What was Your first Doll?

Dec 8, 2012

    1. I'm not really a newbie any more, but my first (who is still with me) was a Ringdoll Sol. I can't imagine myself without him now. It sounds corny, I know, but he's become a big part of my life. Even if I don't photograph him as much as others do with their dolls! I just like his 'company' on an evening. :)
    2. My first doll was an Orientdoll So Ji I got as a high school graduation present in 2005. It's certainly been awhile! x.x She was a doll of my werewolf character Emie. I don't have the Ji anymore, but I still have Emie! She's a Bambicrony Emily now. ^^


      She's grown up! And changed race...^.^;
    3. My first doll was a Doll-love Yoyo. I found her cheap (or cheaper than others I had looked at!) on ebay and she sat on my watch list for a few days while I frantically looked up everything I could about her to make sure she was 'the one'. Well, I still have her. She's changed character a lot and bore the brunt of all my crappy newbie pictures/sewing. But I still love her, and I must say she's not one I'll ever part with :)
      In fact, that is her in my avatar!
    4. I purchased a Luts 2010 KDF Summery head off the marketplace last spring. Then I purchased his body along with his sister, a KDF Lolly shortly after. So, technically, it's the Summery, but I got the Lolly at the same time if you count full dolls ;)
    5. Wow! Mine was purchased in 2005, a Volks Isao Nanjou Version 1. I still have him - he's still just as awesome as when I first got him (except more yellow, haha).
    6. I just got my first doll yesterday Dec.10.2012 and she is a Dreaming Doll Lia. I have named her Felicity and I absolutely love her :)
    7. My first doll was Dollzone Megi. My preferred aesthetics have changed since I got him, but I still love the little bugger.
    8. Mine was a Bobobie Apollo. I ended up selling him, but then I regretted it and got another a couple years later! I'm keeping this one. :)
      so busy by stars*and*bones, on Flickr
    9. My first doll was a Resinsoul Yao. I love my Effie. :)
    10. My first bjd is a Bobobie Apollo, whom I named Liam Cain. He's a little, ahem, temperamental in his ability to pose and stand and do anything aside from sitting. But I still love him. He's wonderful.

      I think, honestly, that he just needs to be strung a little better and, maybe, have his joints covered in glue (I can't remember what the process is called, for the life of me...), before he's better at posing. I just don't have the time at this point, or the confidence.

      Overall, though, he makes me very happy. I enjoy my time with him.
    11. The first doll I bought was a Dream of Doll DOT Lahoo. He was a great first doll and lived with me for about 1.5 years, but my taste changed and he has moved on.
    12. My first doll: Cerberus Project Elf El, original 2004 release, with Elf El Vampire head, purchased from CP through agent Liria. I still own him. :)

      Actually, not so strange. Many people who haven't been able to handle a bjd, wonder about it and comment on it when they get their dolls. ... when I first got my doll, I hadn't seen or held one before, so it was a new experience! At first I thought it felt a little too like plastic and was slightly disappointed... but it resin IS different from other things. It is MUCH nicer than porcelain dolls. Some resins feel more velvety, others feel very slick and smooth. I like it. (although I'm not into the smell so much! Plus, that can't be good for you, sniffing resin!) *_*
    13. My first (and currently only, a year later) doll is my Iplehouse Gentle Freezia, Teia. I still haven't found a doll I adore more; absolutely zero regrets. Even if I'm a little too busy to give her the time she deserves lately, I smile every time I walk past her perched on my shelf.
    14. My first doll was Dollzone X. I love him to pieces and I still of course still have him.
    15. My first was an Angel of Dream Jimi in 2009. He's been through a lot (dyed twice and undyed once), but I still have him!
    16. my first BJD was a VOLKS SD Megu (2010 renewal ver.)
      I love everything about her and of course I still have her, she's been here less than 2 months
    17. My first Doll is an Imple Christopher girl. I just received her two months ago and love her so!
    18. My 1st doll is my Resin Soul Ju, and even though i am up to 12 dolls she is still one of my favorite
    19. A Dollzone Megi 2 in white skin and full set. He gets next year a new body.
    20. My first was my Aisling, BBB Ariel and she's still my little darling. I love her ears and how expressive she is for me. Don't tell her, but I do kind of wish I'd gotten her in fleshtone instead of white.