What was the highest price you ever paid for a doll?

Jul 18, 2019

    1. I’ve spent nearly $3000.

      For an ENTIRE DOLL.
      Who came with a full set outfit and faceup and wig and such.

      And who stands at 105cm high.

      $2500 for just a HEAD is a ridiculous price and I don’t care HOW rare it is. Whoever quoted that price is smoking something. :XD:
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    2. I paid about £600 (Around $770 I think) for my doll but she came with a body, a faceup, eyes, magic erasers and for some reason a sleep mask for me. I would pay a lot, if I had enough money left over for necessary payments, if it was a doll I couldn't live without but I do believe that that is quite a hefty price for a head and no body.
    3. As far as i can recall, I only know of prob. The Volks' Rozen Maiden being so expensive and like they are really beautiful sculpts but damn I would never pay that much money. Even for like an entire doll with fullset and stuff this is a huge amount but I get that more than just a head. But I mean if money is not a problem then... :abow: but even if I would have the money I would have a major problem. Once actually full in clothes, I would never touch that doll in my life again because I would be so scared:shudder
    4. When I bought my doll new, I think I paid $650 for the doll with a faceup, a wig, three pieces of clothing, and a pair of shoes.
      Oh, and shipping.
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    5. Roughly 2300 USD for my Romantic Glance Williams. Worth every cent. Never EVER gonna sell him again. :D
    6. I think the answer you are looking for is less about what other people spend and more about what you can or should spend. If you have the money and it would make you happy then why not? If it would really hurt you financially and be a big problem then don't. Besides all of that hearing how much other's spend doesn't mean much because different values are different for each person. My dolls are second hand and were 200 each. Since we are a one income family right now (I'm a stay at home mom) 200 dollars felt like 2,000!

      Tl;d . If you have the money then why not. If you don't have the money you shouldn't.
    7. I've spent $2500 for a fullset doll, but I doubt I'd spend that much on just a head. Pretty sure I would feel that the seller was flat out greedy, and I would not want to give them the satisfaction of successfully taking advantage of a fellow collector...or reward them for that kind of unscrupulous behavior. It would have to be one heckuva doll for me to think otherwise.
    8. $410 + shipping for a new Dollzone Mo 3 Fullset. To me that was and still is a lot.
    9. The most I've ever spent was around $1100-1200 for my Dream of Doll Delphine in grey. But she was a fullset, so it didn't sting as much as it could have (and seeing how few grey Delphines went on the market in the following years helped justify it for me). I absolutely treasure her, so for me it was worth it.

      I've seen heads go for that much or more on rare occasions (usually Volks limiteds) but I'm not sure there's any head that could convince me to pay that much. For me the doll would have to be really unique to justify the price, and most of the really expensive heads I've seen don't have that uniqueness.
    10. The cost of dolls has always been a give and take for me. Sometimes I will fall in love with a sculpt and see it over and over again for years but am never be able to find it. When this happens I am usually willing to shell out a lot of money for the doll especially if it already has a face up that I really like or it comes as complete set. Other times I will see a doll that I thought I wanted but when it comes down to it I am not willing to fork over the money, typically that is how I decide. If I really want it and have no hesitation when I go to purchase the doll typically I do not regret the purchase. If I second guess myself or find myself thinking that the doll is too much money, I more often than not do not buy it. I have spent upwards of $1500 on a limited edition full set that I wanted that I knew I would never see again. When I found that full set I did not hesitate and I just purchased the doll. Other times I have let dolls pass because I felt they were too much money. It really depends on what the doll is worth to you.
    11. The most I paid was 900$ for my first Venitu bought directly to Mr. Cho and 250$ for his hands set but I do not regret it at all, he was my grail for long time and now he's one of my fav boys on my crew.

      I'm waiting right now for the new LLT Roderich release and I have saved over 2000$ to get him with some extras.

      2500 is too much for a head, I wouldn't but you know your financial situation and how much you want it.
    12. Now, I guess it also depends on your budget. If you are making 1k per day than you can easily afford this kind or rare items.
      May I ask what head is the one that moves your heart that much?
      I gave 200 EUR for my doll (including face-up, clothes & 3 wigs).
    13. I have a few I've bought in the $1,200 - $1,400 range - mostly limited full sets.

      But, I tend to think about my dolls as total dollars spent on each character, which factors in money spent reshelling/upgrading.

      So for example, I bought Lex a Full Set SD13 Tony ($950), then I bought an SD16 Yukinojo ($1,200) to hybrid the body. Then I reshelled the whole doll with a secondhand SD17 body ($800) and a head from Switch ($170). Then I got him a nice faceup ($200). Lex's doll total: $3,200.

