What was Your first Doll? - Pt.2

May 26, 2018

    1. Aww, I'm sorry about your regrets :c I had a dreaming doll airi, she is a beautiful doll.

      My first doll is a Dream of Doll Luke v2, big 'ol 70cm boy. I still have him, and don't plan on rehoming him. He turned 10 this year c: I recieved him in 2009. He's my DoA avatar c:
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    2. <<<The boy in my picture over here

      Luts CP Delf Chiwoo, back in 2004 or 2005. He's still my little boy.

    3. What a coincidence! My first doll is also a dreamingdoll Airi :chibi
    4. My first doll was an iplehouse rex in special real skin.
      I sold him because he was much to big and heavy...
      I noticed that msd and fashion dolls are my preference^^
    5. Mine is Telesthesia and Dragondoll DiFei. Shes the girl in my avi. I have had her bout a year and a half and still just adore her. I have a few other dolls now, but she is still my favorite by far. >.<
    6. My first bjd was bought secondhand, arrived in 2012. Angel of Dream 1/4th (I named her Melfina) a 2011 Pink Skin Female Meng Ya Qi (Opened Eyed Sleeping Head)

      As many different companies as I have now (most 1/4 or a little under) I still love my AoD's the most!
    7. Nine9 style Iris Snow Queen LE
    8. My first was a Peakswood Morimoth. She was pretty, but I don't regret letting her go. I was in the wrong scale.
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    9. My first doll was a Dream of Doll Homme Kirill. I've since shelled his character up into a size and look that is more fitting, as his character is an adult, but my now 11 year old Kirill will always be my most treasured doll in my collection.
    10. My first was a Dream of Doll Twing-key. I still have her, though I don't play with her as much as I used to.
    11. My first doll was my Little Monica Bear (the boy in my profile picture) who I called Wren. I'm still super glad I went with him to this day.
    12. Dream of Doll Pitts. So glad I chose her to be my first, she's still my favorite! You can see her in my avatar.
    13. Luts Kid Delf Bory
    14. The first one I chose for myself was my Cherishdoll Hope, Eithne. I still love her!

      The first I ever owned was a really really good deal from a friend who'd been out of the hobby for a decade at that point. A Real Missing Link boy, who found a forever home with someone else at the Resin Rose swap meet in 2018.
    15. My first doll was a CP Delf Lishe, named Feather. She's my icon and I love her so much, I've had her for 8 years!
    16. Technically my first was just a head, a Dollsbe Mango. She didn't get a body until a year later. My first full doll from before then was a Leekeworld Daisy. Learned quicky that I don't like 'stylized' dolls and I'm more into bigger ones. Still have the Dollsbe Mango head though. I'll never sell her. :>
    17. Angel of Dream Chen in white skin, original version of the sculpt/body (it's been updated since then and looks nothing like him!)

      I still have him, he just turned 12 years old in July!
    18. My first doll was a Dollzone Recall head on a Domuya male body. Got him off of eBay at least 12yrs. ago. I had to save him. He had this awful Clockwork Orange face-up. My daughter redid him and he has the sweetest face now. He will never be sold. I told my daughters that when I die they can do what they want with my other dolls but Phineus T. Applewhite (the T is for Tibereus)stays. Unless they want me to haunt them.
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    19. I actually bought my first doll a couple of years ago from a convention, AWA. She was an island girl Amy.
      She was my one and only for a couple of years before I drove in to buying and owning dolls.
    20. Just received my first doll today! Deavon by Lillycat, and I couldn't be more pleased!!