What Fits the Male Dollshe Fashion Pose 44cm

Nov 13, 2015

    1. @Techhh Small iris 8mm is the way to go.
    2. For a long time, I gave up on finding my Grant an outfit that I really liked. So, he sat half-naked for two years, until I recently happened upon this Volks outfit. I loved it, and even though I was prepared for it to end up going to one of my other dolls and my search to continue... it fits. Not the same way as it does on the model, of course, and the pants only just "fit", but I like the end result. I'll probably add a cape and maybe a shoulder guard to it, but I'm very happy with it as a base outfit.

      Now, if only, I could find proper boots, I'd be thrilled. I have a feeling that I'm going to have to get crafty...
      [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    3. @Kayka that outfit is fantastic!
    4. ...well now I have a reason to get this outfit @@
    5. Thanks!

      If anyone does get this particular outfit for their dollshe boy, the pants are very, very tight. They do hug and clearly outline his bits.
    6. I had to do a double take at that photo. Thought I was in the big size boys thread. My Volks SDGou wear that outfit in the 68cm size.
      love the shirt, but don't remember the pants being faux leather. I usually stay away from that. a little different in style but essentially the same. wonder what other mini size Volks fits our little men?
      your guy looks great in it, @Kayka

    7. Do regular Tonner Matt O'Neill clothes fit Grant Phillippe? Or do they need to be the superhero clothing? Thanks!
    8. @Riene Tops can fit great, but pants are a no go.
    9. I don't see many fashion Arsene's around but does anyone have one and perhaps some TTYA msd pants? TTYA claims they fit from Unoa to Volks msd size which would make them .7cm too small in the hip for Arsene but I'm thinking they may still fit because almost all their clothes look oversized on their models (Unoa/Bluefairy).
    10. I just tried the MSD Washing Slim Jean on my Arsene, and I had to almost force them over the hips. They will snap, but they are tight and he definitely won't sit in them. :( Maybe the MSD, Unoa Baggy Jean would fit?
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    11. Thank you for checking! I think I might give the baggy ones a go then because the ttya style is exactly what I’m looking for.
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    12. Anybody know any taobao sellers that have clothes that fit? I've been talking to a few or them and I think I've found shoes that fit! Wondering if anybody knows sellers.
    13. I'm going to buy this tonner pattern and see how well it will fit! I'll update :)
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    14. Hi, I'm new here, I got here looking for shoes for 1/4 grant phillipe.
      These ebay sellers you noticed don't sell any of these anymore :( Do you have any other ideas where to buy elegant shoes for him?
      For now my only doll boy have everything made by myself, from wig to shoes. I don't like the fact all shoes I make looks so big on him. I have to try making very tight ones. Will all shoes look so huge on this doll?
    15. Hi all, I have a Fashion Arsene that needs a nice biker jacket. Instead of settling for a MSD sized version from Tata's or something, I was looking at the SartoriaJ jackets but ran into a conundrum. Since Arsene is slimmer than the Fashion 28M body, would the F28M-sized jacket be too big or bulky? OR would the jacket sized for FID Woman be better? If it helps, I want the jacket to fit fairly close to the body and does not need to zip up fully (although that would be awesome if it did). Any suggestions between the two or for another brand entirely? I will also appreciate suggestions for jeans that are slim fit but still allow him to sit. Thank you!
    16. @Kathryn Here is a picture of this jacket on my Fashion Maxi Arsene (sorry for the horrible quick photo). When I got this jacket, they only had the FID Woman listing. I asked them if it would fit the Dollshe Fashion boys and they sent me a photo. I am really thinking they may be the exact same jacket? They added the listing for Dollshe Fashion version not long after I received mine. It might be worth asking! The jacket fits well IMHO, but hopefully the photo will help.
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    17. That's actually perfect, thank you SO much! :D

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    18. So, I should have my fashion arsene on the mystic type body next week, and I have tops and boots from sartoriaJ (all casual) and jeans custom made for his body coming in. Assuming nobody's goofed up anywhere, I should be well set to do a full on fashion show soon-ish if anyone wants. I have my suspicions about the sizes sartoriaj gives: they've told me a few times now that things listed for one doll actually fit all dolls across that 'scale', so I chose an assortment that should put that to rest once and for all.
    19. that 'one size fits all' promise drives me crazy. if you want a tailored jacket for Arsene, it should only fit him. a sweatshirt might be sharable. I'm interested in what you discover.