What's the difference between Volks SD13 Kai and Lucas/Chris/F-28/F-16??

Oct 27, 2004

    1. damn...im hooked now ^_^ *cries*
    2. Or is it the other way around? I have been staring at these dolls forever and besides the skintone I cant seem to figure out what the difference is in the face mold? Can someone let me know?..Thanks
    3. There is no difference in headmold, just the skintone

    4. They have same head molds as Sabriell says, so if you will buy other head of normal skin tone, I recommend Lucas in person~. (= If you will buy another head of white skin tone, I recommend Chris ^_^.) You can share his body. (If you don't need to share the body, I'm sorry I'm a meddler :sweat )

      They have "UV protect skin". Tony has UV protect normal skin, too and Sweet Dream Syo, too. But Chris is only one model who has UV protect white skin for the present and it's skin tone is a little different from other white skins.
    5. As far as I know Chris has the FCS white skin tone, not the Pureskin LE beauty white like Kohya, Sasya, etc.

      Black Cat Lucas and White Cat Chris have identical head molds, but they are very different from oldskin Lucas 1, 2, 3, oldskin Chris 1, 2, 3, and oldskin Kai. The head is also different from Sweet Dream Lucas and I believe previous Pureskin Lucas/Chris one-offs also had a different mold from BCL. It's overall smaller, more symmetrical, and looks more like an F-16 with Lucas features than oldskin Lucas.
    6. They are similar, but pure skin and UV protect pure skin have different combinations of resin. So I think their skin tone is similar but not same. UV protect skin includes a lot of resin which is strong against the UV and the speed of changing yellower may be slow.
      But as Usagi665 says, you can use the body for FCS white boy, if you like, so you can select both of them :sweat <= It must make you *_* . I'm sorry!
    7. Oh no, not a fourth Volks white..now I want Chris WC to complete my white collection *_*
    8. Thanks for asking this question. I was looking at those boys also the other day TRYING to find a difference and I couldn't find any either. At least I can stop studying those pics!
    9. I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to get results in the forum's search tool. Could anyone point me to a thread or site that talks about the differences between these very similiar sculpts? I've seen many examples of them and still can't tell the difference in photos. *_*
    10. I've explained it fairly well here. My guide, linked in sig, also has photos of all the Lucas type molds that should help, too.
    11. The F-16 is the upgraded version of the F-28. The F-16 is a smaller (to be more proportional) and has a "softer" expression than the F-28.

      F-28 was only available in oldskin and the F-16 is only available in pureskin. Check this thread on oldskin versus pureskin differences.

      Lucas/Chris have two versions of the mold as well, the oldskin version, and the updated pureskin mold. There are 3 versions of Lucas/Chris released in oldskin, and the new Black/White Cat versions are the new headmold in pureskin.

      The version 1 Lucas/Chris headmold has never been released in pureskin, and the version 2 mold has never been in oldskin. The main differences between the old mold and the new one is that the new one is a little smaller, the eyes now take 16mm instead of 18mm, and the head now had a place for the gold headplate.

      Here's also a thread on Lucas vs. F-16. Hope this helps a bit! :daisy
    12. Oh, and the biggest differences between the Lucas/Chris and the F28/F16s molds are their lips and noses. The Lucas/Chris features are sharp and angular, they have a longer nose and sharp-edged upper lips. The F16/F28 has a shorter, straighter nose and a more full upper lip.
    13. Thank you, nena and usagi. ^^ I think I see it now.
    14. Hey guys,

      I'm a big fan of Chris and Lucas from Volks, and I've looked at pictures of both of them, staring for hours trying to see the difference between them...But they look like the same doll, at least to me...o_O;;

      So my question is: IS there a difference and I'm just an idiot? Or are they the same doll...and I'm still and idiot? XD

      Thanks~! ^_^;
    15. Chris & Lucas are the same mold :) Lucas is normal skin and Chris is white skin. They're only available through limited editions, I think there is 4 now, I don't remember their name but I'm sure someone can tell you.
      I get the first edition of Lucas myself, he's my Gackt :)

      There is another mold that is really similar to them through the FCS, but I can't tell which one it is though...

      Hope it helps a little :)
    16. Yes, exact same mold. Lucas and Chris 1-3 are identical oldskin twins, Lucas Black Cat and Chris White Cat are identical Pureskin twins. Look at the link in my sig to my Volks guide to see what heads look related to them, generally it's most Kyon heads.
    17. I've been told, during my Lucas research, that F-28/F-16 is of the same family of heads, and I have to agree, they are pretty similar. I've seen Lucas and Chris show up on the marketplace here a lot lately, so keep your eyes open. :D
    18. Thanks so much for the feedback guys! ^_^ I'm so glad I'm not seeing things...XD

      AnimeFigureKit: Ooooh, Lucas as Gackt-sama? *___* <33

      Usagi665: That guide is incredibly awsome! Thanks so much ^_^

      Bloodyrose82: I've been seeing them in the Marketplace a lot too. I'm hoping to get one, maybe, but I don't think I could afford one without someone letting me do a lay-away plan...^^;
    19. I've seen oldskin Lucas and Chris sell for around $700. Just keep an eye out for bargains and don't think you have to pay a fortune. Typically, you either wait around for a bargain, or find a fast buy and pay higher. Pick the lesser of two evils, in your mind.
    20. Oh wow, really? o_o I've only seen them for $1100 and up..but now I'm gonna keep a look out for a better deal. ^_^ Thanks so much! <33

      I feel dumb, but can people still order from the FCS? It doesn't seem like it, but I could be dumb (again)..^^;