What is your favorite doll size and why - Part 2

Mar 1, 2019

    1. The ideal size for me is about 60 cm, but in fact all my dolls are a bit higher. To my mind 60 cm dolls are perfect, they are high and heavy enough but not too heavy so I feel really comfortable with them.
    2. If you had asked me this question a month or so ago, I would have said 1/6/tiny mature dolls were my go-to because that's all I've had. Then I got my first MSD, the new Chaeri you see in my icon. And a piece of my heart I never knew existed fell in love.
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    3. I started out with MSD size and really like them but fell in love with SD. I enjoy taking photos of them the most, despite the fact that the size is counter intuitive to portability for the outdoors. Also as a somewhat beginner at sewing it’s a lot more fun and easy to sew for my SDs.
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    4. I feel exactly the same. I much much prefer sewing for SDs and I find it much easier than sewing for smaller sizes. I have only SDs in my collection at the moment. I would like an MSD but I am not sure which one I will get.
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    5. Originally I fell in love with SD size dolls (I think SD molds are usually the ones I like the most and feel comfortable handling) and own only SD dolls. However, currently I live in tiny apartment, which is why SD size started to feel slightly too big and this size is a bit uncomfortable (heavy to carry, hard to transport) to take outside. However, I would still say SD is my favourite size, but I want to get also some smaller dolls in the future.
    6. My first doll was 70cm+ and while he’s beautiful and I love him, he’s so big and so heavy! I don’t truly have the space for him and he’s a pain to change outfits. I knew immediately my next doll had to be MSD sized. When I got him, that size was perfect for me! I have fun carrying him around and putting him on my desk while I work. I’m wondering if I’ll ever want anything smaller. My next doll I have on order is an SD. I’m worried I’ll think he’s too big too. I guess we’ll see.
    7. I'm definitely a fan of MSD sizes the most, because they're small enough to not take up a ton of space but big enough to be fun to customize
    8. My favourite is Tiny and YOSD because I like taking pictures with miniatures and furniture. The small size is easy to handle and doesn't take up too much space.
    9. I still can't say which size is my favorite. It's a little sad because I feel my budget gets too spread out.

      The cute aesthetic certainly has my preference so I'm going to say I like 1/12 and 1/6 the most. They're usually childlike and adorable. I own a few 1/3 dolls but they seem to get less attention because due to their build (feminine curves and ample chest) they tend to edge closer to the 'sexy' spectrum than the 'cute' despite my best efforts to dress them in concealing cute outfits.

      I can't say the bigger size has more presence that the smaller ones. I find my tinies have way more attitude and their face-ups seem more detailed as well.
    10. My favorite size is SD. I have a few MSD, but to me, they seem more like dolls. SDs to me seem more like little people. They have a "presence," they have heft to them and its easy to sew clothes for them. Finding things for them is easier too. Sure, my 70cm dolls also feel like that, but they get heavy when carrying them around. SDs don't seem to become heavy as fast. Also, they look really angry...uh, cute sitting in the baby seat of a shopping cart!

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    11. My current fave are SD 65-70cm I hope to get an 80cm boy one day .. though I have this small MSD boy(smaller than the rest of my MSD’s) that I love so much cause I can stuff him
      Inside my bags haha
    12. I have a few large dolls and one tiny, and I've actually got a lot of enjoyment out of the tiny one. It's easy to take out and keep on my desk with me, easy to find props and make displays, etc. It's made me interested in trying a mini or mature mini for my next doll.
    13. I like mainly YOSD size cause they are quite esay to get clothes and i find it's size confortable when I hold it.
      Also I don't find MSD bad, Just a little big.
    14. MSD is my favorite size for dolls. All sorts of items that fit there size out in the market. Endless amounts of wigs available in any color, but that's just the technical stuff. I love MSD's best because of the great range of sculpt styles. More boyish to manly man, mature to girly. That range is important when wanting characters all in the same world around the same size.
    15. I usually prefer MSD or smaller! I'd love to get an SD but I'm very much intimidated by the size
    16. SDs are an extremely huggable size! :3nodding:

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    17. Best size is MSD for me. The scale is pretty easy to handle, for me they’re exactly my hand size dolls. They’re not too small or too big. Usually clothes and other stuff are cheaper too. I just like it!
    18. I think I would have to go for MSD or mature 1/6. They are the easiest to find props & clothes for! Though my 60cm girl is nicer for hugs + she sits in my lap perfectly! :aheartbea I guess it depends on what you like in a doll, but to me I really love going out and finding accessories my dolls can use! So that's why I'd probably prefer MSD and 1/6.
    19. My favourite size is SD - 65 cm. I'm sarting to warm up to 70 cm dolls. SDs turned out to be perfect for sewing clothes in compare with smaller dolls. The difference is huege, in my opinion.

      But it wasn't always like this, at all. I liked only MSDs and smaller dolls and was very afraid to buy bigger one because the risk of disliking him after he arrives was too big for me. Dolls are pricey, so if it's not 100% love, I don't buy.
      Than I made some character plans, but wasn't able to find sculpts I needed among MSDs...so I procrastinated and procrastinated. It changed only after I visited art doll event where I was able to see large dolls in person.
    20. SDs 58-70cm+ all the way for me. I'm quite the opposite of most people: Tinies are too tiny (and often very child-like/babyish), MSDs are a decent size, but I can't for the life of me seem to bond with them all that well, and anything smaller than those...I'm sure my cat would think they're her toys. Or they're just too much like action figures to me (might as well just get action figures at that point, because restringing those channels are certain to be a nightmare...)

      SDs, on the other hand, are easier to get/make clothing for, do faceups on, have a heft to them (so not as easy to overlook as their smaller brethren can be), are more likely to offer more mature sculpts (which is my jam, and in a size I can work with. Painting realistic details on a Barbie sized head is difficult, and a nightmare....:?), and are just overall easier for me to bond with. I've never really been fond of youthful/childlike dolls or very wide eyes, and SDs have more variety of the more mature, narrower eyed beauties I'm seeking.

      Plus, I'm more drawn to maturish, hot guys, and the majority of them are somewhere in the 65-70cm+ range:D:drool

      So, yeah: not YoSD, tinies, or MSDs for me. SDs all the way!:thumbup
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