What is your favorite doll size and why - Part 2

Mar 1, 2019

    1. My favorites are SDs, though I'm still waiting on my first SD! I originally thought nothing bigger than an MSD would be in my collection, but I fell in love with a Little Monica Sarubia at Doll North. SDs have such a presence to them, and even though people complain about their weight I love how heavy they are.
    2. I've got all SD size; I love them so much! But recently I've acquired some mature tinies, and I like them too. I can't wait to photograph them and play around with posing and the like; I have big plans! <3 I like SD's because they're far easier to dress, and I feel like I have some weight to the doll I'm carrying.
    3. I tried different formats from tini to 70 + ... I made one conclusion for myself, my size is 60 sd girls and 70+ boys, because they are literally copies of people, it's nice to touch them, sew clothes for them, take pictures on the street, and stuff ... I like their weight and size
    4. I definitely have a preference for MSD so far as size goes, but I enjoy SD sculpts more--just something about the more mature faces I guess? Large dolls intimidate me and I don't really have much space to work with so dolls that are under 50cm suit me much better. I'm just envious of SD clothing haha.
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    5. I love SD size girls. Their dress is more beautiful than small size and easy to take great photo.
    6. MSDs register like tiny SDs to me, probably because they have a similar weight to them. SDs and MSDs are generally my favorite, but I go through phases where they're super overwhelming and I can only handle something ballpark 30cm.

      I want to get an MDR Mousse or Littlefee soooo bad to see if a more "standard" size works for me, because 30-35cm is... well... hard to find.
    7. I like SD sizes dolls. They are big (and I like it itself, they look so spectacular) and the most detailed.
      But also I really addicted to small well detailed adults. They are out of any scales, but they are so cute for me, so delicate)
    8. Favorite to paint is definitely SD, with my hands shaking as bad as they do, I have trouble with tiny detail work. Favorite to carry is Yosd and msd.
    9. My first doll was BID Iplehouse 26cm. I like her size because she was lightweight, but at the same time I don't like her mobility, so I change format to MSD and SD 52cm. Lightweight for me and good mobility. Now I am wish to have Venitu and it woudl be interesting about his weigh for me.
    10. I adore adult dolls, so SD and 70+ were my ideal size since the beginning. After Dollscar I found myself also looking at fashion size dolls, as they are much more portable (and I want to take my dolls with me on vacations) and take less space. I still love the sheer weight and feeling of handling big doll. Also they are simpler to dress up and paint, I guess.
    11. I've come to realize recently that 1/6 scale (but no smaller!) is my style. I have my one super tall girl (74cm) and I don't think I want big dolls anymore that aren't her, because more often then not the stylization is just not my preference. I feel like in 1/6 there's a lot of good choices that are weird and strange and not too babyish for me to be satisfied.

      That said I wonder if it is a little bit that my SO has a growing 1/3 collection, and being that I'm the primary dolly caretaker in the house (faceup/Restringing/Etc...) I get my fill of working with them!
    12. Once I had a dream to get white Lati. I did it, but when he was at home, I understood that it is not my size of doll at all and sold him.
    13. Maybe it was a Lati Yellow? Hahaha!
    14. No, white. Laches
    15. At the moment I have only one BJD - she is slim MSD. When I bought it, decided to follow this size in future. It is enough small to live in room outside the box, simple to travel, etc. I wanted to buy Minifee as my next doll. But then I've met them - Soom boys with fairy parts in 70+ size... I now I do want one of them. Among benefits of such size - making clothes and accessories is easier, so more choice of such goods on the market. But 70+... I have no idea, where he would live, if I buy it
    16. I only have one 1/3 and one 1/4 so far, I feel like I lean towards liking the 1/3 size slightly more. I think I'll have to decide either when my dolls are fully customized or when I get more dolls. Until then I don't really know!
    17. I love the aesthetic of a lot of bigger dolls, but my preferred size is 1/4. They're easier to carry, display, and store for me. Plus I think it's a cute size!
    18. 1/4 because they are easy to cary around .
    19. My first doll was SD sized which I really enjoyed and then I got several Puki's. I didn't think I'd ever get a MSD sized one, and then when I was getting a body for my Cupid Puki I saw the Kid Delf Kiwi Romance version, bought her, and wasn't sure about it until she arrived and I fell in love with her so now I think MSD size is my favorite since they're shorter than SD but don't necessarily look completely like kids
    20. i only have 70cm boys. they are my favorite size. the bigger the better.