What is a unique bjd you would never own but love the sculpting and/or concept?

May 2, 2019

    1. Me also raise my hand up for Doll Chateau as well.All they works are very unique, stunning and take my breath away.
      Although I haven't own them but I enjoy their pictures a lot.
    2. A centaur!! I especially love the MSD sized ones by Luts. They're so pretty, but I don't have a relevant character for a big half horse/deer BJD...
    3. Any anime eye dolls! I admire them but don't want to own one.
    4. I would say any Doll Chateau doll, I love love love the style of these dolls, but still.. I don't know.. That spider body would be interesting and fun (also kinda painful) to pose. :) Also mermaid body, centaur etc. I don't think I will get those but you'll never know.
    5. I absolutely love Dollzone's High Priestess II and Empress III. What kills them for me is their inability to sit on their tail. To me, it is essential that mermaid dolls are able to sit on their bums. I feel that pose and photo potential is very limited otherwise.
    6. I think it's the Angel Philia ! I think they have a very interesting body, but they are too tall for me and too sexually connoted !
    7. For me PashaPasha dolls have me on the floor with how amazing they are but I don't think I would ever own one. It mainly comes down to price as they run $1000+. I'll just stick to admiring from a distance. :love
    8. It's Soom Photon. He's incredibly handsome, I can say that's my favorite Idealian doll, but he is too big and heavy for me. I don't feel comfortable with any dolls of that size :(
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    9. That bubblegum pink scorpion girl Doll Chateau had recently. Charon, I think? She was so cute, but I don't collect that size, I wouldn't really know what to do with her, and it would have been financially irresponsible at the time.

      Also, Youpla Doll Zopa. I really like him, but he is just too small for one I want, so I skipped out on his last sale. I live with the small hope something similar will be released in a bigger size some day.
    10. Most huge Centaurs, especially from Doll Chateau/Dollzone. They take too much space, and I don't have any great place to display such creatures anymore.
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    11. I think a lot of Dollzone dolls. I like them and maybe I would get them but I just have too many dolls I like more. The same with Pukifees I like them but I would just rather an SD than a tiny.
    12. Probably Doll Chateau Clemans. It’s a really cute doll but it looks so fragile and I just can’t see It ever fitting in with the group I have.
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    13. Honestly, anything 1/3 scale lol. I've seen soo many stunning 1/3 bjd's I would love to have but I feel like they're too big for my tiny doll cabinet at this moment in time :( One doll that is constantly in the back of my mind is the Dollpamm Neo Olive (I think that's what she's called.. ah) She's apparently MASSIVE at like 70cm tall and that's just.. A LOT of doll :sweat:sweat
    14. The company Distant Memory I love their sculpts specially the Sunho one~ Sadly I can't own any because I don't collect SD dolls... :sorry
    15. DZ Carter is the wrong size for me, and an aesthetic that would badly clash with my other dolls. And honestly, I wouldn't own a doll with such a fixed expression. (I like closed mouths and neutral expressions - or better yet, expressions which change depending on the camera angle)

      But despite all that, I always find myself drawn to owner pictures of him. He's the only doll with visible teeth (not counting some vampires and their fangs) that I like so much. (And my! What teeth!) He's a fascinating little thing.
    16. Kikipop dolls! For a really long time, they were my grail doll. A while back, I was finally able to get the PVC version from Azone and...I was disappointed. Kikipop is soooooo cute in photos but I just didn't really like her in person. The lips are so strange, and they are challenging to customize because you can't really change the eyes. Also she doesn't fit in with any other doll because she's too unique. But I will continue to stalk cute photos from other collectors.
      Speaking of Kikipop, I really like the idea of Azone and similar brands collaborating with BJD artists to make PVC versions. I know some people are kinda snobby about resin, but Azone PVC is such high quality and the price was significantly more reasonable. I hope more BJD artists will consider PVC!
    17. The Hermit

      I love looking at this doll, I just have no place for her and no reason to get her. All my bjd's are just human, and she just doesn't fit in, I think she is gorgeous!

    18. I would absolutely love to have Fairyland's FairyLine Sia Seahorse Mermaid. Unfortunately I can't really afford it so I doubt I'd ever get it.
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    19. How much do they run? I was sure I had seen somewhere that she was 35 cm tall? Does anyone know for sure?
    20. Popovy girls and big Dollshe girls. The former are too small for my collection and the latter just too realistic and small-headed ;) Other than this, I LOVE how people customise them. I love their looks, their bodies and everything about them. I am fine with ust looking at the photos though ;)