What was Your first Doll? - Pt.2

Oct 3, 2016

    1. Heh, my first BJD was a lesson in what not to do. Basically, I picked a doll from a little-known company and she arrived badly strung, which made me hate her. She turned out be a slim mini on top of that, which I didn't know at the time, since there was little to go on research wise, and that meant nothing I bought clothes-wise fit her. I was hit with a nasty combo of heavy buyer's remorse and loathing for my doll, something I never want to go through again.

      But on the flip side, I discovered very quickly that I hate hip joints and separate ear pieces, so I avoid three-piece torsos like the plague now. As others before me have said, if you're interested in a doll, any doll at all, make sure you research them heavily and ask plenty of questions about the doll and company. I really wish I had, because I probably wouldn't have picked the doll that I did had I looked around more.
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    2. My first doll was Dollshe's Husky, who I got for $525, and I had no intentions of actually getting him at first; he was not at all planned.0

      I spent three years lurking in the community while saving for my first doll all the while unable to completely decide on what doll to get. Then Dollshe(whose classic dolls I'd fallen for early on) decided to bring those old sculpts back, Husky included, and I'd finally decided to get him because at the time, the re-release was supposed to be limited. Now, Dollshe clearly ended up changing his mind on that, but at the time, the thought that I would not have another chance anytime soon to get this boy got me to finally decide on my first doll and get my collection started.

      The wait for him was also really long (6 months), which has honestly made waiting for my later dolls much easier.
    3. First Doll is DOD H Duncan. Took me over 3-4 months of trolling around that site and Luts to work up my courage to spend that much money on a doll..... I did buy almost a full set - got face up, wig and outfit. The eyes were a gift. I could not justify spending money similar to that of a pair of shoes for real people at the time. So he was bare footed.
      The face up was decent if not surprising good for a default.... the body however, was not as expected. He could not stand and keep bending over.
      After I bought him boots which secured his ankles better and I messed around with his strings he did manage to hold poses better.
      I have since upgraded the body to one of the double jointed ones from DOD later. I kept this doll as he is my very first purchase. He however has not been out of the box for about 6 years now LOL

      He is the only doll I have kept for memory sake. Rest of the dolls who came after him all were re-homed if they did not click with me
    4. I cruised ebay a long time and then a Luts Clary called out to me and said adopt me!!!! I did and still have her and still love her.
    5. My first doll was a Dollzone Megi, back when there were no alternative Megis, like they had just opened up and it was still the classic sculpts. I instantly fell in love with him, but a lot of my friends were like "It's a Chinese company, it's not going to be as good as a Korean or Japanese one." And I didn't care, I wanted him, it was loooove. I shortly after bought him a brother, a Mo, because this new company "DollZone" I had no idea how long they'd be around, Chinese BJDs? How long would THAT last? Lol XD
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    6. Vince was my first ever. About 230-ish without shipping? Which was, at the time, the most I'd ever spent on anything after my computer. Certainly the most I'd ever spent on something that didn't have, like... a function, beyond 'it's cute'.

      Fond memories include... honestly, just sitting with him in the crook of my arm or leaning against my chest, a few times, really brought my stress down. I'd stroke his little foot like a worry stone, or hold one of his hands and just kind of focus on the feel of his resin and the weight of him. But as for specific things, taking him out to a craft/fabric store-- we were having a meet there, and then I got some fabric to expand his wardrobe, and I was telling the woman at the cutting counter it was for doll clothes, and so I just pulled Vince out of his carrier and she was just really interested and complimented him and said she would love to see what I made for him if we ever met there again.
    7. I ended up getting two at once for my first doll, since I had saved up for an SD-size, but at a doll meet found that I preferred MSD-sized. So it was Bluefairy Tiny Fairy Emilie and Tommy. No regrets, I still have them and enjoy them.
    8. Mine was a DollZone, but I ended up being disappointed due to choosing the wrong resin colour. I wont make that mistake again!
    9. The first doll I bought was a kid delf Yuz from Luts in the end of July but I'm still waiting for him...
      Last week I ended buying a second hand Unoa Sist who will arrive first than the first doll I bought lol
    10. For me I don't have my first doll yet but I know which one I want. Her name is Chloe and she is a Senior Delf from Luts. Every time I see her I am more taken with her. I can't wait to save up the money to bring her home. I think she is about $700 if I end up getting her some clothing and a wig too, but I can't remember exactly.

      This comment really resonated with me @CloakedSchemer, I plan to take it to heart. I want that first time joy and excitement you get from opening up that doll you worked so hard for and love. thank you!

    11. You're welcome! By the way, I think you'll love Chloe. I have a Senior Delf Howl (as well as two other SDF boy bodies and an event head), and I adore him. He poses well, has nice resin, is easy to handle and restring, and Luts is relatively fast on shipping compared to a lot of other companies. I have Luts dolls/parts in both real skin normal and real skin brown, and they're both beautiful. Not to mention ALL the great clothes and accessories they have right there on site! Good luck with your girl. :)
    12. My first doll is Volks Okita Sōji!!!!!! He is sooooo pretty!!!:D
    13. My first doll was a minifee chole, lol. I love her so much but Im considering giving her away to my cousin. I damaged her a little bit and I don't think I could ever repaint her face. I want to repaint her because my style has changed but I don't want to risk further damage. I'll probably get a replacement doll, she would still be the same character which is the most important to me. Also I can give her the face-up that would match her better.
    14. i too am waiting for my first doll, he will be a Ringdoll Norman Light 2.0 on a RGM04 body, and for me the entire purchase was about $760 in total. i cant wait for him to arrive home, i am counting the days until i can say i am officially in the bjd hobby x- D
    15. I resisted bjd for over a year, helped by the fact that I was scared of buying anything from overseas, plus I hadn't seen a happy-looking sculpt at all - just moody or bland looking ones, and I was a bit scared of dolls at that time! Then I saw a used AoD Qian on ebay, and thought oh she's got a peaceful, happy kind of face! My offer of a lower price was refused by the seller, so I watched some videos on youtube about her, and someone mentioned happyhouse4you dealers, in China (now ceased trading I think) which is where I ordered her from, with company faceup. She was PERFECT right out of the box - I had no idea about all the bjd problems because I never had a problem with her :chibi

