What is your favorite doll size and why

Jan 14, 2010

    1. I've had SD, MSD, YO, and a puki and I'm definitely most comfortable with msd and yos...I sold both my puki and sd within a few months because the SD seemed too big to me, plus the body wasn't very posable which was hard to deal with. The puki I sold because I love sewing for my dolls and he was impossible for me to sew for. I like the size of msds and yos, plus I like how they look together. (my msds are all mature minis and range from 16-27 and my two yos are 6 and 10)
    2. I like ALL sizes. But my favorites and the majority of my dolls are mature minis. Easier to manage and pose multiple ones for photos, and much easier to find room for in my house. I love my SD size ones and tinies, too, but will probably always have fewer of them than minis.
    3. Well from the start I loved the 60cm+ boys! SDs was my first love, but I was worried they would be 'too big' and went to get a MSD as my first. A few days upon ordering I realised that if I want a huge doll then nothing but a huge doll will satisfy me. Still I got my MSD and loved him, then I met a friend' SD and just fell in love with the size from then on I go by a 'only SD' rule nearly.

      Last year I got my 2 biggest dolls between 65-70cm. I adore that size, 70+ would need some convincing though. Lately I just got my first tiny, at 28cm tall he's far too small but he's adorable and I adore him. Small dolls also have a child' face which isn't what I like. But yes definately SD/13/17 sizes for me.
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    4. I'm more about faces than sizes. I prefer big dolls with mature faces and tiny ones with younger or fantasy faces. The one size that does not appeal to me very much is the mature mini doll size. I had a Unoa couple once, but could not bond and sold them.
    5. Ooops, double post.
    6. I've tried all sorts - and types - of dolls and the only ones which seem to stay are the tiny ones, under 20cm, with one exception of my very slim mature msd. I love tinies as I love dollshouses and miniatures and my doll easily slips into a glasses case and goes out with me. I don't understand people who are saying they would be afraid they'd lose a tiny.... I never forget mine is with me, they might be tiny in stature but not in personality. And they are as equally easy/hard to break as big dolls, in fact I am more worried about handling a big doll as they seem more fragile. Anyone who hasn't got a tiny NEEDS ONE ;)
    7. Well, for my first 2-and-a-half years in this hobby, I only collected SDs. Big, beautiful, what's not to love? But I never truly felt content with my collection, even though they were all gorgeous with fabulous characters, wonderful clothes and wigs. I just couldn't put my finger on it but something always seemed "wrong". So I finally worked up the nerve to just sell them all in hopes of figuring out where I had gone wrong...and it worked! Once the big SDs were gone from my house, I suddenly realized that they had simply been too big for me and overpowered their display areas. So I spent this past year focusing on MSDs. Now I dearly love my scaled-down collection...at last it's perfect!
    8. MSD girls and gigantic boys seem to be what I'm drawn to the most. Three out of four of my dolls are MSD girls, the other is an SD girl. Most coveted on my wishlist are three more MSD-sized girls, a few Dollshe boys, a Unidoll, a Mecha Angel...you get my point.

      I guess what I like is how little girl-ish the MSDs look when paired (not as a couple) with the bigger dolls, and I think it looks really cute.
    9. I like MSD the most because they seem more stable in posing ^^ also good size! not too big and not too small:)
    10. I've gotta say MSD because my Soulkids = <3, but I also have a Pipos Baha I adore as well as a 27cm Bobobie tiny I just received and I LOVE her size. If I had to settle on just one size though, I'd have to go with MSD. I'll never go bigger than MSD, I think.
    11. I do love all the sizes (I like the variety!) but if I could only ever have one size, it'd be minis. They're just the perfect size for me, small enough to slip into bags and easy to carry without weighing a ton, but also big enough to have a nice feel to them.
    12. SD/SD13. The size is comfortable for me, they're big enough but easy to use. Bigger are tood big for me, and smaller is more complicate to "use" and sew for them.
    13. I have SD's, MDS's, and even a tiny. And out of all of them, my MSD's have been the one's I've caught myself messing around with the most. I like my larger dolls, but I guess I'm just less likely to play with them because they are so much bigger. I think for a while it's going to be more MSD's for me.
    14. I like MSD size dolls, they're cute, light, and able to be brought places easily for photoshoots and other excursions.
    15. I like all sizes, really, though I currently only own dolls 'round the 60cm mark. I like their presence; to me they feel like they really "occupy" a space.

      My aims are to own all sizes, though :3 Although, I'm unsure I'd want something bigger than, say, SD17.
    16. most of my dolls are 60-70. i really dont know how to take care of tiny dolls...i mean dressing up or taking pix ,etc
    17. Love the SD's (have 5 of them), but the MDS's are the ones I enjoy the most. I only have two of them with one on the way. My fave doll is my Supia Roda. Her resin is beautiful. What I loved the most was the fast shipping from Supia and the care they take with their dolls and customer service.
    18. I've only ever had a 70cm SD and a 15cm tiny, but I have to say I liked the big guy more! He may have been harder to carry and do stuff with, but he was just so BIG and commanding! Looove~
      Though I have played with some MSDs and Yos at meets before, and they're just super cute, too! Eventually I'll just have a doll for every size! XD
    19. I love all my dolls, but I think I prefer Yo-size most. I find my YoSD Yuh to be portable and posable and everything I really want out of a doll. The Yo outfits are super cute too :)

      I really enjoy MSD-sized dolls too, but sometimes I can feel very self-conscious when taking them out with me, whereas my Yo is easy to pop out of a bag, pose, photograph and then put back in the bag. Stealth doll :)
    20. I like 70cm and higher. Donno why... may be it's because of gigantomania =_)