What is your biggest fear concerning your dolls?

Oct 3, 2011

    1. I think my two biggest fears are:

      1. Dropping a doll and breaking it (or someone else dropping it and breaking it). This one bothers me so much! I saw a second-hand doll recently that was missing most of it's fingers and had all these chips and scratches and I just felt so bad for it. I try really hard to take good care of my dolls, but I'm very afraid that an accident will happen sooner or later.

      2. Sending a doll to be painted and never getting it back. I am careful to choose reliable artists, but I'm still so afraid that the package could get lost in shipping or something else bad could happen!
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    2. Mine haven't even arrived yet, but I'm already worried they will get lost in the mail somehow, or even worse stolen off the front porch before I can get the packages. (We've had issues with people stealing packages and mail in our neighborhood lately, unfortunately.) Or, since at least one of them is supposed to arrive this summer, I'm worried he might melt in the heat on the front porch before I get home from work to get the box. Or that they'll be broken when I open the box.

      Fire has always been a worry of mine. Getting the two of us and our cats out would be a much bigger priority, but there's only so much time to save stuff, and leaving the dolls behind would be sad. I also worry about floods, but we have a two story house and they'll be in my craft room on the second floor. If the flooding ever gets to be THAT bad here, we have way bigger issues.
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    3. My biggest fear is kinda weird, but I'm afraid that I will lose interest in my dolls. I mean I'm pretty sure it's gonna happen eventually, but I'm afraid it's going to be sudden and I'll just wake up one day and want to get rid of them all. I'm so in love with my dollies and they make me happy and I'm afraid that will go away
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    4. Oh dear, I've read about natural disasters and fire here and it's sort of funny because I do think about it sometimes. It's a thing we cannot control right?... But other than that I fear for their faceups, lashes is a huge concern to me because I know they're really fragile. I also get concerned about the elastic even though I know you can put it tighter or even replace it but I and really scared of the very idea of restringing a doll even! Also, I fear for yellowing of the resin, but as long as it happens all over and is not blotchy I should be ok =) I do have them in a room without windows though ^^
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    5. Ive had nightmares that people had broken into my house and were stealing my dolls so I guess that would be my biggest fear. :)
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    6. Right now, since I've only just ordered my first one, my biggest fear is them being lost in the mail once they ship ;;
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    7. Definitely most worried about staining from clothes. I love goth stuff and all black on white skinned dolls makes me nervous.

      Also for a much weirder fear I'm worried my dolls smell weird because I burn scented candles in the room I keep them. I'm strangely not worried at all about discoloration or yellowing but having a doll that smells like a weird combination of smells that I don't notice but other people do makes me... self conscious I guess? lol.
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    8. My biggest fear is fire.

      A close second is putting them in the trunk of the car to go to a doll meet-up and getting rear-ended. They usually ride in the middle of the back seat for this reason.
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    9. Faceup chipping off due to any reason. I just love my doll's faceup so much that if it could stay forever, I want it to stay that way.
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    10. Used to have nightmares that someone would declare my dolls are useless and throw them away...
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    11. I am always afraid to drop the doll and that it will break
    12. Yellowing....I would love a white doll but always feel that age will be the least kind to this resin tone.
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    13. I'm really worried that my doll will arrive on the doorstep and then be either carted away by a thief or the heavy rains here will soak through the box and ruin it.
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    14. My husband finding out how many I have
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    15. My biggest dolly fear is... If I'll like the doll in person as much as I did in pictures online. Sculpts can look so different in person that it can be a gamble. I just get so nervous about that up until the doll actually arrive.
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    16. My fear is sort of unrealistic, but sometimes I fear my Ikea shelf is going to break down and crush my dolls :eek:
    17. Mine is kinda wired, one of my favorite doll’s makeup was commissioned by a very talented Japanese artist, and she is no longer taking commission anymore(i don’t even think she is still into doll hobby at all). That was like about 8 yrs ago, so my main fear is absolutely one day that pretty make up will fade away. Since makeups gets unstable after a long while.........
    18. My greatest fear is when the post office opens my Parcel and look into it roughly without asking me and then breaking something.
      ( It did happened I filed a report to the post office and they charged me extra ! )
      My 2nd fear is when my Mother touches them <_> I am afraid she will break it.
      The 3rd fear I have when my Father founds out I own dolls.
      When I was a child he broke my first porcelain doll.... and the dolls head was broken and a eyeball rolled towards me.
      I was shocked back there .-..... .
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    19. Hands down, my biggest fear is that someone will take Chaeri. I've had a doll stolen before (not Riri, thank God), and if someone took Chaeri I swear I would hunt them down and cause them serious harm.

      I wouldn't kill them. I would just give them a chance to think about what they'd done while they were in the hospital. In traction.

      Seriously, I've wanted to do a photoshoot at the local Chinese place (I made her some Asian food) and every time I chicken out because I don't want to leave her alone at the table even for a second.
    20. 1. Fear theft upon delivery
      2. If I stand them up for any duration they will eventually fall and break
      3. Staining