What was Your first Doll?

Dec 8, 2012

    1. My first ball jointed (though off topic) doll was a Jun Planning Dal, my first resin baby is yet to be bought yet, darn being a high schooler with no moneys :'(
    2. My first and only doll (so far, at least) is a DollLove Alina.
    3. The first BJD I bought was my (old style) Dollshe Saint,
      He came home to me in April 2008, and he never left again (and never will)
      I still love him completely, though initially his size did surprise me.
      I had only seen dolls upto 60cm before bringing him home, and the extra 10cm made him look HUGE
    4. My first doll was a Dollfie Dream 2 Yukino in early 2009. I wanted her because she was very cute, looked very mature, and was a bit cheaper than the resin dolls Volks has ^_^' She may be vinyl, but that does not change a thing about her for me.

      It is very easy to play with her, and I love her very much :aheartbea

      If we're being picky, my first resin doll was a standard edition Dollmore Model Doll Leah Cox in late 2009. Like Yukino, I like her because she is very mature. She's a bit less cute, but she's no less beautiful. She's a stunning woman. Getting her was the first time I ever felt resin, too. It's a very unique feel.

      In the three years I've had her, our relationship has had its ups and downs. It's difficult to play with her because she's so tall and heavy. (I usually try not to comment on a woman's weight, but her resin is heavy ^_^' ) Since sueding and wiring her leg joints, she's become easier to pose. Even though she's sometimes frustrating, I would never think about getting rid of her. I also love her very much :aheartbea

      All of my dolls, ABJD or off-topic, are very special to me, and I would never get rid of them. They're my angels :aangel:
    5. My first doll was a Cherishdoll Faith Chubby, who I just sold last week. He was a great doll, had the cutest face. Sadly, his personality got to big for his tiny little frame.
    6. My first doll was a great Soom Migma! I love her to the end!
    7. I have collected dolls for years but My 1st BJD was a Kaye Wiggs Layla elf.
    8. So far I have only Bluefairy TF Tommy as my first and only resin. :D
    9. My first, and still only, BJD is DreamingDoll's Airi, from the little elva line.
    10. My first BJD is my little Acanthe, a LatiYellow Léa in ws, and she's still my favorite! if I were to keep only one, it will be her!
    11. Okay, well I started out with a head, but there isn't much of an experience there, so I am going to talk about my boy, Anton, who I got just yesterday~

      Anton is a Dollshe Husky. I had originally planned to save for an SSDF body for the Abadon head I bought, but then Dollshe decided to bring back his old sculpts. Besides Bermann, Husky and IM Hound are my favorites, but I like Husky more for his lovely little frown and how sad and somber he can look. So...he was an impulse buy, something I told myself I'd never do. And I bought him on a layaway-something else I told myself I would not do.

      I spent the whole time waiting for him, trying to envision just how big he was going to be, using a tape measure, my abadon head, and trying to imagine proportions. I was still not prepared, and the moment I opened the box, I was nearly floored at how huge he was. And I loved him immediately. I also love the feel of his resin. It feels....like an eggshell almost, and I love his creakiness. He is a bit kicky though, and he likes to try and smack himself in the face, so some string loosening(?) and some wiring/sueding might be in order. But I just love sitting him on the couch next to me and just admiring him, even though he has no face or eyes XD
    12. I have 2 msd girls and one sd boy ^^, my first doll was JID Amy~ I think I've had her for 2+ years now :0
    13. My first doll was a MNF Shushu from Fairyland. We had a good 4 years together ^^
    14. my first doll was a honey delf taffy. still own him, and i know i will never sell him. he's my lil sugar baby
    15. The first doll I ordered was a Fairyland Pukifee Ante (as a preorder), but I was too impatient for her to arrive so I ordered an in stock Pukifee Bonnie from Denver Doll. The things is the Bonnie is now my favourite - I can't see myself ever getting rid of her!
    16. My first bjd is Blue Fairy Junior May 3rd Boy, his name is "Kuuya".
      Actually, my first doll is not bjd, because she is Dollfie Dream Saber Alter 2nd Ver.
    17. My first doll, who is sitting happily in my room still, was a Resinsoul Ya!
    18. My first BJD is crobidoll T-line choco :D i really love chocolate~ and love seeing him :) such a cute boy~ .. But I imagining my first one will be an SD size :( never crossed my mind that I'm gonna get a tiny .. Then my friend posted that he wanna sell his choco (#O AO)..and I was like "omg omg omg what should I do?!" .. ~Ended up getting him for my first resin doll ..haha xD ((it was unexpected .. really.. ))
    19. RingDoll Valo. He has gone thru many incarnations but still here with me and I think he finally has the look I wanted.
    20. My first was FL RealPuki SoSo, as soon as I saw the cheeky smile I knew I just had to have one :)