What originally got you into BJDs? - Pt.2

Oct 21, 2017

    1. Monster high dolls.

      I can't remember if I saw the MH cartoons on YouTube before or after I looked at the MH dolls, regardless I really liked Toreli and said to myself 'If I see her in the store, I'm going to get her'. Lo and behold I went to the store and there she was, so I bought her.

      I really liked her articulated joints and her style. And she got me interested in looking for doll forums on livejournal. I think there was one called 'Dolly Drama' where people would talk about shady transactions regarding all kinds of dolls. I stumbled across one mentioning a limited Volks doll for $2400. I was like 'What!?'. My curiousity was piqued and I visited Volks website. The thing that drew me in was the concept of making an idealized version of myself into a doll.
    2. I actually found out about them on a different forum site, Gaiaonline. In the hobby section there was a BJD talk thread and I was SUPER bored so I looked at it. at first I was like what? I didnt like dolls; thought they were unbelievably creepy. But I started looking at them, and looked up actual BJDs and saw how gorgeous they can be. I thought dolls were only those Victorian ones with the tiny squished faces. but no. I realized they can be truly beautiful. I thought I had just had my mind changed, but I kept going back to that thread and reading through all the posts; I just felt drawn to it. so I finally gve up and started asking some of the many questions I had about them. and eventually got obsessed. Now I am waiting on my tax return so I can get my first doll. ^.^
    3. I really liked watching pullip youtube videos when I was around 6th grade, and then eventually on deviantart I saw a few photos of some bjds. I wasn't too interested but curious and looked up iplehouse because that was what was listed in a photo's description. The first bjd I ever saw was an iplehouse Bichun and thought he was really handsome, but being a 15 year old, the price was shocking! So I looked up what bjds were and stuff, and then I thought that I'd save money and buy me a Bobobie Apollo or AOD Taohuandao LOL Those were the first few sculpts I really liked and wanted, but now of course my tastes are much different. But I really loved how these sculpts pulled me into this hobby ^^
    4. A friend of mine from high school showed me photos of dolls from ringdoll and DOD at 1st i wasnt really interested but i kept browsing for a few days and fell inlove with them then i checked the prices and they are too much for me :eek: i even tried asking my mom to buy one for me but it was just really expensive at that time.
    5. I found a store that sold clothes for BJDs and the next thing I know I'm searching for more info about them lol
      Basicly I just found them really interesting after that which was weird since I was never really into dolls but fell in love with BJDs instantly. I was shocked by the prices tho but that's normal when you just find out about this hobby eh? :lol:
    6. The korean movie called "doll master".
    7. A friend of mine got this little off-topic doll at a con and started talking about BJDs. She showed me pictures online and while they were pretty, I absolutely balked at the prices. But she was my friend and she was into them so I'd look at them with her. One day, I went over to hang out, and she mentioned she was going to a doll meet. I asked about it and she explained she was going to meet other doll collectors and how they'd bring their dolls and it was like a little party. She knew I wasn't super into them but asked if I wanted to go with. I was pretty curious so I went.

      And the dolls.... oh, it was so different seeing them in person and getting to hold one. We were on our way home and I turned to her and was like 'I have to have one'.

      Now I have 6.
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    8. I always loved fashion dolls. Then I started seeing photos of antique French fashion dolls and was fascinated with all their joints and pose-ability. However, I didn't want antique dolls. Volks came out with their first SD, but the price I saw was in the thousands of dollars at the time. Thank goodness, times change and many bjds are affordable now!
    9. I was researching on how to make different types of dolls on google. One website had a list of a lot of different dolls and BJDs were on that list. So I began researching them and saw how expensive they were, so I thought I would just make my own. Eventually, I realized how hard and expensive it is to make your own, so I began researching about buying one from a company.
    10. Seeing a Dollshe Amanda with a beautiful faceup and great photography on Flickr.
    11. When I was younger I was into Barbies. I liked playing and creating storylines for them. More recently I became enamored with MH dolls because they were so different. I liked that the sculpts/characters looked so different from Barbies. Eventually, I wanted a doll that I could customize to make my own. I didn't think that was a thing, really. I googled "custom dolls" and BJDS came up! I was so impressed that almost every aspect of a BJD could be modified.
    12. @echotexture I love the attitude of MH dolls, too! I'd LOVE to see MSD versions with the same swagger!
    13. Now that I think about it, I've had a Monster High Skelita Calaveras since even before I had anime figures. She's the only one I have. I love the whole Dia de los Muertos and sugar skull thing, more so than even Halloween.
    14. The first BJD I ever seen was through internet, I believe it was Volks four sisters, pose and design very well on a poster page, I fall suddenly in love with these lovely dolls, so I google it and searching the info for days and finally recognized about his hobby.
    15. My dad found an obitsu 60 cm gal and brought her home for me since he knew I love sewing and painting. he thought I would enjoy customizing her and he was right! ever since I have been obsessed. I have the best dad ever <3
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    16. I remember watching that and thought the doll was super cute. I was wondering what company it was from and wiki lists it from custom house.
    17. I saw the doll at the Comic Market and have been searching the web for photos of BJD since then.
    18. I was into figurines then I wanted to customize them, then I saw some videos of ooak Monster high doll and then ended up into bjds x)
    19. Gaia Online back when I as 16 I would ask for a doll every year for birthdays and Christmases. my parents said no. they were ugly and expensive.
      I turned 21 got married and moved to japan. begged for a doll there. never found a store in Okinawa that had bjd's
      [adult situations and life]
      finally on my 30th birthday I get my first bjd. Yayyy~~
      Now every giftable holiday I ask my fionsay for a doll lol he thinks there creepy but embraces my hobby
    20. stumbled upon asenva's yt channel and looked into the hobby later on