What was the first face mold you fell in love with?

Jul 15, 2018

    1. Dollmore Lillis Liv - I have two of her now and she's still the favorite.
    2. The first head sculpt I fell in love with was the Snow Miku Dollfie Dream, she has such a gentle smile!
    3. Volks SD Nana! It was my very first SD doll <3
    4. Ringdoll Sol! I remember stumbling upon his picture while I was browsing for cosplay stuff in taobao back in my high school days. Even now, I still can't get over him.
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    5. Soom Amber Pure Spirit, first doll I had to have.
    6. I saw other people's Supia doll Haeun and fell in love, now waiting on a arrival of my very own
    7. Mine was a toss up between the Dream of Doll Elf Ducan (original release), Souldoll Lupinus, and CP Yder. I ended up getting the Yder first, the Elf Ducan second, and the Lupinus when they announced they were discontinuing the Double line :)
    8. Mine was the CP Elf El. But he was sold out and I had no idea about the second-hand market at the time. I ended up getting an Elf Yder later. :)
    9. Volks Andolrea U-NOSS. Not my absolute fave but definitely my grail. I was so glad to finally welcome her home. Something changed for my collecting after I got her too. I became much more picky, bought fewer dolls but made better choices. She improved my collecting sensibilities.
    10. Muse doll Re Che. It was on the cover of hautedoll magazine and was the first bjd I ever saw. Then old CP sculpts. I finally got Re Che about a year ago, but after so long i can't decide what type of character to make it... I still love the face but after thinking of various ideas for it over 10 years I don't know what to do
    11. Dollzone Vita, her look is just so unique!
    12. It was so long ago it took me a great effort to remember!
      She was a E-An from Dream of Doll. She was the first doll I saw in my first web search after my friend showed me her tiny BJDs. I fell quickly in love then fall out of love when I learned her size (60 cm) xD SDs are too big for me even now.
    13. Doll Leaves Jeremy. But now that I have him, I'm not sure if I want to keep him ;-; He's cute but I have no ideas. But gosh he's got such a cute little face. So droopy and sad lmao.
    14. Soom Dimo. I saw him years ago and would consider him my dream doll. His Romantic version was also pretty cute.
    15. For me it was fairyland littlefee ante! I was head over heels in love for so long and then happened to find one in my own country for sale :) she was my first doll!
    16. Beyours Olive. I slowly realized that I was in love with the faceup and not the sculpt.

      The first sculpt that actually really attracted me was Island Doll Sparkle. I tried to ignore the sculpt, as I wanted a girl and the only body options were neutral and boy. So I looked for another girl, then decided I would get that sculpt as a third doll, and then as my wishlist started to balloon I finally realized I was just looking for her face in someone else. So I stopped looking, bought the head, and resolved to find her an appropriate body or bust. It took a long while, but I finally did it and she's just right.
    17. Crobidoll Lance :D it was abour 5 years ago. I got him some three years ago but fell out of love immediately. I mean i'd been drooling over his pics online for two years only to just be completely disappointed. He came from a "good home" and with a gorgeous faceup, so I felt super lucky not only to get all my money back but also find a loving home for him. He's with his new owner who loves him and this makes me happy. He was just cute doll it's just that... throughout the years he began to seem more than the reality offered. Still.. I like him on the photos but could not imagine him in my collection.
    18. Dollstown Triste (before Torre redesigned her...). I liked a bunch of other BJD before that but when I saw her photos I was b l o w n a w a y. It was love at first sight for sure! She was the one that made me decide I absolutely needed to become a BJD owner.
    19. Well now, my first true love-at-first-sight is the cliche: Kid Delf Bory (in white skin with classic makeup) but on second thought, I have to go with Impldoll Tony Hank. he's the first doll that I've ever said "Dayum, he hunky!"
    20. It's a toss-up between Dream of Doll Lahoo and Luts CP Delf Breakaway. Lahoo was the first doll I ever saw, and I fell in love with most of their 60cm line of dolls immediately. I knew after I saw them that I was going to buy one, once my shock over the price wore off.

      But Breakaway was the first face mold I really, desperately wanted to buy who made the price seem 100% worth it. I eventually got the extremely similar El Special instead, because Breakaway was limited and not available at the time (or for many years afterward). Never regretted it - even now, I adore my two El's!
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