What is your favorite doll size and why

Jan 14, 2010

    1. I love MSD size. I've had an SD before and a tiny tiny (about 16cm?), and two MSDs. I find the MSD size is more managable and easier to play around with. I have a Yo sized doll on the way though, I may end up liking that size quite a bit as well.
    2. I like my SD doll. I guess cause he's my first and only doll at the moment. I do plan on getting another doll in the future, I'm guessing I might stick to the SD size though. Besides size of the doll doesn't matter, I go by looks. Something in the doll has to spark my interest. :)
    3. I guess I'm practically torn between MSD and SD. :sweatAlthough I pretty much go "Aww..." over every adorable tiny I see, and bask in the glory of some of my friends' drop-dead gorgeous 70cm's, that's just it. MSD and SD's win it for me!:D
    4. MSD-Size. ^^
      Its cheaper and easier to find a good place for displaying...
    5. Hmm... I'm torn between MSD and SD as I really like them equally. But, I suppose SDs are heavier to carry? xD This can make it difficult when I want to take a couple of them out to take pictures. Then again, things don't look massively out of proportion with SDs which do with MSDs. But on the other hand, YoSDs pose the best... Hm. :S
    6. I love all sized~
      especially SD17 MSD and SD
    7. SD's are just too big. I like the MSD size. lighter, less expensive (sometimes) and take up less room, yadda, yadda. I just wish more companies offered mature bodies. especially in the boys. I dont like child bodies much or child faces unless it is a TINY tiny. honestly I even like mature body shapes on my littles (6th scale) I really want a MNF active boy. but I wish there was a 1/4 scale buff boy like the Luo bodybuilder sort in TAN....*drool*
      I am very enamored with tinys atm as well.....(darn brownie events...)
    8. MSDs. I have 6 and I love them all. Easy to pose,change clothes and nice weight to them...plus the issue of space..they take up very little. Oh and they are cute.:) I do have as SD I love but I am always drawn to the MSDs.
    9. i love SD dolls. they are perfect size to hug!! the way i hold one in my arms, i can rest my head on his. i cant do that with smaller dolls and holding them is just not as fun...
      also, im pretty rough and MSD are too fragile for me
    10. I personally have always always adored TINY tings. the smaller the better. when I was younger to amuse myself I would create tiny dolls out of clay and play with them for hours. some of them were smaller than 1 inch and still had details. :sweatSo I think tinies were just the natural choice for me. I always find it funny when for me and my plans, MSDs are the parents and older people in general while some people use them as children for their SDs.
      I don't think I could ever have a doll larger than 50cm and even that seems daunting. I think I would DIE if I even saw a 90cm doll. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate their beauty but I think they would feel like a burden, since they're the size of a child hahaha.

      I like the ease of travel and 'sneakiness' of tiny dolls. (don't know how to word that better xDD)
    11. I like SD's, I find they are the perfect size to handle.
      I would not rule out the possibility of buying smaller dolls.
      I have never seen any in the flesh so to speak.
      Am looking forward to attending my first meet, so I can actually see what they look like.
    12. I like my SD, but I want an MSD. Seems like it would be more manageable, and easier to make clothes for.
    13. My favourites are SDs and Yo'SDs (or there abouts-sized).
      I'm not too sure why. I think SDs are good for cuddling, and Yo's are just so darn cute :3
      MSDs seem to be too much of just a "middle-size" to me, but that's not to say I don't like them/or any of them. Dollmore Pado has stolen my heart so I'm going to get her one day, even though she's an MSD.
      They're all good P:
    14. i only own an MSD at the moment, but i honestly think i would much rather have an SD or SD-13. most of the MSD clothing are more child-like and my boy's personality doesn't really match what i normally find for clothing. my fault on that one, though, even if i don't think i'd ever sell him.

      soon i'm going to try a smaller YoSD size and see how i like that. so far it's a LOT easier for me to find clothing for my soon-to-be girl, especially since she's really girly in my mind & likes that kind of stuff.
    15. SD+ I'd say.
      Everything in the range from 60 cm to 70 cm is fine with me. I like to carry the bigger ones around ^^' It's somehow soothing for me? I don't know. And I love the weight. My small boy (a Mono) is nice too, but I'm always surprised how light he is compared to his bigger friends 8D
    16. Hmm... I've recently found myself adoring all sizes <3
      MSDs, however, I seem to prefer a bit more: they're the perfect size to handle, and I won't feel so overwhelmed when I hold them. (Also they're in a perfect price range for me!) And they're the perfect size to sew for and stuff.

      But I can definitely still see myself getting dolls of every size 8'D
    17. My dream doll for when I get a place of my own, will be 60+
      I always always preferred the big dolls <3 Besides, bet they have more to look at and more to hold on to ^^

      Although I like the cuteness of the smaller ones too ^-^
    18. I love the MSD/Unoa size. They are easier to find a place in the room to sit. But I like the 70 cm size because they seem so elegant.
    19. I like the MSD I have ordered coz of size and price, but I have to confess to eyeing up the 80cm+ female dolls. When I get a bigger place then I will think about saving up for one of those babies...

    20. Well i dont really care on the size...
      I like MSD'ss but i want to try a tiny or SD.
      I already have one MSD and one almost home!