What's your favourite minifee sculpt?

Sep 20, 2015

    1. I adore Eva and Celine so much, I want to adopt both but still can't decide about their skin tones.
      Really love Chloe (as many of us I think) and Risse too!
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    2. my favorite is Chloe, i’m a sucker for plump lips and big eyes and she’s just so perfect to me. so adorable. i finally was able to get one after many many many years of pining after one and she’s everything i dreamed of her being, and she just makes me so incredibly happy and even when she’s sitting next to me i have a warm fuzzy feeling cause she’s just too cute!!~ ♡
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    3. SHIWOO. Any questions?:wiggle:lol:

      But seriously, it's a versatile sculpt that works for any gender, has a nice eye shape and smirky smile, and is a good midway 7-8" head size. Nothing beats the original Minifees. *chef's kiss*
      Sadly, CP/Fairyland no longer makes them. However, I did email them at one point and they said if multiple people email them with interest in the sculpt, they may be willing to rerelease it (with upgraded magnet headcap, like El and Shushu got). :)
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    4. Elf Sircca and Mirwen!
    5. Not that I have any plans on getting any more unless they make a tan version, but I thought that you could still get a Shiwoo through a la carte. I could be wrong though. :?

    6. My favourites are Chloe and Seorin. They are so pretty.
    7. Shiwoo all the time always, but I really do miss their older sculpts like Ruth, Carl, Shushu, Marcia.... their new sculpts are pretty but they all kind of run together in my head.
    8. When I first discover Fairyland I fell in love with Chloé and when I saw her for real I was a bit desapointed
      Now my favorite are Mirwen, Rheia and Liria <3