What was the first face mold you fell in love with?

Jul 15, 2018

    1. Iplehouse Tania. I thought she looked so natural. Boy was I disappointed when I received her and her face-up looks super mechanical close up.
    2. It was actually Soom Breccia because my friend linked me to her. It was really the first bjd I've ever browsed. When I looked around more I really liked Ringdoll Sol. I never got either but because I love the Ringdoll aesthetic I bought my first doll from them. Second doll from them too but it's still on the way.
    3. That's really sad. But can't you have another artist change the face up so it looks like what you love?
    4. Easy question CP Delf Lishe. She was my first doll, still has her company face up, and I still love her.
    5. Dream of Doll Ducan. His face was such a big eye catcher for me, it drew me right into the hobby, lol.
      Sad that I never managed to buy him. Maybe some day. ^^
    6. It was Doll In Mind Andrea. I finally never bought him because I was too much in love with the official customization and I didn't know what to do with him.
    7. It was a picture of Ringdoll Qinzhe and Meng He together. I loved how they were styled and the atmosphere of the pictures, to say nothing of their handsome faces. Naturally, those two became my first dolls. :3nodding:
    8. Switch Ajeong, in pale white. He was actually one of the first BJDs I saw and probably the one that got me interested in the hobby. Another was DollZone Raphael, he's just too cute :D
    9. Volks 4 sisters, specifically Megu. I loved her big eyes and soft expression! I've never owned her, nor any other Volks doll, though.
    10. Mine was a realpuki Soso! I think it’s because my youngest son looked just like one was he was a baby. His ears were even pointed... not THAT pointed, but pointed enough that I asked my pediatrician if something was wrong! Ha!
    11. The absolute first one was... Hm, okay, maybe I dont remember ONE but I do remember two of them. First would be Peakswoods Goldie - I loved her big, almost "manga" eyes, cute little nose and lips. Her profile is beautiful... Well, now I wouldn't buy her, but she's still really pretty.
      Second I remember (Idk which one was first!!) is Volks Yugiri, mainly because of two Yugiri's I saw back then. Her full lips still have charm for me.
    12. Bobobie Sprite, for me. My roommate at the time showed me a photo of the doll, and other than it being on a female body, it just looked perfect to shell one of my oldest OCs. Fortunately, I was able to get a male body for him, and he became the first doll in my collection. :)
    13. Ringdoll Aya Easter edition! I loved her soft sculpt and slightly pouty lips!
    14. Depending how you wanna look at it; I fell in love with the hobby through someone's luts chiwoo and juri05, then found out about Woosoo who became my grail for a few years.
    15. Cerberus Project/Luts Delf Lishe. She wouldn't fit in with the dolls I have now, and their modern work at Fairyland is far superior as far as stylized dolls go, but way back in 2006, she was kind of a revelation!
    16. MDR Fang. My friend was deep into her own bjd odyssey, and we kept comparing notes on what she found that she liked. I really liked Iplehouse Asa, but when I saw Fang, I fell in love. By a fortuitous turn of events, I now own the very doll that initially caught my eye. Win-win.
    17. The first sculpt I fell in love with was a Soom Vesuvia. But then I saw Iplehouse dolls and fell in love with their sculpts, so Iplehouse dolls was my second love)
    18. Resin Soul Feng. He is the second bjd I have ever seen, I love his expression, nose and quite wide face. There aren't many dolls with wide faces.
    19. Narindoll Narae was my first love. Not my first doll but her face just blew me away. I did get her very quickly & after about 12 years still lives in a place of pride here.
    20. Doll Chateau Amos was my first doll love. Disregarding his goofy centaur body, I loved the plants on his antlers in his fullset and his goofy but endearing expression. His smile is charming.