What Fits the Male Dollshe Fashion Pose 44cm

Nov 13, 2015

    1. He can, but he'll be ready for the flood the pants have to be pulled so high XD. Even then there is a hint of butt and he will lean back some but it's not too bad.
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    2. Raw Kiss is open again. Am I looking for jean in the Souldoll Vito size?
    3. No, Vito-sized would be huge. I have some for my aGatti and they are nowhere near the same size. What are the other options?

      ETA: I just had a look. From my table of measurements, JID boy is likely the closest of what there is.
    4. Their sizes are all listed by dolls that I do not own; JID Boy maybe?
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    5. See my ETA above!
    6. Thank-you!
    7. I know there's discussion in this thread about shoes that fit, but has anybody sourced any reliable boots that look good (ie not clown-like)? I'm looking for black boots for my guy, that look like they're for walking, not fashion, and aren't blobby. Any I find with correct interior measurements have an exterior I can tell will just look awful when I put it on a 44cm doll.

      I am probably going to have to venture into boot-making myself, I realise, to provide boots for my most awkward dolls. That doesn't appeal to me much though, so if anybody has found a reliable alternative, I'd love to know!
    8. :doh Haha I genuinely forgot that asking was a possibility! Thanks @MadamMauMau ! I don't think SartoriaJ really has the style I'm looking for mind you, oxfords aren't hiking/tough terrain style things.

      Plus I forgot to mention that one of my conditions is that it has to be imitation/artificial and not real leather. I think I'd overlooked SartoriaJ previously because the materials aren't listed on the etsy page (and I've been stung by gambling on no info before).

      I'm going to have to make some myself aren't I...
    9. Hi all,

      Has anyone tried Iplehouse JID and/or FID clothing on their Dollshe boys? Also, is there a thread for what fits the fashion sized dolllshe girls? Thanks!
    10. FID would be waaayyyy too big. I wish they would fit though because the clothes Iple makes for them are so nice T_T but they're almost 50cm and the Dollshe boys are 43/44cm? JID things should work. I've seen an Arsene in that JID gray athletic outfit they had for JID and it's a bit oversized for him but perhaps would look better on the 28M.

      My handsome fashion Arsene - DollShe craft
    11. Thanks! I thought that FID might be too large due height differences.

    12. Is there a separate thread for what fits Dollshe Fashion 26f?
    13. So far only a thread exists for the Classic size Dollshe girls. If you start a thread, I will post some pics of clothes I have made for my Amanda just for fun. I have a lot of fun taking photos of Amanda and she looks real good when her clothes fit. I have fitted the big bust on my doll which makes fitting her a challenge. I would love to see other people's girls wearing fashions too!
    14. one of my 2nd hand 28m came w iple jid tank and pants. they fit but proportion a little bit off for realism imo.
    15. That’s the bull terrier right? can confirm that it is true to size haha
    16. The brown and white is the bull terrier and the black and white is a Boston terrier. They are both lovely.
    17. I have a real bull terrier myself, and ive wanted one the dolls so bad. They're so cute /o/
    18. I know this is about clothes, but is there a thread mentioning alternative heads?
      Or does anyone know what other heads can fit the male?
    19. I was wondering what eye size people use? I feel like the general rule is to go down a size from what makers tell you for a more realistic look