      NB - Alices Collections is where I go now for AoD dolls, if anyone's interested - AoD aren't good to deal with direct.
    16. My first doll - now a bit over five years old - was a Dollzone Scarecrow Hal (in my avatar). I got into BJDs because of him :D... I came across him and just had to have him! He was quite new at the time; I believe mine was probably the second Hal on Den of Angels, and I seem to recall that for the first few years that I had him, the sculpt wasn't particularly popular.

      I still adore my Hal and he remains one of my favourite sculpts ever. At the time, I bought him as a full set; I ordered him about five days after discovering BJDs XD, and though I was interested in doing face-ups and making clothes, I didn't want to end up with a faceless, naked doll in case it turned out I was rubbish. Five years later, there isn't a single part of the full set I'm still using, apart from the doll itself. The one thing I regret a little is getting him in White Skin. I guess if I were to buy him again, it would be in Pink Skin, which I find easier to face-up and easier to photograph. But he is who he is now in WS, adorable if a little pale ;). Fortunately he was made in Dollzone's old white resin which was creamy rather than paper-white, and he has mellowed too, so that all worked out well.

      As far as I'm concerned, he was a *perfect* first doll.
    17. Ah, the first!
      My first was a Mystic Kids Evelyn in white skin, renamed Evangeline.
      (As I've mention in other posts, I think) My friend got a BJD for Christmas in 2014, and the moment I saw her BlueBloodDoll Naomi in January 2015, I knew I had to have one. I had been debating getting one for a while but had never put any real thought into it. I realized, holy cow! I have enough money for a doll of my own! So as I sat there next to my friend and her Naomi, I ordered my first doll off of eBay. I didn't know anything about recasts or fraudulent sellers or anything like that, but I was lucky enough to happen to buy from a legit seller! She came with the company face up and body blushing, because back then I thought it was important. When the seller asked me what skin color I wanted, pink, white, or yellow, I told them either pink or white was fine, just send me whatever. They sent me white, which I ended up loving. I didn't know about yellowing, lol.
      My favorite memory of my first doll was when I was collecting stock photos of her before she arrived, I told my mom I bought one and showed her the photos. Her face was priceless. She was like, "Oh shoot, she was serious about this doll thing." My other mom was more supportive about it, complimenting the doll's eyes.
      My girl Evelyn arrived in February 2015, and I still had a lingering fear she may be possessed. (Too many horror movies!) I had already bought furniture for her, a bed, wardrobe, and vanity set (which all of I no longer have) and my closet became her bedroom. When she didn't start walking about at night I got more comfortable with her and started handling her more.
      Still have her today~ :3
    18. The first one is absolutely precious! My first bjd and my only one so far is Gabriel. He is an IOS doll Mars 60cm tall. He's there as my avatar. I've been interested in bjds for a long time, several years or so. The thought of owning one had always been dismissed because well, they are so expensive and I just can't ask my parents to buy me one. They have done a lot for me and my two siblings and I won't add to their burdens. Then I had a decent job so I had some money saved.

      By chance I saw a random post in social media about this certain bjd company doing a great discount. I was not interested at first, because I'd pretty much buried the thought of having a bjd. The same post kept appearing because apparently some of my friends there kept sharing and bumping it. For the sake of eyecandy, I went ahead and check the company website. The sculpts were not what I had in mind about bjd. My first ever bjd image was from DoD. But then, I saw Mars and I love his photos. I went back and forth comparing him to other sculpts, and I still like him the best. I put the thought down for a while, considering the price which was still high even after the discount. But I kept thinking about him, and I started imagining his character, his style, him sitting on my desk, and so on. Finally, I decided to take action and ordered him on layaway with a friend's help.

      From that point on, I've ordered some clothes and accessories for him, learned unstringing, learned cleaning and avoiding stains, tried body-blushings, knitted a scarf, learned to take good pictures, even joined DoA and made new friends! This hobby is an adventure!

      I hope you all have great fun with your dolls. I'm certainly enjoying Gabriel's company :XD::3nodding:
    19. My first doll is DZ Miss Kitty, though at first came to me Akagi Doll's Ban head, but not sure if I should count him as a doll ;). At first I wanted to buy a body for him, but finally decided that he will stay as a UFO practice head. So my lovely, tiny cat doll is the first one. It was great feeling to purchase her after many years of observing, searching and thinking how it would be to have finally my own BJD. Not to mention that DZ Yume was the first doll I ever wanted to buy, but I'm glad I've waited few years more and buy doll I actually really want.
    20. My first doll was an Iplehouse Leona that I won on auction. I had been looking for about a year, but the prices and the fact that they were made so far away, put me off. I was drawn to Luts dolls, but they were out of my price range for what I wanted. When I finally took the plunge, I lost the first auction I participated in, I was devastated. I tried again a few weeks later and won. That was 2 years ago, and I have never regretted getting into this hobby.