What's the difference between Volks SD13 Kai and Lucas/Chris/F-28/F-16??

Oct 27, 2004

    1. The Lucas-esque head mold, F-16, in current FCS is still available to order at all locations that do FCS.
    2. *Nod* Alright, good to know. Thanks ^_^
    3. Regarding the marketplace - I find, especially if you don't have the money *now*, that if you talk to sellers, and have an idea of how long you will need, a lot are very accomodating when it comes to layaway. Even if it doesn't say so in their posts, it is always worth a try.

      My own Lucas/F-28 purchases are currently on layaway (I have one of each tucked away) and both sellers were lovely to speak to, and have offered very generous terms.

      I think most people in this hobby not only understand the need for layaway (these dolls aren't cheap!) but also understand what it's like to fall in love with a sculpt. Speaking from my own experiences as a seller, I'd rather my doll go to someone who adores it, even if they have a layaway for a few months, than be split up into pieces and sold all over.

      Good luck! ;)
    4. *Nod nod* This is very true...^^ Though, some of the ad's I've seen specifically say "No layaways"...u_u

      Thanks for the input and suggestions, and congrats on your Lucas and F-28! ^_^
    5. I second what usagi665 said! You shouldn't feel pressured to overpay; $1100 is just too much for a nude, pre-owned Lucas.

      I just bought a brand new, full set Black Cat Lucas from Yahoo! Japan auctions for $1189, including shipping and fees.

      Another new full set ended just yesterday, with no bids, for 10,000 yen (about $88 ) less than what I paid. :doh

      Even for a nude Lucas, I figured I was looking at around $900 for a fair price (going by what they end for on Y!J + shipping and fees). I must say, I haven't seen any $700 Lucases running around here...if I had, I would have snatched one of them up. :sweat
    6. My Lucas was just over $900, with default eyes, makeup, and both wigs. And parts of his outfit. In his box, with papers. So yes, these are absolutely around the right prices.

      Congrats on your boy!
    7. Yea, I could understand paying $1100 and up for a full set (though personally that's just too much, for me, to spend on a single doll reguardless), but I saw a Chris and two Lucas's in the market place for $1100 and $1200...None of them are the full sets and the Chris doesn't even come with eyes or a wig! *_* Don't know about the Lucas's, but even if they did it's just too much...Though I was very tempted and inquired about layaway with the Chris...but my friend talked me out of it and after reading you're posts, PastelFlower and BloodyRose, I'm glad she did. ^^

      Thanks so much guys! Maybe I'll be able to find one, someday, for the right price. <33
    8. I think I know the Chris you mean - he's incredibly beautiful but I wouldn't be paying that much. Originally he was almost as much as my Cecile! :?

      Your boy will come, don't worry. Just keep a close eye and be ready to pounce. :aheartbea
    9. SD13 bodies are about $450~$600 depending on demand and if its regular or long leg. Lucas heads are about $350~$400. So $800 is the best deal you can get on the doll unless someones willing to lose money for a sale. If your going to buy the doll be aware of scams.

      From what I've read Lucas and Chris are supposed to be similar (but not the same as) the F16 (old F28), School A and the MSD Schulze.
    10. Okay, bumping this thread waaaay up because I'm still slightly confused::

      Oldskin Kai and Chris are the same mold and skintone. Lucas is also the same but normal skin.
      Pureskin Lucas and Chris have the same mold but DIFFERENT molds than the oldskins???
      WC Chris and BC Lucas have the same mold but DIFFERNT molds than the oldskins and pureskins???
      SWD Lucas is different from normal Lucas mold.

      F-16 and F-28 are similar but have different molds. F-28 is the older one.

      F-17 and F-29 are similar but have different molds. F-29 is the older one.

      Sasha and Masha look similar but have different molds.

      Irvin and Kaelin have the SAME mold but different skintone???

      School A is a different mold from all of them.
      SWD School A is different from normal Sch A mold.

      Cecile and Cecile Scarface have the SAME mold except the scar???

      PLEASE someone tell me if all these statements are true! Thank you!

      And GEEZ, there are a lot of guys in this head mold family! O-O
    11. WC Chris & BC Lucas *are* the pureskin Chris & Lucas molds, and yes, their features are a bit softer than the oldskin Lucas, Chris, & Kai.

      Irvin & Kaelin are indeed the same mold as each other, with Irvin being ebony skintone and Kaelin being white skintone. They are similar to Lucas & Chris, but with slightly smaller heads, changeable ears (they each come with two pairs of ears - E08 human ears and E01 long elf ears) and dreamier eyes - though not nearly as closed as SwD Lucas eyes.

      Old F28 is the oldskin version of F16, just as old F29 is the oldskin version of F17. Sasha is the older (first version pureskin LE beauty white) version of Masha, and while all the old versions are similar to their newer pureskin counterparts, the sculpts were recreated for the newer ones, and therefore have some differences. It usually shows as sharper features in the old versions, just as it does with old Lucas & Chris compared to the BC Lucas & WC Chris.

      But it seems like you have most of it right, though I wouldn't put Cecile/Scarface Cecile/old F29/F17 in the same headmold family as the Lucas/Chris/old F28/F16/Sasha/Masha/Kaelin/Irvin/Sch A family (aka the Lucai XD).
    12. But old F28 does not look the same as current F-16, although people argue and say that it is. I have both so I know in fact they are not the same sculpt. They look similar yes but, not the same.
    13. Sasha was also released in Beauty white skin where as Masha was released in FCS white skin.
    14. Is this school head one of those heads or similar?

    15. Yes, that looks like a School A (the "Lucai" School head), but it also looks like it has been modified. Better reference pictures of the School A are at http://www.angelden.net/volks/school/schoolheada.php, and you will also find pictures in the School Head Database here on DoA.