What originally got you into BJDs?

Jan 19, 2010

    1. i started out in this hobby after finding a picture on the internet while searching for pictures of korean singers. So it was Kpop that got me into this hobby 3 years ago, yet i first got very serious in it a year ago. ^-^
    2. mine is an unconventional story, just as every other story I have..lol
      I got The New York Look Book for my birthday about two years ago and it's just a book of pictures of people off the street in new york and there was this girl with a Fee-Ple boy.
      then it was just me cursing the gods of monetary unfortune and pretending barbie and ken were good enough for two years. then when my mom said she'd by me one for my 18th this year I looked all over to find the perfect doll and i ended up with a mini-fee, so strange that the same brand(kinda) was the first one I saw!
    3. My story is quite funny. I am a member of a totally unrelated forum to DOA and somebody there had posted pics of all the dolls she had, most people thought they were creepy but the first thing I saw was how beautiful and enchanting these little guys were!

      I started looking around some websites and now I'm totally hooked!

      I've totally fallen for the pukipukis and have a wishlist as long as my arm! :lol:
    4. Although I'm not that much into anime, there was this one series I liked a lot and I added the LJ of someone who was good at cosplaying one of the series' characters to my friends list (I'm also not that much into cosplay, but I really liked her cosplay). That person mentioned on her LJ her ABJDs and Batchix's LJ. At first I was more interested in the clothes Batchix made, but I was quick to take an interest in the dolls too. ^_^
    5. For me the first time I saw a BJD was in real life,

      I was at that point collecting "Little apple dolls", but the company I always bought them from at events started switching from other dolls to BJD, i had before that heared of them but thought: "I Can't see myself spending X on those, since I could never afford it" (HAH shows me what I know ;) )

      but at the event I fist saw them IRL I kept going back to the stand again... and again..... and again.

      Thats when i started looking in to the dolls, but I did not decide to actually get one untill I had the briliant Idea to make one of my RPG chars into a BJD, and than it took me about another year to find the right sculpt :)
    6. I've been into subculture/cosplay since...eons ago. Which means I go for conventions. Which also means I see BJDs every now and then. So, I've been mildly tempted for a long time.

      Then, my bestfriend got a BJD. Since I'm comfortable with handicrafts, I naturally made little things for the doll, and grew attached to it. Then, my bestfriend WANTED TO SELL THAT BJD. WITHIN a couple of weeks of buying it. *gasp* Because she wanted a new doll. So I just bought it off her. And never looked back. ^^
    7. I got to know about BJDs through j-rock.
      My room mate from school was searching for cosplays of Gazette and somehow found some of Izams dolls.
      She told me about them and I thought they were cute and all, but when she mentioned the price I went "Omg, you can't be serious?!"

      Because I was in the asian fandom, I would hear about them from time to time, and I found the danish BJD forum, and I began to lurk there. After a half year I bought my first doll.
    8. I think I first saw them on dA but never gave them another thought other than 'LOL that looks like a person. Weird.' and didn't think of them for a long time afterwards. And then I saw Dieux-Faux on dA and had a good look through their gallery, and decided to find out more about them.
      My mum hates you now, by the way. :D She doesn't like how they look or how much they cost. xD
      But, now I should be able to buy a Kdelf Bory sooooonnn~! ^^
    9. Back in 2006, my friend had a Souldoll and I just wasn't interested in the doll, even if it was pretty.

      Fast forward to this year, friends of mine had gotten HEAVILY into the dolls at this point and I got to actually touch and play with them over the summer. It resulted in this "uh...they're kinda cool..." reaction that snowballed until I bought my first in Nov 09. Three months and three dolls later, there's probably no turning back, lol.
    10. I blame Brightfires for posting pictures of hers up at RPG.net forums. It's taken me four years to get around to getting a doll, but it was her dolls that sowed the seed in me to go get me one (and possibly more later).

