What was Your first Doll? - Pt.2

Oct 3, 2016

    1. My first doll is Lilia from Luenheim, just got her in January :love

      I got her secondhand which is nice because I didn't have to wait. The company is no longer active, and I don't think many of her are around, so I feel lucky to have found her at the right time!

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    2. Mine was a Dream of Doll Twing-key straight from the company. Excuse me while I yell at them kids to get off of my lawn.
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    3. Mine was an Angel Region Little Fair Dana boy. I got him as a gift years ago and I still have him!
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    4. My first doll was s Leekeworld Rosemary! Got her back in... 2013, maybe 2014...? Don't remember exactly. I had absolutely no character or story planned out for her, I just saw her and went "oooohhh, pretty". As a result, she doesn't really fit in with the rest of my collection, and she is also super yellow because back then I didn't really know about yellowing or how to prevent it... Still, I love her with all my heart!
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    5. Congratulations! I hope your doll arrives safely!

      My first doll was my Little Monica - Little Harmony Bear, Wren (the doll in my profile). I got him in 2017.
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    6. Your doll looks amazing

      She’s perfect!!!
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    7. Congratulations on your first dolls! :dance

      My first doll was a Ringdoll Merlin, he's literally been my one and only for almost three years and I still love him to death! :D
      I just ordered my second doll two days ago and suddenly feel thrown back to this exciting feeling I had when I purchased my first. I almost forgot how much fun it is to make plans for your new doll while you're still waiting for it, so I'm totally sharing your excitement right now. :lol:
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    8. Oh my god oh my god oh my god!
      Can I tell you a very strange set of events?

      So my twin girls are being custom made. I had a back whole story planned out for them. I wanted to also get them counterparts but finding 52cm and handsome was hard since the ones I wanted are discontinued. I settled on jacop or Liam from VITO line. So one day I’m scrolling through Den of Angels and I see someone talking about how they wish smaller dolls looked mature and i was like “pfft I feel that” so I scroll down the thread and someone points out dollnoize has 50cm, mature looking dolls.. so I go to her website and when I tell you.... it changed everything.... IT CHANGED EVERYTHING!

      I had a whole new story for my girls and the males I wanted. When I joined DoA everyone told me your first doll is the most important doll ever. Oh my lord. You ever find like a piece of clothing or shoes or just anything that you just see and your body and soul is just like “this is it. This is the one.” That’s how it was when I saw the dolls. I literally cried tears of joy. For so many reasons! Mainly because I don’t want any too tall females because I don’t want any huge dolls. So any make to accommodate the height is a plus. But her doll is everything I wanted I’m so excited!
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    9. I’m just starting out. I ordered an iplehouse bid but she’s still not here yet so while waiting I bought a Lati Yellow.
    10. Congrats on taking the plunge! :)
      Technically, my first doll was a Migidoll Ryu head way back in the days when Ryu was everywhere. I never bought him a body and didn't realize I didn't really like the sculpt for years. I only bought it because it was so popular and I wanted to have a cool Flickr account. (Yes, I'm that old) My first actual doll was my Supiadoll Zion.
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    11. Sounds like you found the perfect dolls to start your journey then. :3nodding:

      Since I‘m still waiting for my second doll I can‘t tell if the first doll you get is actually the most important or not...
      But I definitely felt the same when I stumbled upon my first doll, he totally felt like ‚the one‘, I didn‘t even consider any other doll. I probably wouldn‘t even got interested in the hobby at all if he hadn‘t accidently shown up on my screen back then. :lol:
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    12. How’d he accidentally show up? Just skimming. Around and boom?

      Hahaha having a Flickr doesn’t make you that old. Unlike my aunt who still had a hotmail or aol.com email
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    13. My first doll - who I still own - was a second-hand DIM Flowne on a Loong-Soul body and I absolutely love her. I didn't have to wait very long to get her; coincidentally, the owner was visiting Mitsuwa Marketplace (Illinois, USA), which I live pretty close to, for a weekend so we were able to meet up :3nodding:. She's absolutely gorgeous and I was SO excited to finally unwrap her and dress her up. Her previous owner was kind enough to include a bunch of accessories/outfits/etc. as well, so I had a blast!!
    14. My first doll was Souldoll Ahee. I kind of wanted SD sized doll little bit more than MSD ( and practically any Soom doll would have been dream come true), but I had given myself a limit how much I would be allowed to spend on a doll, so I ended up getting Souldoll Ahee second hand. I think that MSD sized doll was a good fit for me, even though my hobby has been revolving a lot around making stuff for my dolls and making things for bigger dolls would have been a lot easier. Of course it would have taken much more materials so I am not complaining.
    15. My first bjd was a Minifee Chloe. I was first attracted to the hobby by the larger 1/3 sized male dolls, but I was worried about the size. So this was my way of testing the size difference from the 1/6 size I was more familiar with in non bjds, and I opted for a girl so as to have more clothing and styling options. She definitely made me less afraid of the size and my next one will be a huge guy XD
    16. My frist doll was a MSD Resinsoul Mei.. still have her bought her from Denver doll ..didn't like the eyes that came with her but she is still part of my doll family
    17. Mine is a Doll Leaves MSD Fei. She's probably the most versatile of my dolls as far as dress goes, but she's never strayed far from being a tiny, mischievous witch who enjoys playing pranks! I admit I got her in a bout of impatience after seeing so many dolls for the first time at a con, but she's been a constant desk companion when I'm working and gives me something pretty to look at when I'm taking a break.
    18. technically my first doll was a minifee ryeon...who then got sold to go towards the minifee kyle fullset whomst i got reunited with after selling years ago! he's 12 years old and we wont be separated again!
    19. My first doll is a Luts Kid Delf Hodoo, ordered last June of 2008. I have been eyeing him for a long time ever since the BJD hobby bit me and never let go. After attending a doll meet that same day, my heart was set and finally bought him the moment I arrived home. :whee: His sculpt at that time was underrated but with the right faceup and clothes, he can pull off such a mature character despite having a child's face.

    20. My first doll was an Orientdoll So Ji that my mom bought me for HS graduation. Little Barbie Kelly sized thing. Very cute! No longer have her, but the character (very different now lol) lives on as one of my Bambicrony Emilys (Emie!).