What originally got you into BJDs?

Jan 19, 2010

    1. my seme got me into them... >.<
    2. I had seen them at anime conventions but kind of brushed it off with an "oh that's pretty". About six months ago I saw some pictures online and it just kind of snowballed. Now here I am, getting ready to buy my first doll. Somewhere I couldn't have guess I would be when I first saw a BJD.
    3. Well i first found out about BJDs while whatching an anime called Rozen Maiden but i didnt really look into them until my friend was like, dude check it. he showed me the DoD website and i was like dang i want one. but the price turned me off. 5 weeks later bam im saving up for E-An
    4. I saw a few photo's on Deviant Art, which got me interested. Then I found R727's photos and read her FAQ. That's when I decided I wanted one. Now, almost 2 years later I have my own tiny and a MSD soon on the way :)
    5. My first interest in bjd's started from 2 CLAMP anime/mangas, Angelic Layer and Chobits. (Coincidentally, I've never really watched their animes and never finished the reading their manga.) Really what started it was Angelic Layer's concept of a game based around super customizable doll/figures that can essentially come to life momentarily- and my friend and I really loved the idea. From that I went to Volks' 1/6 scale Dollfies and have since upgraded to the larger dolls.
    6. Four years ago (or so) I saw some pictures of BJDs on the Internet. I was impressed, and that was all.
      A couple of years ago I was surfing the Net and suddenly found a thread created by one girl who posted her dolls' photos there. I began to collect information concerning BJDs and so... everything started for me then:)
    7. Had just been invited to a new doll forum which a friend of mine and another woman I knew created. I was looking around and saw this one topic section called BJD. I checked it out and a girl there was posting picture stories with her dolls. I was hooked. Sold all of my Himstedts and reborns and so on baby dolls and bought my first BJD through Denver Doll, then my second, third and well now it's 3 years later and over 250 + dolls have come and gone with a few who stuck around and some even returned just to leave again. :lol: But it has given me something I never had with the baby dolls. My old imagination back and my desire to create stories and lives for my resin kids. Haven't regretted it except I should have done more research, joined the Dairyland sooner, and gone to meet ups to see dolls before I started buying. But live and learn. :D
    8. mines kinda an odd story xD

      when i first saw bjds it was at a con and i sorta just glanced at the table for a second like "oh that's nice" and walked off,
      i later saw more photos of them on DA and was really impressed by them and started reading up on them XD
      then i found out there were more companys, more scuplts and so on so i started looking more into them
      Then i found Kai (Illusion Spirit Zhuqing) and my heart was stolen lol @[email protected]

      this was also last year around the time i had to start planning for my HSC and needed to work out something for my Art Major, so i decided to use him in it ^w^ i've made these outfits for him and my other Doll Rose (dolllove lincy) yes i ended up buying her early this year OTL and i have two more on the way and one more planned, i think i've been hit by the snowball hard lol

      but yea i made these outfits i designed and took pictures, and theres a few more things to the major such as illustrations and an animation xD this is all being handed in this monday OTL;;; still so much work to get done

      But yea so my schooling ended up giving me a gateway into the bjd world~~ lol lol lol
    9. I first saw them about 9 months ago online, after a friend showed me pictures of hers. I'd heard of them before but I'd never actually seen one before this. At the time I thought they were pretty, but I saw the price and wondered why anyone would ever pay that much for a doll (I didn't say that to her though XD)

      Then A few weeks ago I ended up going to the dollmeet with another friend, who had won one the year previously. I didn't even know she had one before this. When I got home I got my initial friend to link me to doll websites so I could learn more about them and choose one. And now I'm waiting for my first doll :D
    10. I read an article about them in Shojo Beat a few years ago and immediately wanted one. I googled them and found Leeke World and Doll Zone... and then I saw the prices. I knew I wouldn't be getting one for a long time (jobless high school student at the time).

      Sometimes I'd come across a few photos of them on Deviantart and I'd have to close the tab because I'd get all jealous. :lol:
    11. I saw a beautiful gallery from a fellow gamer's signature with bjd dolls. That was 4 years ago. But when I researched and learned how much these beauties cost, I stepped back. :? Did not get a doll until this year and I do not have regrets at all! :D
    12. I remember about 4 years ago I was surfing around DA and saw these gorgeous looking dolls someone professionally photographed. I found out they were called BJDs and went to research. The first things that came up was DOD and eluts, I was so enchanted by their looks but then let down by their price. So I simply printed out random pictures from the website to use as references for drawing.

      It was until I started school again this year I met a girl who owned a BJD and reintroduced me into this facinating world!
    13. One of my friends showed me some Pukis two years ago, then she gave me one randomly as a gift. Ive been hooked ever since. Also, she showed me the DIM website. I fell in love with a doll and are saving up lol.
    14. For dolls themselves, I think it was mainly growing up and hanging out with my aunts, great aunts and my grandmas who all collected dolls. I used to collect barbies at one time, but I gave them all to my cousins. I always loved to talk dolls to those special few people in my family, now all but one of them are gone.

      BJD's in particular, my best friend Val showed me my first one, I drooled over it and looked at some more and they just sparked my doll love once more. The first sculpt I ever saw was a centaur. I don't think I'd ever be able to get one, but I can dream.
    15. I think it was because I had previously purchased anime figures, especially admired some fairly large scale ones but weren't pose-able and dress-able. Then I was introduced to BJDs. The thought of being able to pose and customize them got me interested. Like I've always wanted to make a doll based on a character I had created or make up another character of my own as I build up the doll which BJDs allowed me to do. I figured it easier than sculpting my own anime figure but at the time I got interested I had no funds to do so and realized it was much more expensive than I thought. The idea that I can give it a wig, choose eyes, and dress it up with fabric clothing appealed to me a lot. I have yet to own a larger doll though (to depict my ideal original character years ago) and I am waiting on an incoming doll who will have its "character" be built up.
    16. I was looking for a good phone wallpaper and I saw a section on Bjds..I researched and researched...now I'm waiting for my first doll..
    17. I'm a pullip collector so I roughly knew of BJDs because of being into dolls already. Honestly, they never appealed to me too much until I came across elfdoll Twiggy. Now I see BJDs in a whole new light, ones that I've seen before and weren't really attracted to I am now. It's bad for my wallet though lol.
    18. First saw them like 3 months ago <3 My friend had pullip dolls (I know theyre off topic but this is how it started) and I kind of had to get one... or two because they seemed so pretty. Up until then i really hadnt any interest in dolls because none of the ones i saw appealed to me (I used to LOVE barbies but now i cant really like them at all its the plasticness and the painted eyes...) and then she mentioned something about BJD's so i looked them up. At first i was shocked at the price and really just "who would pay this much for a doll?" and "youre too old to play with them" and now Im online every day looking at them and researching because now i know theyre more collectables and by "playing" is more like photographing and etc.

      I swear when im independant and have a job im moving on to the more costly ones but for now to appease my parents...... :3
    19. I came across Bonhwa on Deviant Art's El years ago and fell in love with him. But, I didn't get my very own bjd until my sister got one and then had to show me Doll-Love's Anona. It was all downhill from there. :3
    20. I remember learning about BJD years ago, maybe from Aimee's blog, but I thought that all BJD were big (SD) and anime-styled and very expensive.

      Flash forward to this year, I saw a friend online had made a very customized BJD of their character, which was awesome! I was googling around for more custom dolls when I stumbled on Iplehouse's Luna and realized that BJD could be more than cute bishonen, and also discovered the emphasis on customization and changeable parts. After that I was obsessed ^_^;