What is your favorite doll size and why

Jan 14, 2010

    1. My sentiments exactly :)

      However I am increasingly drawn to some of the mini and tiny dolls on the market, as I would like to challenge myself to make clothes for them, too!
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    2. I think I like MSD best. The big ones are just, like.. WOAH. Too huge and conspicuous. MSD is big enough so that they're easy to deal with and make things for, I think, without being TOO big.
      The little squished chibi sizes just aren't what I'm looking for in a BJD.
    3. Right now it's MSD. But I have seen just tiny dolls expect that. (Okay, I've seen SD's too, but I really didn't dare to touch them.. I scared that I would drop it) Tiny doll's are little bit too small for me. I mean, I like them and I will have them, but they are too small for to be my favorite size. MSD is good. Not too big or small. I think that it's more easy to make face-ups and clothes to MSD than tiny dolls. And still, I can't be sure with SD...
    4. around 50-63 cm.. since i've just got my Zaoll and love that size, and I've always thought that 70 cm are to big for me, but lately i've been looking for one anyway.
      but definitely not tiny's they're just too.. tiny.. I'm afraid i'd lose or break them.. Oo And msd's seem so small and light.. I like the size and weight of the larger dolls more.. and they're more huggable.. hehe..
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    5. MSD forever. The size (and price) is right in the middle. ;)
    6. I prefer 60-70cm but there are always exceptions. I'm quite fond of some in the 30-60cm range, and I absolutly adore my Mecha angel.
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    7. SDs are just the right size and weight for me: they're easy to carry, easy to pose and just the right size to take photos of - as far as I'm concerned, the 60-65cm range wins out every time :)
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    8. SD13(~60CM) would be my favourite doll size as they are right fixed in my arms.^0^

      Also, it is easier for me to sew some clothes to them as I found it rather challenging to make some precise details or patterns on tinies' clothes XDDD (I am not good at making tiny items>///< I appreciate those who can make gorgeous and detailed tinies'clothes~!!)
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    9. Definitely SD size (58-65cm) with Volks SD13 boys being my specific favorites. :) I've owned 70cm Dollshe dolls before and found them too big and gangly, and the minis I owned I found to be too awkwardly small in comparison to my SDs. I like YoSD size tinies ok, since they look like toddlers with my SD boys, but am not a fan of the smaller tinies.
    10. I generally prefer the bigger dolls (for sewing especially) But MSD's and smaller are SO much easier to travel with, I don't have to use a carrier they can fit in my backpack lol
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    11. Hmm, I have a 55cm doll (souldoll double) a sampling of MSDs, a yo-sized doll, a lati yellow size doll, and pukis. My favorite size is def MSD. I found even the 55cm doll to be too big, although I might get another souldoll double because I love their faces. I also like yo size a lot. I adore my pukis too :3 But MSD is so convenient, not too big and not too small! I just wish they had a more mature range of faces along with the childish ones (which I also like!).
    12. I love msd size and tiny.
      msd size is most sexy and cute for me and my imagine characters.
      tiny size for girl character for me a little sister in the house.very cute at all.
      So i plan to have just one sd in.But i can' t say that i can do like i plan.> <
    13. MSD all the way! They're just the perfect size for me. Clothing is more accessible and better priced, their bodies seem more proportioned, things like wigs and eyes are cheaper etc. Mostly I just love the size, not too big, not too small. They're easy to tote around and pose and all that jazz. But that being said I do plan on having an SD someday too. :)
    14. My favorite size has to be tinies. In particular, 1/6 mature tinies are my very favorite size. :DI currently have 3 of that size and have plans for more. I love all of the accessories I can get for them and the rooms I can create. For clothing-I can make anything I want with less than 1/4 yard of fabric-currently I am working on designs by Paul Poiret-and still use my sewing machine.(smaller than 1/6 is all hand work) I have handcrafted weapons and boots for my tiny girls. They can use action figure gear for their adventures. ( I have to put together their Pirate ship.) But, the number one reason that I adore 1/6 scale-27 cm mature tinies is Planet Doll. :fangirl:They give me the beauty of sculpt I want in a size that is easy to manage and spark my imagination. I can take them everywhere because they fit in my tote with props.:fangirl:
    15. The size I prefer to collect in is in the 55-65cm range, mostly because I like the weight and size of them; because they're larger, as well, you can get more detail in their clothes and accessories. It was also the first size of doll I held, and while I was nearly slain by cute when I held my first MSD at a local meet I think the SD+ sizes will always be my favourite. I'm a little wary of dolls in the 70cm range, simply because I'm not a fan of the majority of the bodies - they're just not for me, looks-wise.

      Recently, though, I've been rather smitted with Yo-sized wee ones, and even Pukis. I think it's the OMGFADORABLE factor, mostly, and the fact that they're more portable. I don't have one of my own, and I'm still not sure I ever will, but I find it quite easy to live vicariously through the tinys at local meets and through galleries~
    16. I'm fond of the smaller dolls. I didn't think I would be but all of my dolls seem to be smaller.
    17. well in case you can't tell by the title, i have a problem deciding size, i've got from MSD, to SD, down to anthros, back to MSD's and i've just received a littlefee. Now what i want to know is how long it took you to know that size was best for you. i know that there are threads about what size is best for the individual but i'm interested in the amount of time it's taken you to decide, since i'm having the worst time of trying to figure out what size is best for me.

      please delete or merge if necessary :sweat
    18. I am not necessarily fond of size ranges but rather I like types of dolls. I got into this because of a Dollfie Dream and created an Obitsu 60cm based character as a foil/companion for my Dollfie Dream. My next doll will likely be an Obitsu 50cm. I am totally sold on vinyl. DDs and Obitsus are arguably just as beautiful as resin, they hold poses well, and they are light for their size when compared to similar size resin. They do have the staining issue, but once you get them into protective suits you can minimize that problem. Knowing how hard it is to sew for 1/6 scale, I suspect that sewing for 1/3 scale and for dolls somewhat in between 1/4 scale and 1/3 scale should be easier.
    19. I knew from the very start that if I wanted a huge creepy doll (as I thought of them when I joined) then I wanted a huge creepy doll: right from the day I signed up to DoA I was convinced I wanted an SD and didn't even bother looking at MSDs or Tinies amongst the various companies... four years later, I'm still sure I made the right decision :3nodding:
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    20. I started right out with mature minis, and that's absolutely the best choice for me - for MOST of my dolls. I love SD size also, and I love my two tinies. I like and want to have ALL sizes. It's far easier for me to photograph and manage and STORE mini size (though tinies are even easier on the storage part) but I adore the bigger guys too, and love the SD size best for carrying at cons and such.

      So ALL sizes I've tried have been best for me for different reasons - I just prefer for my main crew to be minis since they're the ones to be used most in photostories and are the best size for that for me.