What is the meaning behind your DOA username? Pt.2

Aug 26, 2019

    1. I use this screenname on most online accounts. I was in the Elder Scrolls fandom for many years, and primarily wrote fanfic involving Telvanni wizards, who use the titles 'Master' and 'Mistress.' Arachnia comes partially from the Elder Scrolls spider goddess Mephala, Captain Janeway's holodeck character in Star Trek Voyager 'Queen Arachnia of the spider people,' and the fact that my personality growing up was often likened to Charlotte of Charlotte's Web (who was my icon for many years). Plus, I'm a writer... so... it seemed appropriate on many levels.

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      * Part 1: What is the meaning behind your DOA username?
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    2. This is a fairly new name for my online shenanigans. It’s a shortened version of my old tumblr name moonsugarkisses, which is based on a song - Lips Like Sugar by Echo and The Bunnymen and the substance moonsugar from the Elder Scrolls games which the Khajit (a playable cat people) absolutely love!

      I like it a lot so I’ve changed most of my social media to versions of it. I no longer use tumblr so if you see someone using it, that’s not me.
    3. I used to be a HUGE Mystic Messenger fan and the character Saeyoung Choi was and is my favorite. The "00" refers to a shirt I bought on Etsy that was kind of like a jersey that read
      00" Then I began using the username everywhere like here
    4. I was heavily involved with theater when I was in high school, and I was between online identities back then. I had outgrown my first username, but I hadn't fallen into my current one yet, and I was looking for something that I wouldn't be ashamed to have following me around "forever," as it were, because of the feedback threads. Thus, Thespian was born.
    5. My username is pretty simple and was chosen because it was silly. It’s the romanization of the Japanese for the orange drink, Orangina and my name is Gina. I would always say, “My name is Gina, like the drink!” When I taught elementary school in Japan. I’d always get a laugh. I have no actual attachment to the drink though. :lol:
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    6. I've just started using this one on a lot of different sites over the past year or so, its from my favorite character from a series I really love.
    7. I’ve used this one in a small number of other places. It’s actually based on a character from a favorite game of mine. It’s specifically part of a team name you can choose late in the game.
    8. Don't think I've ever answered this here.
      Sianserais (or Serai for short) is one of my oldest still relevant OCs (and SNs) created for RP chatrooms back in the early 90s. Originally an itinerant swordswoman with minor magical abilities granted by the lunar goddess, she's had two major rewrites since then. I already own a grey Iplehouse Tatiana to shell her lunar-sprite incarnation (essentially an elemental spirit born of moonlight on the ocean), and I recently ordered a Leda whom I intend to dye lavender to be her character from my main writing project.
      I don't know if I'll change my avatar image when she's complete or not... she's not a main character after all. Jai (my Felix) is.
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    9. I’d had gaming names of course, but was never really involved with social media prior to joining Den of Angels way back in 2006. So I thought getting a special name to represent myself here was a very big deal.:) I thought long and hard about it before coming up with PoeticSoul, and chose that name because it represented how I saw my potential creativity in the hobby...creating dolls that were each like a visual poem, a collage of individual elements that would come together to tell a single story.
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    10. I use Nellychan19 for everything, but I added the _BJD so that I could have a more specific Instagram ^^ I wanted a separate doll account so that my cats wouldn't lose followers!
    11. Oooh, this is fun.

      Back when I was a teen, I really, REALLY loved coffee and anything caffeine. So I was like "Hey, Caffeine a la Mocha sounds pretty neat, it's kind of like a la mode only with caffiene and mocha!"

      I kind of wish we could change our names because now I have a business name and everything that's way different and doesn't really match my current username, but this name still gives me a smile when I see it. :3nodding:
    12. Mines a shorting of my name based on the only nickname that I remember from high school which was “Chellfish” well other than “Row”. It stands out to me because I’ve never really had any nicknames.

      I would never use my name in a forum but I struggle to be happy with user names that don’t have a relation to my name.
    13. In high school a lot of kids only knew me as "sloth girl" because I had a stuffed sloth backpack that I wore every day to school (and still have him! His name is Karl Marx) and I also tended to do a lot of weird stuff in the art room. I tended to choose a lot of usernames based off of sloth-themed puns, but I tried to move away from that in college and went with this pretty pretentious name "entropicquartz". I absolutely hated it, so I just decided to marry the two and came up with slothquartz. Still kind of hate the quartz part but hey they can't all be winners.
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    14. Mine's from my deviantArt account because I'm a lazy lemon-head. XD

      It's pretty simple; real is one of my favorite colors and I love tea! It also has a calming name, which is fairly suitable for my art style...I think.
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    15. Normally when I have to make usernames I take a random word and change/add random letters to the point it becomes gibberish. Kosmyst comes from cosmos
      Cosmos-> kosmos->kosmys-> kosmyst
      My username is a little bit cheesy but I came up with it when I was 15 and it has a nice sound to it^^ so I have always used it
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    16. My username does not have any interesting meaning. I wish I had been more creative or used my old usernames I had in other forums. Back in the days when I first started to learn Korean I wanted a Korean name and my friend gave this name to me. It is not a "real" name, just combination of characters, but it sounds kinda cute.
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    17. Mine is the same name I use EVERYWHERE :XD: occasionally it changes slightly, like UlixesC, Ulixes_ etc, but it's always this name.
      The name itself was just a bunch of letters I threw together when creating a new character in a video game years ago. I thought it sounded pretty nice so it stuck!
      And despite the fact it's just random letters I threw together, it still is already in use on more sites than I expected :doh
    18. My dog’s name and my lucky number :)
    19. ........................
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    20. My user name means I was clueless. DoA was the first forum I ever joined, and up until then the only user names I knew of were for site logon purposes. So I used one that I had on other sites, figuring it would be easy to remember, and not realizing that I would be stuck with it as my name forever more. :doh
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