What was Your first Doll?

Dec 8, 2012

    1. She was supposed to be a NS Delf Lishe with customs face up but they sent me the wrong doll, they sent the TS version with default face up. SO I ended up keeping her and buying the NS Lishe 6 months later. I wanted two girls to begin with anyway and Lishe was my favourite doll then so it wasn't all bad for long. :) I wouldn't change the way it happened for world. :)
    2. My first (and currently only) doll was a Resinsoul Ya. I haven't had much time to devote to her lately and she needs restringing desperately, but I just love her.
    3. Dollmore Model f Lisa Rubik back at the very end of 2009. I've almost had her for three years, and she still enchants me.
    4. My first was a CP El I've bought in 2007. I'm still with him and also I still remember how exciting it was to see a BJD at the very first time. :)
    5. My first doll was a Dream of Doll Shall. Her face was so captivating I fell in love at first sight. I still own her and will never sell her :)
    6. My bjd was Pukife Ante, and I was planning on only having her!! then Littlefee Bisou came along, then pukifee Zoe and Littlefee ante Elf. Oh gosh then ..... lol long story hehe
    7. My first BJD was a Soom Amber, who is still with me. Even though I hate playing favorites, she was, and always will be my absolute favorite BJD. I never thought I would be able own her (mainly due to money and her rarity), so she holds a special place in my heart :)
    8. Soom cream white Gena, who arrived December of 2006. She was a Christmas kit so my first doll was also my first experience stringing a doll. She's still here and can't see her leaving. :)
    9. My first doll was Fayette from Granado. I still have her and I love her >.< she's perfect.
    10. My first was a little 27 cm Obitsu, who I named Tinka. I thought I'd use her as a sketch model, and she'd hep me get over my BJD-obsession. No suck luck. My first resin doll was my BBB Ariel, who came a few months later. She's sitting with me here on my desk. I love her so much. (Little Tinka's still here with me, too.)
    11. First on topic an Obitsu 60.
    12. Iplehouse SID Claude <3
    13. Bluefairy Niky who I no longer own. I think it was the size and gender that made me part with him. I prefer SD girls!
    14. My first was a Luts KDF La Sirenita Pine. c: I still have both of the heads <3
    15. My first doll was a CP Lishe from Luts, white skin. A friend of mine helped me get her and I got her in 2005. She was amazing. In sold her a couple years ago but now that Fairlyand brought the old CP heads back on a new body I may get another one. I still have all her clothes and wigs and stuff.
    16. My first was a dollzone Yuu. I got him after a painful breakup XD. I still have him.
    17. My first doll was a Dollfie Dream 2 Yukino. I didn't even know that Dollfie Dreams had a larger than normal male fanbase at the time. I mostly wanted her because she was more appealing to me than other dolls on the Volks website at the time, and she was a bit cheaper than an SD10 or an SD13. She's a mature woman, and she's just so gosh darn adorable! :D

      If we're being resin-specific, my first resin ABJD was Dollmore Model Doll Leah Cox (standard edition). I fell in love with her after seeing her promotional pictures the first time :aheartbea She was everything mature that I was looking for in a resin doll.
    18. My first one was a Impldoll Xiaowei head on a male body. I just bought him recently from the market place, so of course I still have him. :)
    19. (Posting for future ref) I'm saving up for my first doll, hopefully a Nobility Doll Royce. I thought to start with something cheaper and smaller, but all the mature designs are- well, I'm doomed anyway.
    20. Angel of Dream Zi Yuan, shes here with me for 4 months already. she will stay beside me forever coz i love her to death =))