What is your favorite doll size and why - Part 2

Mar 1, 2019

    1. Since the moment I started in this hobby, I knew clearly that MSD was my top limit in size because I find SD size to overwhelmingly huge. In that time, I also was afraid of dolls smaller than Yo-SDs because I found them too fragile or whatever.

      Nowadays, 20-28cm range (tiny to Yo-SD) seems the perfect size for me. Very light and easy to carry anywhere. Plus they don't use much space in the cabinet so it's a win-win situation.
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    2. I originally wanted a MSD or 1/4 size doll, since anything bigger seemed a bit extravagant for me. But that was before I started actually shopping, and a lot of sculpts and body types I found that I wanted were 58+... so I bought a SD13 telling myself I will go no larger. BUT... I ended up purchasing a SD17 size shortly after ^^;;

      I love both, but I think overall, SD13 is my favourite just because the size isn't too small or too big, it's lighter, and there's just something about hugging them that feels really nice, that I probably wouldn't have gotten with a MSD.

      Also clothes option are a thing :'D
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    3. I love my dolls big! The bigger the doll the easier it is to sew for :XD:, kinda feel like cheating sometimes. I love the way big dolls look but they are very hard to carry around to interesting photography locations. Taking my 1/3 into Disney is already extremely stressful, I couldn't imagine doing it with a 75cm. I'm ok with smaller dolls as long as they are proportional to my big dolls.
    4. I love the 40 cm chubby baby size, that is my mum's favourite size too. Not too big but not too small and I like that they have shorter legs, I find some of the SD and MSD sizes have really long legs!
    5. I love the 1/3 size since carrying them gives the feeling of an adorable baby. And 1/3 dolls are the best when it comes to dressing up thanks to the details of 1/3 clothes.
    6. I love my larger dolls primarily because of their sculpts, but if we're specifically focusing on the size aspect, I'd say 58-62cm is my favorite range because I find them easy to carry about and do things with while also being easier to paint/restring/clothe than the fashion size.
    7. I have both SD snd MSD girls.
      I love my SD girls for their clothes especially. I play with them more since I can change their clothes more often. It is harder for me to change the buttons on my MSD ones. My fingers don't work so well now days.
      I love the size of my MSDs. I can take them with me easier when I go to meetings and conventions.
      So, I love them both for different reasons.
      I also have some 1/6 and 1/12 ones. I like my smallet ones for the characters they are but only for that.
    8. Can I have the best of both worlds? :lol:

      I adore MSD sizes for their portability but SD and especially 70cms for their look. There's something about bigger dolls that just do it for me. The downside for them would be the difficulty of bringing them around. :ablink:
    9. I really like MSDs since they are aren’t too big and are easier to transport. Maybe down the road I might get an SD since they are so many gorgeous ones, but their price and size right now wouldn’t work due to limited space. I also really like small dolls like pet BJDs since they’re so cute and can be little companions for my characters.
    10. 1/4! Although, I own alot of 1/6 dollies these days.
    11. I love 1/6 and smaller dolls. I'm not sure about bigger dolls. They're kinda intimidating. But my tiny dollies are so cute
    12. My favorite size is MSDs, which is kinda sad because SDs are definitely what works best for my characters :lol:
      I also much prefer the clothing options for SDs, the wider variety of realisme and the opportunities for height differences.
      But MSDs are just so much easier to handle :...( :roll: