What is your favorite doll size and why - Part 2

Mar 1, 2019

    1. My favorites are 1/4 and 1/6 child size. I like the larger head for eye placement and still small enough to carry and pose easily. I still own dolls in other sizes and I love them. But yea, 1/4 and 1/6 work best for me overall.
    2. I prefer larger sized dolls for customizing, because I suck at painting small "perfect" lines (my miniature painted linework is none existent, something I didn't know until I started painting small dolls). I also prefer larger sized dolls when I'm sewing for them. However, if I was super talented and didn't lack any skill required to sew, modify and paint miniature dolls, I would only want to collect true-to-scale mature 1:6 male dolls, which are not really a thing in BJD styles and I would probably also have a few 1:4 (again mature-true-to-scale). I own a lot more of the larger BJD sizes currently, because I stopped purchasing new dolls nine years ago, and smaller dolls weren't really a thing back then (1:6 mature males are not really a thing yet). I managed to snag a Fairyland ChicLine Rou, who is a bit of a tall 1:5 mature doll, but he's at times a bit too small for me even though I prefer 1:6 in terms of playability.

      Shorter answer; I rather have BJD in larger sizes for customizing, and smaller ones to "play" with.
    3. i like my girls and boys to be big i tend to stay around 70-75 cm but my fiance had dollfie dreams which ar i think 60 and those are also really good sizes, the bigger the better for me though i sometimes need help with dressing them
    4. My favorite is currently SoulDoll Tera Zenith boys. They're nice and big, with lots of Presence, and almost always fit nicely into any outdoor scenery for photos.

      [​IMG]Scott - SoulDoll TeraZenith Oscal by aernath, on Flickr
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    5. Based on what I've gotten so far, I realize that I love 1/4 scale dolls. They're not too big or small, just perfect for me ^^

      However, I don't mind buying other sized dolls
    6. I personally love MSD and SD ..

      I really love MSD size dolls ,my very first doll was a resinsoul Mei and the main reason I fell inlove was I didn’t know how much bigger they were than barbies, it was the main reason ( I still
      Have her) now I have more than 20 dolls for sure most are minifees I love dressing them up ..(I don’t feel the same with my resinsoul Mei and my doll levels they’re too skinny for me so now I don’t think it’s the height but the size of body that also add factors to what I prefer)..

      Recently I’ve been into male bjds but mainly want SD though I have more MSD’s than SD .. mainly cause I feel like it would look cuter on di was to take them out to take photos with me .. I like seeing owners and dolls holding hands or doing activities in photos ❤️

      I also have female SD’s apparently I also don’t care about them lol had them for over 2 years and never played with them ( so I’m so weird)

      In short girls = MSD
      Guys = SD
    7. I love 16cm size. Maybe it’s the only one I’ve ever had or seen in person but I think anything bigger would be too big for me.

      They fit in your hand. They are easily portable. The clothes are cute and relatively cheap. They fit with rement. They fit with dollhouse furniture. What more could you ask for!
    8. I love the size of MSD, but the variety of SDs. 1/3rd has a bigger variety of sculpts and heights, I feel, while 1/4th are all so similar to one another. This is particularly true for the boys as far as sculpting. I'd love taller and more masculine boys for msd.
    9. The bigger the better! I only have one who qualifies as a large doll but she's by far the most fun to play with/look at. I find such big dolls fascinating and especially cool and unique. For some reason, it also helps them feel a little more 'alive' to me.
    10. I tried SD, Msd, Yosd and Tinys. My favourite size is Msd :)

      I thought SD is not for me and sold the doll (the Body was mess) but I will try it again. I am awaiting a DIM Bellosse.

      Tiny is definitely not for me, that's why I am currently selling my last one.
    11. I prefer the 1/3 size, tho I own smaller ones also. My adult dolls need kids around.
    12. I like SDs, both the sculpts and the clothing is my favorite kind. I have one 1/6th, and finding clothes I like for him is a bit of a pain. It's either too baby-ish, which doesn't fit the sculpt he has, or for girls, which again is ARGH.

      I like the Iplehouse FID, but I will acknowledge that that is setting myself up for frustration in clothing sizes.

      My Granado guy is enough of a pain, with his wide ass shoulders. Thank god I loved his full set or he'd still be nekkid.
    13. My favorite size dolls are definitely 55cm-70cm. I really love my big dolls and they are my favorite to buy, play with, and hold. However I do also like my 40cm range dolls as well because I have found it is much easier to dress them. It is hard for me to find doll clothes that I like in the bigger size dolls but it is super easy to find stuff for the medium size dolls.
    14. I prefer the SD and 70+ dolls for their mature sculpts. Characters I like to shell are often adults and MSD's and YOSD's rarely look old enough for them. Plus I don't really like to fiddle with tiny tiny things. I'm getting my first and likely only MSD at some point this year or early next. I ordered Grant Phillippe fashion size and I'll have to see how I like his size as compared to my big-uns.
    15. SD is definitely my favorite because of how much more mature they tend to look compared to MSDs and YoSDs
    16. Smaller dolls are easier to sew for when you have no sewing machine, but other than sewing I don't 'do' anything much with my dolls they just sit there. I've had all the sizes apart from 'big baby' (which are on my wishlist) but over the years have sold all of them except my SD sized dolls. I think I prefer my 70cm boys and girls because they have more 'presence' and seem more like companions than playthings - well they are as big as cats! Much less demanding though :aheartbea
    17. I've always wanted to collect SD( 1/3) sized dolls and most of my dolls are in that size but lately, I realized, that I might prefer 1/4 size. Easier to handle, easier to carry, and my dream project, making a diorama for my dolls, seems to be so much easier in MSD size than in SD size (although MSD is still really big). I just don't have enough space in my apartment to do all the stuff I want with my bigger dolls... and My favourite dolls are all MSD...
    18. I prefer 1/3! All my characters tend to be adults and i love the details i can get on 1/3. I also like making 1/3 clothing, its so much easier for me. I can really add so much more to the outfits i make when they're a bigger scale.
    19. I started with a mature tiny, and that's the size I prefer. They're small enough to be easy to carry around, but big enough to sew things for pretty easily. And finding props for them is easy. I've always liked tiny things, but find Puki Puki and Real Puki dolls to be too fiddly to do much with.

      I'd like to try an MSD, but haven't found the right one yet.
    20. 1/6 for me. I want something easy to carry around and it's easier for me to make props or display areas for them(plus they don't take as much room to display).
      I love looking at bigger bjd's but as soon as I saw a Yosd I knew what I wanted. I have to make my own clothes to get what I want, but that portability is well worth it for me.