What originally got you into BJDs?

Jan 19, 2010

    1. It was probably my obsession with manga and anime. They do have some similar features afterall and I think that's what drew me to them.
      The first time I saw one was also at an anime convention and it was after that that I started looking more into it. Then I came across LUTS' website and I was sold.
    2. Like a lot of people, Aeryn (hiritai) definitely played a big role in developing my affection for BJDs. From her I found other artists and other dolls on DeviantArt.

      I heard of them a long time ago but never bothered researching them. It wasn't until my friend showed me a photo that I started looking into them, and I fell in love. Now one of my friends likes them, though she's not as obsessed as I am. n_n;
    3. Quite a long time ago, when I was maybe 12 or 13, I first saw them. It was a while ago and I don't have great memory, but I remember that it was Custom House when their dolls were more one-of-a-kind themed, and were absolutely beautiful. I didn't even consider the possibility of purchasing them. A couple years later a friend I met online showed me a doll she was planning on getting.. I was thrilled to rediscover them, annnd it went from there ^^;
    4. I found about BJDs on a forum, and later on I saw a set of pictures of an Enchanted Doll, which though it's not quite the same, it has a similar appeal. A bit after that, I met a girl who had a few, and all these put together led me to saving up for one. :)
    5. When I first saw a BJD, I thought it was a real person! It was really beautiful... but then I saw the price. What actually got me into BJDs was a girl that was talking about her own on youtube, about how she took them out with her and got funny looks but didn't care. That sort of made me realise that people got really attached to their dolls (not everyone, I know) but that justified the price for me.
    6. I first found out about them online, didn't think to much of them; then I went to a con and saw them in person and decided to get one.
    7. I was looking on etsy.com and came across some doll wigs, now the wigs were ok but I really liked the dolls they were on. After a little google research I knew I had to get my own.
    8. Probably the root cause is anime/manga. If I hadn't already accepted and appreciated anime/manga aesthetic, I would never have come to appreciate bjd aesthetic - and even so, on first sight I thought bjds were hideous. (For this reason I never get offended if someone thinks my doll is ugly - because I thought the same way at first. :sweat) The craftsmanship and the delicate faceups attracted me, but it took a while for me to grow to like the style of bjds.

      Fully Articulated and Aimee's site were also part of it. There was a doll magazine at an airport that had a Volks on the cover, and I remember I learned more about bjds from those articles.

      When Den of Angels made its galleries members-only locked, that was what really started me thinking about whether I wanted my own doll. I had gotten so used to casually browsing/lurking in the galleries and I missed seeing the dolls. I know I made my DoA account around that time, or if I had it before I only began to be active around that time.
    9. My friend Ashael was the one to pull me into the BJD world actually. xD When she first talked about them and showed me pictures the attraction didn't really -click- until almost a month later when I suddenly had to have one! :lol:

      Now I have 2 whole dolls, a floating head, and plans to own about 6 at the least... >.>;

      I happily blame her for my addiction to these lovelies and my crying wallet ;)
    10. A freind of mine were on our way back from a Flea Market, she handed me a magazine that had BJD's in it.
      Then I started to look them up and well BOOM!!!
      Bjd's are stuck w/ me ;D
    11. I stumbled upon sassy strawberry's website and fell in love with her dolls. http://www.sassystrawberry.com/
      I aslo have a long history of loving other types of dolls so it was very natural for me to LUV BJDs.
    12. I saw photos on line when I was just doing a general image search for dolls. It was love at first sight.Their sculptural beauty is what grabbed me. I thought "one day I am going to get one of those beautiful creatures". Six months later I did. My first was an Apple Souldoll who's name is Emily. I now have 11 BJDs(and counting).
    13. I was on ebay looking for doujinshi when I came across Snow Kaguya's doll outfits for sale. I fell in love with the Delf Yder she had. So I started looking for more info on where to get them and eventually... I don't remember how but I ended up here on Den of Angels.

      Almost 4 years later and I still have no Yder of my own.:sweat
    14. I first heard about them when I was floating around on holiday from a friend. She was all hyped up about getting her first doll at the time and I was just all '*D ok.' with no clue as to what she was going on about xD;
      Once I got home and met her boy though, I knew I had to get one of my own.

      Its like... a year later and I'm still working on saving up for one though |D;
    15. I found dolls through art. I'm on DA and one of the artists I'm watching is Heise. When she put some doll pictures in her gallery I found them and through her dolls I discovered the world of BJD :D
    16. Angelguardian is directly responsible for getting me into BJDs. She began bringing some of her's to our fashion doll club meetings. Until then I'd only seen a few photos of the early very anime style dolls & found them hideous but her's had a very different look from those. After playing with her dolls for nearly a year, cruising the sites she'd kindly provided links to & getting comfortable once again with dolls that expensive, I could no longer stand it & ordered an Elfdoll Lydia from Dolls & Friends. I couldn't wait for a factory one so checked all the US stores to see what was in stock that I loved.
    17. I was following the path: Anime / Manga -> Asian movies -> The Doll Master -> BJDs...
    18. The idea of changing out eyes and wigs appealed to me from the start...also a friend of mine (Marbledhalls) makes fabulous clothing for them!
    19. a friend invited me to a doll meet up... there were so many beautiful bjds; i'm relatively new to bjds but i've loved them ever since :)
    20. Haha~that's a good question.I have a hobby which is collecting figure. 2 years ago one of favorite character was going to detrude a new figure which was produced by AZONE and it was around 130 at that time. The special thing is that you can move the joint(which is very new to me) by yourself. My friend know that and she ask me y didn't you buy the BJD instead of this small figure!!! So, I start to search the informations about BJD and started addicted to it XD