What was the cost of your first doll vs. your most recent doll?

Oct 23, 2020

    1. My first was a Soom Uyoo ordered from the company as an X-mas kit. She was $190. My most recent is a Dream Valley Rosa with wings ordered in stock from Denver Doll. She was $315. Not the most expensive one I've ordered, but more than my first.
    2. My first doll was a PlumeDoll Luna, which was somewhere in the range of 125$, 150$, I don't quite recall.

      My most recent doll is an Obitsu Gretel47, who was 300$.

      Definitely my willingness to spend a bit more has gone up over time, but I still don't own any super expensive dolls. I was hoping to find money to buy Fairyland's dragon boy this year, but it hasn't happened yet. Fingers crossed it will at some point.
    3. My first doll was Dollzone Carter at $240, followed by a couple Doll Leaves dolls at $140 each.
      I gave myself a limit... anything over $300 was too much...

      A more recent purchase was a Ringdoll Moyu... I did get him on sale but he was nearly double my original limit.
      I didn't even debate his cost, I just wanted him.

      My most recent was two little Myou dolls, they were like $130 each.

      The scary thing is, I am not sure what my 'limit' is anymore. I don't see myself going over $1000 for a single doll, but there are some really tempting dolls out there in the higher price range.

      I wonder how many other people raise their 'dolly limit price' through the years... This is only my third year in the hobby, and the higher prices now seem normal to me.
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    4. I don't remember how much my company direct Dream of Doll Twing-key was. She was in the $300 range, but the exact number elude me.

      My most recent girl is a secondhand Doll Chateau Queena for $245.
    5. First dolll 2006: Peakswoods Morimoth $300
      Last doll 2019: Batchix Mini Machina $200 (or it might have been one of my pukis but they were both around $200 too.)
      All where used. My first I got off ebay before recasts where a thing. The others are mostly out of print currently(Batchix makes mini mach occassionally, and well fairyland is fairyland -_- )

      It's funny how I've scaled back in size, but the price hasn't changed THAT much.

      @Rabidbunnies I've had to lower my price limits, but I collect smaller dolls. So it hasn't affected me unless I'm looking at the secondhand market. When I was younger I kept raising it. But I couldn't maintain that.
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    6. My first doll was a ResinSoul Xun for 160$. My second doll isn't here yet but she's a DollZone fullset for over 400€
      That my first doll was relatively affordable was a coincidence, I bought that doll because I really liked her (and still do!). The DollZone was among the discontinues in july. If things had been different timing-wise I'm sure I would've still picked those dolls.
    7. First doll ever ordered: Myou Doll 1/4 Delia. She cost about 350ish (fullset and there was 15% discount). But, I ended up gifting her to my friend (I never received her and asked Myou to change the shipping address).

      First doll I actually ordered and received: Angell Studio Xi Shi (62cm girl). She's advertised as $510 for the nude doll. I heard she's getting discontinued by the end of this year :( so I will actually order her again sometime soon lol

      Last doll ordered: Grand Senior Delf Abadon. He costs 707 with faceup (20% off for normal skin because it is Luts' 20th birthday event :) ).

      Shipping fees are not included.
    8. First doll Dollfie Dream Sirius $300-350ish
      Latest complete doll purcahse Dollfie Dream Nier pre-order 2B $900ish.
    9. My first doll is the full set Dollzone, which cost me about 400 AUD. My latest doll is a fullest Volks MSD, which about 770 AUD:chibi
    10. First was Doll Leaves Ida, with faceup and wig, she was around $190.

      Latest is my Dollmore Zaoll, she was $630, and a definite splurge.

      I have found my "average" has crept up to around $250.

      I also pay more for better quality wigs, clothes, etc than at first.
    11. First doll - Cocoriang's Tobi at $170 + shipping = $200

      Most recent doll - Bluefairy Zephroys Alphie at $148 + shipping = $180

      ...but I did spend about $300 on a 2nd hand Honey Delf Pretzel + replacement body...
    12. First doll: AngelRegion Diana fullset, second hand, around 500USD
      Latest (complete) doll: Volks Claude + Crobi B line body, all second hand, around 650USD

      60cm was quite expensive back at those time. I'm rather proud that I gathered a big boy (68cm) in a low price :P
    13. First Doll - Secondhand (fullset) Dollzone Lola - around 300USD
      Latest Doll - 2D Doll Light (with faceup, but not fullset) - 435USD (on sale)
      Counting the amount I paid for his wig and clothing, he'd be over 600USD. I'm okay with the cost because he's a good bit larger than my first doll, and it's also just nice to pick out exactly what I want as opposed to just what's available secondhand. I've recently realized that I don't bond as well with dolls I buy secondhand or in stock.
    14. My first doll was a Mystic Kids Francis Sp fullset. It was around 330 usd.
      My latest purchase was a 2D Doll Creme and he was 388 usd.
    15. I'd never had a bjd before so I started small and bought a PukiFee Ante basic for $364. I was pretty happy with my PukiFee, and after a long hiatus in the bjd community, decided I'd get another one. It got more expensive as I went; I bought a LittleFee Cygne (full set) for $535, then a MiniFee Celine basic for $511.49. The last one I got was cheaper than the first one because it was a secondhand PukiFee (how addictive) Vanilla basic for $268.50.
    16. About the same lol. About 700 euros for a Ringdoll Lucifer Style C fullset for my first doll (Lysander), and about 800 euros for a Loongsoul ZhuZhao with face up and body blushing.
    17. My first was an Angell-Studio Pink Cinderella I purchased fullset from a retail store for about $830USD and my latest doll would be a Volks Michele that I purchased from Yahoo!Japan and Mandarake. Her total cost was about $1200USD.
    18. My "first doll" actually turned out to be a set of twins, so I got a second body to go with the Dreaming head... I think the total came to about $1200 for the pair of them when all was said and done, so let's say $600 each.

      My most recent? Saulot is a hybrid, so $165 for his head and about $400 for his bod (It's one I've had for ages, but I'm pretty sure that's about what it cost when I bought it-)... for a total of $565. I'd say that puts him within striking distance of the first members of the crew.
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    19. My first is a Dollzone Hid (fullset) which was around $300
      My newest is a Dream Valley Rin Jellyfish (transparent jellyfish part + faceup & body blushing) and is $560
    20. First: Dollzone Mo fullset- about $300
      My newest two arrived within 24 hours of one another: Immortality of Soul Count of Monte Cristo limited fullset- $1300 and Ringdoll Frankenstein 2011 fullset (second hand)- $900