ankle might be too weak for her and she could topple, resulting in breaks/scuffs/other nasty things. =/

    17. Just a quick note.

      I was poking around the IMPLdoll site and noticed that their STAR line of dolls (the girls) have the same sized feet as SID girls, 7.5cm.

      Here are their STAR sized shoes. Perhaps not the styles everyone was looking for, but at least it's another option. :)
    18. That nifty wine lingerie set fits the SID girls large bust - it may fit the small bust too because the straps are adjustable. It's really nice quality too:


      Also - I tried the Volks Manhattan on a SID small bust girl and it's a pretty decent fit except for the bustier doesn't even come close. The SID girls, small or large bust, are bigger around the torso than SD16 girls. The SD16s also have rather tiny waists and aren't as hippy as the SIDs.

    19. @swazini - That wine lingerie is mmrrroooowww! I'm gonna have to put it on my wish list. ;)