    11. I first learned about BJDs when I was hanging out at a fashion doll forum, but I didn't really pay them any mind since I didn't really find them interesting -- especially as their facial sculpts are those of very childlike dolls. Fast forward a few years later when I came across someone's site posting about Dollmore Model dolls and Iplehouse EIDs, and I just couldn't take my eyes or my mind off of them and their very mature looks, and I started taking BJDs seriously enough to want a few. And so out went some of those fashion dolls and in went the 70cm beauties.
    12. I've always loved dolls and had this on/off doll clothing hobby.
      Then over a year ago, my boyfriend showed me Sindy dolls online and
      I got into customising them, I kept looking for more dolls online and bumped into Blythe,
      which at first I thought looked scary, but then I saw custom Blythe dolls and really loved some of them. After searching for more Blythe links, I bumped into BJD's on Blythe collectors' sites and fell in love with these dolls. My first attraction was probably Lati Lea, and the other tiny cuties from Lati site.
      Then I saw Unoa and started looking for her, and two weeks ago I finally got mine, even though she is a hybrid, but the faceplate is Unoas and I'm absolutely smitten by her. It's the most gorgeous doll I've ever had. (but don't tell my Sindys) ;)
    13. My first experience of BJDs was on LJ; a friend posted a link to a post on the wtf_inc community where the poster was snarking about someone's LJ where she posted suggestive pictures of her El. She was KisakiSama, and the doll was Kaitou. Unlike the members of wtf_inc, who started trolling her LJ until KisakiSama made the entries with Kaitou friends-only, I was struck by how beautiful Kaitou was, and wanted to learn more about him. She pointed me here to DoA, and gave me a link to the Luts site.

      That was back in February 2005. I bought my first BJD - a 60cm Obitsu - a month later.

      Four years on, KisakiSama found herself in the position of having to put Kaitou up for sale, and she gave me first refusal. Kai has now been with me a year and a day. So I've come full circle. :)
    14. I saw a girl carrying a doll while I was out one day and exclaimed to myself, " IF I EVER SEE THAT KIND OF DOLL, I MUST HAVE ONE! "

      So after a photoshoot 1day with my photograher, I was randomly browsing through his camera when I saw a BJD.

      I was half screaming, " OHMYGOSH ! I want this doll too !!! Where are they called?!!! "

      Did my reseach when I came home and TADA, not even a year into the hobby and I'm waitting for my 3rd Girl.

      -looks into wallet and sniffs- :)
    15. lol! You're welcome then I guess ;3
    16. I came across a BJD in a kimono while looking up japanese kimonos on yahoo images, like many years ago. I actually didn't know that you could own them either. But it wasn't until a half a year ago that my friends and I came across a mother and their daughter with an SD boy and an MSD girl in Walmart in the fabric section. That's when I offiically and finally decided to get one and get more into BJDs
    17. I played with dolls a little bit when I was a kid, but being in a household with 5 boys quickly changed that. I learned to love video games and comics and didn't really play with dolls much after that. I went to my first anime convention 5 years ago and saw a few BJDs wandering around in girls' arms. I immediately wanted one! Only a short time after that I bought one. Then another. and another..you know how the story goes. :P
    18. I think it was some years ago, can't remember when exactly, but I was pretty young (like... 10~12? so maybe about five years ago) and my older sister was really into these. So she showed me pictures and explained stuff. I think at that time I only saw how pretty they were and wanted them because... well, they were pretty, but oh well. And of course, DoD is the company to blame, as those were the first dolls I ever saw (and still the ones I like the most.)

      So ever since then, there's been a love of dolls hidden in my heart but I just dug it up again at the start of this summer. And I'm looking forward to buying my first one! Hopefully not long anymore...
    19. I have watched shows on television in 2005 or 2006 which features Asian Ball-jointed dolls!
      since then I fell in love with them, I wondered where they buy it and how much it cost, then after hearing that it
      cost hundreds of dollars... I became hopeless then because I was still in highschool with no means of affording it so
      for a moment I forgot about it, until last June I was searching in the web some artworks to give me ideas and inspirations for my art project in class, when a divine intervention came upon me. I just typed the words "dolls" , and so I browse. I successfully came across to the site of the featured BJD's in the TV as I have mentioned before, there I saw them again.
      That fuel burning inside me paved way for my curiosity to begin researching, so I researched and browsed sites a lot!
      I came up with popular blogs which led me to famous Bjd Doll shops like Dream of Doll and Luts. I was mesmerized by the dolls. It had been a couple of weeks that I have never left my chair, looking and admiring the beauty right in front of my monitor. Oh Gosh! ^__^ And now, as I have posted this, I am also waiting for my 3 dolls to be delivered this September before my birthday! Yey! A DOC Too and Bee-A and the latest one I ordered Tiny Fairy -Sleeping Emilie. I CAN"T HARDLY WAIT!
    20. A BJD on the cover of "Haute Doll" magazine many years ago. Was really impressed with how well made the dolls were in comparison to what you see in the toy store. Been hooked on them ever since. =D