What was your first SD?

Oct 15, 2019

    1. My first 60cm doll was a Luts Delf Dreaming El on a Volks SD13 body, they happened to be a resin color match at the time (2006). I still have the body, it's being used by another head, but El is long gone and the character is on his 3rd shell.

      I actually started with a 70cm doll.
    2. TD Lan Yujin! He is also my first doll, he just got home yesterday :D Ever since I was looking at dolls before I got him I have always looked at SD sizes, they just appealed to me more :)
    3. My first was my first doll. He is a Dollshe Bernard.
    4. My first is Loongsoul Eleven! I only collect SDs mostly in the 65cm+ range. :XD:
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    5. The first doll I bought was a Migi Ell head. The first to arrive was an Island Doll Sparkle head. I got them both hybrided. I still have them both and my collection is mostly SDs with one lone tiny.
    6. My first SD was Dollzone Brant. I still have him and still think he is fabulous (I just haven’t gotten him that new faceup I have promised him).
    7. My first SD was Notdoll Aletheia. She's still one of my favorites. :chibi

      It's too bad the company vanished.
    8. My first SD was an Aimerai Scraps. Since then I've gone on to own mainly SDs.
    9. My first BJD was an MSD girl. I thought she was huge back then haha. Now quite recently I received my first SD sized doll which is a dark chocolate Mika from Mirodoll. And shes yuuuuge. They really have a presence don't they.
    10. A 70cm DZ Yuu. And oddly, I never thought of him as being big. Tall, yes, but he actually needed less horizontal shelf/floor space than many of the stuffed animals I owned as a kid, so...
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    11. My first SD was the 70cm Spiritdoll Celtis I got four or five years ago. He's quite the big boy and I'd only had 1/4 scale up until that point which made him seem even more huge. It worked out because I ended up loving the size and have gotten a few more SDs since then.
    12. My first was a Lati K that I bought for wayyyy more than they eventually ended up going for like 2-3 years later. I had just fallen in love with the K, L and M sculpts and wanted to own all three (I now do have all three of them, but only one has a body lol).

      I've realised that over the years, I've really started to prefer SDs. I used to like my little MSDs better though, being sort of afraid of the bigger dolls, and as a result I have something like 6 or 7 MSDs with absolutely no desire for more.

      My Lati K really got me started learning how to do decent faceups, and sewing, since he came with just one outfit, and I had nothing else to put him in. I also just realised that he was my first real life experience with a BJD as well - my first doll was a Bobobie An, but he took so long to come that I got impatient and bought Ed! He was shipped from a US seller and beat my An by around 4 months!
    13. Probably my F-17 sunlight Volks boy.
    14. The first doll I ordered was Crobi's Yeon-Ho. Early the next month I caved and bought the Hui teenager set from Ringdoll. Still waiting for them to arrive :pout:
    15. My first SD doll was a head from Switch. I forgot the sculpt... but I sold him because SD size was not for me. I’m still in love with the Switch company.
    16. Ooh, that’s a nice first doll. Switch is so lovely. I’m hoping to get one next year but their ordering system is a little confusing.
    17. My switch Sohwa! When I first got into the hobby and no clue what any of the sizes meant or anything I always ended up making heart eyes at dolls that were SD13 and up so when I found out just how big they really were I really had no room to think about if they were ~too~ big or not cause I clearly had no desire for anything smaller. Thankfully Sohwa is super easy to deal with, I just need more storage space I've found :sweat