What was Your first Doll?

Dec 8, 2012

    1. I just got into the hobby last year, but my first doll was Volks SD13 Kazuya Kujo. I guess the chubby cheeks did me in. :lol:
    2. My first BJDs were Resinsoul Mei, Song and Ju, I ordered all of them at the same time. What makes resin so different and nice to handle in my opinion is that it's rather heavy, much different from other dolls or action figures.
    3. My first doll was a BBB Isabella. Sometimes I still find it hard to believe that at this time last year I was just getting into the hobby and wanting a doll of my very own.
    4. My first doll was an AE (Asleep Eidolon) Blueberry. My father bought her for me, but I didn't really bond with her. I ended up selling her, and am happy to say she is still with her new family :] She may not have been right for me, but at least she found her home.
    5. Yay! You all have great taste in Bjd's! :)
    6. My first doll is a Dollshe DS18M Old Bernard *drools* I'm so excited for him to get here, I placed the order in October so he should hopefully be here in the next two months.
    7. My first was Damian (a Doll-love Brian). I fell for him at first sight and i'm still crazy about him. It's all his fault that I have spent a small fortune on bjds :)
    8. A Fairyland Pukifee Luna in white skin, a wonderful sculpt! I will never give her away again!
    9. My first BJD was an AOD Jimi. I no longer own him. (I wasn't on doa yet, I really wish I had found doa before buying my first BJD XD)
    10. Dollmore Kara Klum was my first. And my 6th, 10th, 18th and 30th. Roughly. I still have the first one too.
    11. My first doll was a Souldoll Tiffee girl, MSD size. She was purchased April 2006 :D !
    12. My first doll is Island Amber. She is a girl with adorable big eyes! However I missed the sleeping version T.T (crossing fingers)
    13. My first doll was a Dz Hid....I ordered him around the same time he became available. I don't see myself ever getting rid of him. :aheartbea
    14. My first doll was a Fairyland MNF Ryeon and I still have her! She was one of my dream sculpts when I first found out about the hobby and I'm so lucky to say that my dream doll was my first doll :)
    15. My first was an Angel of Dream Meng Li in normal-yellow, whom I still have and doubt I could ever sell. That was back in june/july so I'm still fairly new to all of this. Surprisingly though I already have six dolls and am putting another on layaway Friday lol.
    16. My first doll was an Abio Angel Ling I bought on impulse when I saw him. I still have him and I could NEVER sell him. I had been debating getting a doll for a long while, but could never find the money. I got him and I was hooked! ^^
    17. My first two are Latidoll Yellow Benny and Green Senny. I ordered them at the same time, and even though they've arrived, I still haven't opened them! Trying to hold off till xmas. ^-^
    18. My first doll (to be in my hands) was unexpected. This year (2012) I ordered my REAL FIRST doll in July and she was being shipped to me in September. However, 2 days before her arrival, I went to a doll fair and happened to win a doll lotto. So my (supposedly) first doll was beaten to the arrival.

      So I practically have 2 "first" dolls.

      First doll (by arrival): Honey Muffin
      Company: Blue Fairy
      Size: TinyFairy, MSD (1/4)
      Mold/sculpt: Special Olive
      Skin colour: Normal


      First doll (by order time): Alec Muffin
      Company: Soul Doll
      Size: SoulKids, MSD (1/4)
      Mold/sculpt: Arina
      Skin colour: Sandy brown

    19. My first doll is Chi (Doll-Zone Mo). I fell in love with him. Too bad my friends reaction was that I only bought him because he was cheap....
    20. The first doll I fell in love with was Volks SwD Lucas. The first doll I bought was IH Soo Ri. I sold my Soo Ri about a year later, bought a SwD Lucas and have learned to never ignore that gut feeling again :).