What is your favorite doll size and why

Jan 14, 2010

    1. The bigger the better XP

      I love my 60cm ((range)) doll, and I totally want huge dolls!! But maybe not 90cm big.
    2. I really love all the various sizes of BJDs I have, from SD13 all the way down to Pukipuki It's difficult to really pick a favorite because I love all the dolls in my collection, but I think I'm enjoy the tinies the most at the moment. They're so easy to tuck into my purse and carry around. :)
    3. 65-70cm, mostly because I love how mature their sculpts look. They are quite a handful and they take up a lot of space, but regardless they're still some of the most beautiful that really appeal to me.
    4. I love my minis! Price range is good, they're easy to sew for, and they're not too heavy. I'm also short so a bigger doll would probably be too big. Also, I have to limit myself somehow and limiting by size is the easier way so I don't end up buying everything pretty :D
    5. I absolutely consider the space a doll will need in my environment. Although I have a large house, my bjds are part of the decor. For me, a bjd can be a work of art in customization, costume, and posing.

      All six of my minis are beautifully dressed and are posed for me and others to appreciate. Although I am itching to buy more dolls, the six I have currently are fully appreciated and played with frequently.

      Recently, I did venture to the land of the "SD" and my guy was indeed a hunk, he was simply too big, so he had to move on.

      At this point in the hobby I have chosen the mini size. Later on-- who knows!
    6. I love SD, they've got the perfect size, I like big dolls better than small ones. It's the most suitable size to sew for^^ oh, and because they're heavy, it's just that you've got the feeling of holding something real in your hands^^
    7. MSD -because they are easier to handle so I am not carrying a 60cm one BUT maybe in the future I may get an SD :3
    8. My favourite sizes are SD and up for adult character and MSD for kids.
      I find it easier to sew for bigger dolls, and I like it when I can actually feel the weight of the doll/s when carrying it/them.

      I think 90cm would be a bit too big for my characters, though.
      (It would be more than half my height! o.o )
    9. I perfer the bigger dolls. Junior Delfs on up to perhaps Hound Size. I think I'd have to work my way back to Hound size though. I had one and since most of my crew are 60cm, he was too tall, but now I have 2 Super Gems, and when my Chrom is put together, he is 68cm, so a Hound sized wouldn't be too much more.
    10. I have an SD and am looking at other dolls about the same size. Since I'm short, anyting much bigger than 60cm is too big for me! Right now I haven't been looking at anything smaller because I'm buying dolls based on adult characters I have and most of the smaller dolls look too young/are sculpted to look more like children. I might eventually get a tiny, though...they're ADORABLE and look much easier to transport.
    11. I am just waiting for a one metre doll to come out... :o

    12. I'm rather fond of SDs myself. I just find them more enjoyable to sit around with and cuddle up to xD
      ... Which in turn doesn't make much sense to me since I'm so short Dx
    13. i like small dolls. :]

      i currently have a b&g 1/3, a kdf, a narsha, and a puki. i find 60cm to be to much. he's hard to handle and move, heavy, and generally very awkward. 1/4 dolls are the perfect size. i'm going to be redoing my "family" completely and i'll have a mature mini, a non mature mini, a tiny, and a zaoll. that's big enough for me.
    14. I like the tinies in particular. They're just small enough to be able to carry around in a bag or purse without having to draw attention, so the mobility is great. They don't take up a lot of space either (good if you live in a tiny dorm room), and they're also just plain adorable <3

      I do imagine what it would be like to own a bigger Soom or something of the like, but then trying to see myself hauling around something that's almost half my size just makes me wonder if that would be too awkward xD I'd still like to buy one someday though :>
    15. I like big dolls, the bigger the better. I currently only have a 60cm, but I'll soon have a 70cm. I do have plans to get a couple of msd size ones too :)
    16. I like MSDs and tinys. I used to like SDs too, but now I've noticed they are too big for me. Tinys are just so cute, and its fun to handle something so small.
    17. I've only had SDs before now but they were too big I found...
      So I ordered my minifée and I know she's going to be the perfect size! Not too big, not too small and female rather than the male dolls I had before :D
    18. I like 90cm, 60cms, and puki's !
    19. I can't help it, I love my SD size dolls. I do have a tiny, but she doesn't get as much attention as the big ones. However, I recently have started getting into MSD's, which is funny considering I had one before, sold her, and told myself I would never buy another mini again. XD They are a good in between size though, not too small like my YoSD where I don't want to do anything with them, yet also not too big. I think the price is really the biggest things with MSD's. I'm much more tempted now to spend $300 to get a smaller doll than a couple hundred more for a big one.