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What originally got you into BJDs? - Pt.2

Oct 21, 2017

    1. Back in the day, an artist I admired on deviantArt started posting pictures on their gallery of their doll. Cue me being really curious, doing research into it and finding out how expensive they are! (this was back when I was in high school) I decided I probably wouldn't be able to afford it, but still kind of pined after them. A few years later, a friend showed me a link to Okita and I just dropped everything and decided to buy him then and there.

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    2. Well honestly the internet lol. Google can lead you down many rabbit holes. Looking up other dolls, the one thing lead to another and BAM! BJDs loooool
    3. Just looking at the photos on the internet...but I soon learned I preferred my dolls all put together and was not adept at stringing and dressing them myself
    4. When I used to use DeviantArt, I was looking up art from different animes I liked. I saw a post with two characters I really liked. I came to find out that they were dolls and I really wanted those characters but once I realized how customizable they were, I had to have some. I had a bunch of characters that I wanted to shell out. I checked out the price and was like whoah but I ended up caving and bought my first boy after a lot of research.
    5. My friend showed me her collection. At first I was a bit wary, but then I started researching a lot on my own. I'm not a huge fan of horror BJDs, but many of them are super beautiful. I love anime-inspired BJDs which has kept me in the hobby until this day.
    6. Internet or google or facebook bjd picture. Just one day just pop out on my screen and then non stop buying cute dolls started until now
    7. An artist that I really liked had some bjds and posted awesome pictures of them.
      They looked so pretty and I started to join the hobby :dance
    8. I found a tumblr full of pretty dollfie dreams-- Nyaiko's dolls-- and scrolled for a long time. Nyaiko's dolls intrigued me especially because I couldn't figure out why I liked them more than default DDs, and as a result I learned you can paint the dolls with normal art supplies! By then I totally wanted one and began searching dealers like LegendDoll and DOLKUS, and fell in love with resin sculpts as well.
    9. My friend, actually.

      We were supposed to be playing DND, but for Reasons some of the people couldn't make it- so, since it was just the two of us, we wound up talking about them. He'd shown me his before, and I'd been curious, but I hadn't really had the drive to look them up (granted, I rarely have the drive to do anything anymore). I guess that day (night?) was different, however, because I wound up while we were talking looking through first Dolk, then ACBJD.

      Which is where I discovered Yo-Carter, and just how angry I could get over someone purchasing something right as I made my mind up to do it. (This is a lesson I learned a couple of times, all involving Yo-Carter.)

      I'd seen a doll I was interested in on Dolk, but I had been a little more intent on Yo-Carter, since the other doll was more expensive and thus less likely to be purchased in my mind- but as soon as the Yo-Carter incident happened, I just had to have the other doll, Mara from SWITCH.

      Now I've got Mara on layaway, a present for a friend also on Layaway, and I've managed to at least purchase the head for Yo-Carter, and I'll be making moves to nab his body here soon. I'm in for the long haul at this point.
    10. A friend and her photography with her doll.
    11. Haha. How I got into dolls :)
      1. Really like that monster high doll! "Though kinda for kids" Price-tag not to shabby wither => 2. I like the clothes of ever after high dolls lets start collecting them. 3. Hey Azones Neemo dolls look pretty nice and their clothes are definitely an upgrade (as well as price) 4. OOoh pullips look nice as well (also my wallet seems to have gained the magic ability of making things disappear! :) )~ 5. Hey look! Something called a bjd! 6. and the rest is history :)!
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    12. Personally, i got into the hobby at 15. I used to surf this website called gaiaonline. I was way way waaaay into it and i found this artist in the commission forums who had doll pics in her profile and signature. I was beyond curious and began looking into em. I fell head first into the hobby
    13. My desperate search for unique male fashion dolls. After exhausting all searches for OOAK Ken/Bratz Boyz/male fashion doll, I came across a Volks Neo Go Guy, which lead me to BJDs. Instant love!
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    14. I started collecting 1:6 fashion dolls as an adult in my 20s (wasn't a big fan as a kid, not sure what flipped the switch). I've been aware of BJDs for many years but considered them too expensive, out of reach.

      A few months ago I started watching fashion doll videos on YouTube, mainly videos made by other adult collectors who do the same thing I do -- buy thrift store dolls, clean them up, make hybrids. YouTube started suggesting other doll videos so I clicked on some BJD videos out of curiosity and learned about more affordable BJDs with fantasy skin colors and special features like elf ears, horns, hooves, etc. Amazing. I wish I knew about these options years ago, but better late than never.
    15. I was killing my worktime looking up in internet new Barbie's immages, and found something much better. And then I discovered bjd's prices, and went to the bjd forum for looking at the strange people who are disposed to pay all this potful of money for a "toy". And now I have 14 SD dolls and 2 pets. I think this hobby is very contageous )))
    16. It was my sister. She found out about BJDs on deviantart and she showed me. And of course me being the little sibling I liked whatever she liked.
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    17. The first time I ever saw a bjd was on a random picture of a DOD ducan somewhere online. I was baffled at how beautiful these dolls looked and ever since wanted to get one of DODs dolls.

      I felt really sad when I recently tried to look them up and found out that they have vanished. (I didn’t look up anything bjd related for the past five years, so the news got to me really late)
    18. I used to be fairly active on DA and saw a bunch of artists who had BJDs of their characters! I got super interested in them for a few months but couldn't really get into the hobby because 11 year old me didn't have the means to get one and subsequently forgot about them until recently. For whatever reason, YouTube suggest MH doll repaints and that triggered my memory of BJDs and here I am again!
    19. I had seen a Ringdoll image and seen people carrying them around at conventions when I was really young and yearned to get one. Kinda forgot about them for awhile when I realized their price/felt I wasn't going to be able to own one anytime soon, to now 9 years later and now as an adult with a job find myself back into them full force and owning a couple this time instead of just looking from afar at pictures online xD Past me would be so shocked/amazed to see me now, holding and owning one that ironically, was made around that same time I stumbled across them for the first time 9 years ago lol.
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    20. I've been aware of the existence of BJDs for years but was never really interested in them. However, I started to show a greater interest to them after playing a game that featured dolls from Crobidoll called, Nameless ~The one thing you must recall~. Soon after that, I began researching about BJDs and joined the hobby. :)
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