What is a unique bjd you would never own but love the sculpting and/or concept?

May 2, 2019

    1. All of the amazing msd sculpts I’ve seen! This is everything from fairyline minifees that get the best fantasy parts (like all the centaurs, and sia, before scarlet came out, and the one that had wings and harpy legs. It’s also, similarly, this doll here who was available for almost no time, and was just so intricately sculpted, and would have worked so well as a character, except that she was completely out of scale with my group.
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    2. I agree...I would love a Cuarto dragon but I feel like I will never get one...
      Also the Fairyland griffin and centaurs. I actually have a Rus head but I don't know if I will ever get a body :sweat
    3. I love the big, tall, elegant dancer dolls so hard. The pasha-pashas and LLTs ballerina/danseur bodies are just so beautifully sculpted. Whenever people show them doing poses and looking all flexible and elegant, it's like looking at a real and talented human. But they're all out of my pricepoint and wouldn't fit in with my current group of dolls.
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    4. Doll Chateau's animal bodies. (Spider, taur, etc) They look great, but all I can think about is how much space they take up and trying to pose so many limbs. *_*
    5. Yeah, I hated DC when I first joined the hobby, but their weirdness has grown on me! I’m just not sure where one would fit into my collection.
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    6. A bunch!

      -Doll Chateau Elizabeth, Xaviera and the ants. I love them all so much, but I'm not that into fantasy dolls or small dolls.

      -Summerbird Viola. She's so perfect and so beautiful and would be great for one of my characters, but she's just too small! I only collect 1/3 and have zero interest in 1/4 at all, unfortunately. I find this problem with a lot of plus size/chubby dolls. They all seem to be in the 1/6 to 1/4 range.

      -Pretty much everything by Dream Valley. I love their dolls, but again, size is a problem. They jump from 1/4 straight to 70cm with nothing inbetween.

      -Serenade Doll girls. They're the right height, but their proportions are so unusual that they don't really work with the rest of my crew.
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    7. This goes for most of the MSDs and tinies that have caught my eye; it's just not a size I have any interest in collecting. But I think Doll Family-H has some wonderful MSD boys (I love Nan Xing and Yue Jian) and I've gotten to play with Granado's tiny Lucifer and thought he was a load of fun. I also love Doll Family-A's Hu Xiaodao, a grumpy little anime boy...but I definitely don't intend to add any anime dolls to my collection. Oh well, I can always just admire the pictures.
    8. Every Supia doll. I love them but no sculpt matches what I have in mind for my characters.
    9. Oh dear this is a tough question! There are many... But I think especially the Enchanted Dolls - which well, I wouldn't be able to afford a porcelain in a million years but even the resin ones I probably wouldn't buy because of their size and articulation. I still hold them as pioneers for what msd bjd artists are doing and they are very special to me since they were the ones that introduced me to the BJD world.
      Another one is Pasha Pasha dolls. I love them to pieces but I don't think I would get one... unless I had tons of doll money haha whatever that means! =P
    10. For me its dollshe David Kuncci, I find his sculpt very unique and handsome, and his body is strikingly beautiful, but it is too muscular and detailed for my taste (I prefer softer and more slender boys when it comes to bjds), I would have wanted him as a real person though lol, just not in doll form, I still love to search his photos and admire his beauty from afar
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    11. This is so funny because David Kuncci was actually my first male doll =) He is very handsome yes, I was scared of having him painted because he has such strong features! And to be honest I like him better in photos than in person. I am always surprised every time I take him out for a dolly shoot =)
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    12. I like the idea of lots of DC dolls, especially Scorpio, or FL centaur dolls, Aileendoll dragons... But fantasy dolls are probably not my style. And I can add, that I like some minimees, but never wanted one for my collection.
    13. I like a lot of the Soom fantasy dolls but I just don't think they'd fit in at my place.
    14. I don't need any gore in my collection, but I really like Spirit Doll's Little Mermaid - with her metaphorically ripped out heart and sad little face, she's very appealing to me.
    15. Darak's Hapumi. I love how she could be yawning...or she could be screaming her head off in a full-blown tantrum.
    16. Soom's big centaurs (Hornblend, in particular-), DC's spider-girl, DZ's Moment and Anson... I loved them all, but couldn't for the life of me actually figure out what I would DO with them if I had them.
    17. It would have to be a SD Miracle Doll Jing. I love the look of this doll and the story I imagine behind it.
      He's so beautiful and looks so melancholy.
      I wouldn't ever own him (I think...) because I want to keep a small collection and I want dolls that are very versatile and can play many roles. Jing seems like he's a one character type of doll to me.

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    18. Doll Chateau Queena,I love her long neck and how she looks a swan. And I want every single doll from Dream High Studio,but my favorite is Florina the Sprite. She's so cute and whimsical! :chibi
    19. Several Doll Chateau dolls, especially the spider girl. So lovely but mostly not for me.
    20. Doll Chateau for me as well. I especially love DC Fuya - the one that looks like a Tim Burton Corpse Bride version of a mermaid.
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