      For Sean, I bought him the first SD13 Williams release ($950), then bought an SD17 Alain for the body ($1,200) and SQLab hands ($70). Years later decided I needed the Romantic Glance Williams as an alternate look for him ($1,400). Sean's doll total: $3,620.

      I have reshelled others multiple times, but these two dolls are my most spoiled. That doesn't count all the swag I've bought them - they both have tons of clothing, shoes, wigs.

      I've been buying since 2005, the cost of this hobby adds up over time. Add up a collection total, buying and selling, shipping costs, all the extras . No one doll is really a single cost. No collection is just a single purchase.

      If I was 100% sure I needed a specific sold out hard to find head, well maybe I would cave in and pay a super high price. Especially if I thought it was my only shot, like I'd otherwise have to wait ten years to find a less expensive one. If I could put that head on a body I had or was low cost, he'd still be cheaper than Lex and Sean.

      Yeah, I can rationalize it.

      Also, if someone decides to sell a super limited/desired head for $2500, that's their prerogative. If it sells, then it is the right price. No point in selling it at a low value to someone who "really really" wants it only to see that buyer flip it for a higher price down the road. As a seller, seeing that happen is the worst. Why not price it high and see if the market will bear it? If it doesn't sell at the desired price, you either lower it or keep the doll.
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    14. My first and only doll at the moment costed around $85. The only flaw is that it isn’t very flexible.
    15. My highest is around $900, but he's on layaway for eight months, and also coming as a fullset with an extra head. My second highest was a SOOM little gem with faceup, wings, and horns at around $550, then all of my other dolls are much lower than that. If I want something too expensive, I tend to use layaway, couldn't imagine paying that much outright.
    16. I thought it was one of my big Sooms who have extra parts and all, but it's actually my Souldoll-hybrid (Double Boy H.C. Yurr head on a Zenith Girl body), who has absolutely no extra parts. I had to buy the two parts separate at different times, and she ended up being $787 in the end. Hilariously her brother is my Migidoll Ell, who of my SD's is my lowest at a flat $500.

      My absolute cap would be $1000 for a full doll. There are no dolls I'd currently be willing to pay that much for, in or out of production. I typically order blank though, so that keeps a cap on things.
    17. The price kind of disappears with time, since I only buy a doll if the face has gobsmacked me.
      I do remember the $500 for the Elfdoll Twiggy Yumi. She did come with face up, wig and an extra face plate. ( for which, I later bought another body)
      Some could have been more, but I love them all!
    18. I think my most expensive was about $800, another was about $700 and the third highest was $600ish (thank you layaway) so I'm pretty open to dropping large sums for a doll. I also make a little over $50k a year in salary and don't have any huge debts or bills to pay so I have a lot more disposable income than most. I don't think I'll ever be willing to break $2k for a complete doll personally (and I think that's outrageous for a head alone) although I think for the right one I'd go over $1000 now that I make the money I do.

      All that being said, I do think if you have the money for it and it's your grail, especially for something really rare, I could see justifying 2500 for a full doll in great shape with reasonable yellowing for the age. But I really think that's an insane ask for just the head.
    19. $900 was my max, for my Iplehouse Audrey. She was so expensive because she is in ebony resin--- I bought her blank and it was STILL $900.

      The only other doll I own who was particularly costly is my Souldoll Zenith Robb. He was about $600, and even that's more than I prefer to spend, but I made an exception for him because he was limited and, in my opinion, an incredibly unique sculpt.

      The average cost of all my other dolls is somewhere around $300; they're all hybrids/second-hand/bought during deep sale events, and none of them were expensive, as BJDs go. A couple of them were closer to $200 just because they are hybrids assembled from various second-hand parts, like my Granado Boyd/Mirodoll hybrid guy.

      Audrey was a very special case; I'd be unwilling to spend that much on another doll. I didn't love doing it even that once, and there is nothing else I want to add to my collection badly enough to get me to do it again, especially since I'm mostly done with the buying part of the hobby anyway...I have all my grails and must-haves, all the dolls that have been on my wishlist since I started with BJD are with me, and there are one or two more I wouldn't mind having but none I couldn't live without.
    20. My grail is going for that price actually, i could not afford that much money so as much as i love him it is a no for me. I just wish to find one i could get in the future.
      My Sd dolls varies from $200 (thank you dollndoll) to $900.
      The most i have paid for a doll was $1600 for a fullset Jo, seller was so kind and let me pay in a long layway, but i don't play or take her out of the cabinet that much as i'm afraid to damage her.