What is your favorite doll size and why

Jan 14, 2010

    1. I like 70cm dolls, pretty much the bigger the better as long as they're standard sized. :)
    2. Actually, I've only ever own one size, that is 1/3.
      I started owning 60-63cm dolls, but now I think the 65-67cm range suits me best. 60cm's seem a tad too small for me now; and I don't think I'll ever want to own a 70cm doll.

      I would love to try having a Yo one day, really because they're adorable and so darn portable XD
    3. At the moment YoSd size is my favourite. :)
    4. I have a bunch of sizes from Puki all the way to over 70cm. While I really do love all the sizes, and have places for them in my collection, I think that my favorite sizes are smaller SD and YO size tinies. My Smaller SD sized dolls are the ones that I play with the most in the larger range. The big boys I own are dolls that I love and don't want to part with, but they're a little on the large side for me. I live in fear that they'll fall and break themselves by sheer size and weight XD My EID especially is too big and bulky. It doesn't help that no matter what I do his knees just don't keep him up....

      I also adore my YO sized boys. I just think they're so cute, pose-able and convenient. They're the most fun to photograph, interact with one another, shop for clothes and props for...take places! I just love them X3 If I was going to go with only one size, that would probably be it (that's a big if though. I adore all my dolls <33 )
    5. Definitely sd size for me. Preferably in the 65-70cm range. 60cm is a tad too short for my liking now. I have only one yo-sd cos they are so darn cute and easy to bring ard.
    6. I'm always falling for the 65-70s. I don't know.. maybe because often, they are more adult-like and their bodies are more detailed and pretty proportionated. I really love that look. The cute ones are just too cute for me and my characters, and often, I find that the head is always too big for the bodies with the smaller ones.^^ So I always end up going looking for the taller ones to find a mature face. Gah... I really wish I was more into the smaller dolls though. Then I wouldn't be waiting so long to get my first. :(
    7. I haven't ever physically seen/held any doll bigger than a yosd so I'm not sure how I would feel about having one. To me, dolls are small, anything bigger would seem like toting a child around. :/ <----this is not to say that I haven't admired some of the bigger dolls I have seen in photos! Some are quite lovely/beautiful! So please don't take that offensively. I just prefer yo and smaller at the moment. :)
    8. I don't have a very wide range of sizes. I have MSD sizes (including slims), SD sizes, and a PukiPuki. I have a yo-sd sized on layaway but I don't have it here yet. Out of all of the ones I have though, I quite enjoy my SD boys' size the most. I love the portability of MSDs against SDs...but I just generally enjoy the SD sized dolls the most. I tend to pack around my SDs the most and cuddle them a lot more (maybe because there's a bit more to cuddle) and I just generally enjoy their size more. Though my doll that gets the most attention is MSD sized...he had my heart before I had SDs.
    9. My favorite one is SD size and even a little larger. I started with that size and got so pleasantly impressed by it that I could not nor did want to help it either. Any other size after that has caused me that same feeling. Besides, that is the size which covers the already given and "older" characters among my BJD and those are the ones I enjoy the most because I love the high point I may develop that age range within their story, although I also enjoy the rest (My two mini size ones and the tiny resin pet which are my only own creation characters) as well and a lot.
    10. 65+ is good for me, I like them to be substantial! For me it makes them stick out from the other dolls I had as a child. As such a large doll is a totally different experience and that's what I'm looking for in a new hobby. They might be harder to carry around, but in terms of making clothes and general fun times I think there's more choices with bigger dolls.
    11. MSD size is best for me. I have one SD left, though, so that makes all of my MSD children in comparison. Which is fine, but really limits what characters I can shell. But that might be for the best. XD;
    12. 65-70cm! I would say my mecha angel, but they are a pain to dress. Ho hum.
    13. I feel that MSDs are the perfect size!

      They are small enought to fit in more place, carry comfortablly, and small enough to not be daunting (i'd be afraid of breaking a big one cuz they are so fancy 0_0 ).
      They are also big enought to feel kinda like they are really there (to me) and that I don't feel like im going to loose all of their stuff!

      Sadlly, most of their sculpts look too young and cubby cheeked. All the faces I tend to like are for the big guys, which I will eventually break down and buy, but I think my msd girl would feel lonely.
    14. SD all the way. In fact if I had only one size I could have would be SD. I would even turn all my MSD and tinies into SD versions if I could. Just love the fact they pose so well, look so life like and the clothes are always amazing for this size.
    15. MSDs for me! They're not too big, not too small - just right in the middle! &#9829;
    16. I used to say SD but now that I got my first MSD girl I have to say I really love that size. They're still fairly large but are a lot easier to move about, lug around and especially store. I have a small living space and my spaces for dollies are few and far between but she fits perfectly and seems right at home on my bookshelf.
    17. I prefer the 55-60 cm range personally. I like my Yo-sized doll but I really dislike sewing that small, so I doubt I'll get more in that size. I do like the size of minis, but most of the sculpts I like are 1/3 scale.
    18. Tinies and MSDs are my favorite. The larger ones seems odd to me; they take up so much room and they just seem so impractical to me. I like the MDS because they've got the amazing sculpts (not all as details as the gorgeous SDs, granted) and they're more managable, and the tiny dolls are just so cute! At the moment, I haven't any dolls, but I'm looking into buying my first, and MSD. C:
    19. I now own a 70cm again and he's not too big! But when I had my Hound, all the rest of the SD sized crew was 60cm so he just stood out. I do miss him though...
    20. I love SD sized dolls and larger, my biggest doll being an 80cm Dollmore Lusion. I love larger dolls because their size is perfect for cuddling. :)