What's your favourite minifee sculpt?

Sep 20, 2015

    1. My favourites are Miyu and FLAM ~
      One day I'd love to get a Luka too. There's a slightly modded Luka I see often on instagram and I fell in love with her.
      Another favourite of mine is Mio, which is interesting because when she was released I couldn't understand why so many people loved her! I thought she was so ugly. Funny how your taste can change!
    2. My favorite is Shiwoo... he is my first minifee :) But they have so many wonderful sculpts that I really like - Mirwen, Chloe, El, Shushu, etc. I guess I just love their style (and my wallet hates it! )
    3. Hands down my favorite sculpt is Lucywen, with Ante being a close second followed by Nanuri16
    4. I really like Celine, Chloe, and Liria. I really like big innocent looking eyes and they just capture that so well. Though now I've also been looking at Siean, just because of how pretty she looks with the right faceup and wig.
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    5. I love Chloe, but I haven't looked at all of them as much as I have her. I do really like some of the elf dolls too. But I think she is my favorite.
    6. Ante, Ante, ANTE!!!! I fell in love with her sculpt so much since getting her LTF form I'm legit considering even getting her MNF version solely because that's the biggest size she comes in, hence already breaking 3 of my rules which are 1. No repeat sculpts, 2. No multiple "bigs" and 3. Absolutely no slim MSDs, especially Minifees! (Easily my least favorite body type and size, I can't stand its smallness)

      If I absolutely had to get a Minifee (and Ante has definitely been tempting me) it would be an Ante and only an Ante, no hard choices there.

      Rin is a close second if I have to list 2, the other sculpts just always seemed a little too generic/fashion-doll like for my tastes.

      (Risse is interesting too though, at least her full-set one is)
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    7. My favourites are Ante and Sarang. There's something about their eye shapes and mouths that are just so precious and I love them so much.

      Ante I find really cute and adorable, kind of like a younger sister. Sarang is so sweet and happy looking. For both of them I think its their mouths that have the most impact on how much I like them
    8. This thread is so old but i've never really liked fairyland dolls that much. They looked like the barbies of the bjd hobby and they're EVERYWHERE. But damn, I saw this one Celine and shes just so sweet and cute and pretty, how can I hate her? Also! Lucywen, so so lovely. My goal now is to have a Minifee Celine. Charavter Development.
    9. minifee sircca elf !!! in tan <3 would love to own one some day !
    10. I don't really have a favourite sculpt but I really love Rin! She is adorable with her sheep ears and hooves:aheartbea but I also like Miyu, Shushu and Chloe ^^
    11. @Shinjumoon that sounds amazing! She would be so pretty! What is the doll in your profile pic?
    12. Ooh, this is hard. I love the Chloe sculpt because she's so versatile. I also love the Juri 2011 sculpt because she's so unique, Celine is honestly the prettiest. But my favorite would have to be the Ante sculpt. She's super adorable and I can't wait to get one on the moe line body.
    13. I love fairyland especially the little ones like pukifee which I have a about four off but my very first BJD was Chloe and I adore her so perhaps she is my favourite such a lovely girl
    14. I think my favorites right now are Mio, FLAM and the elf FLAM <3 I love Ante and Shushu as well.

      Edit: Oh, and I think Rin and and Alicia make the cut too! Sorry about forgetting them.
    15. Karsh all the way! I have 3 and one more coming to me in a week or two. Every time I see one for sale it's really hard not to buy...I've caved most times :sweat
    16. My fav is Siean. I hope one day I will bring it at home collection)
    17. My favorite has to be Minifee New Family, and I own her! I also like Liria, but at a price she sells, I will never be able to afford her, sadly. Celine, Chloe, Ria and Alicia are also great, however, I'm yet to get Celine, I was unlucky so far and wasn't able to find the head second hand.
    18. Mirwen, as it was my first doll. In addition, I personally think that Mirwen itself as a very versatile sculpt and can easily be made to be masculine or feminine no matter the faceup skill. I'd totally get another if I didn't already own the Feeple60 version :sweat
    19. I'm about to receive a Minifee Celine and I'm super excited! I tried to steer away from MNF for so long since every major doll instagrammers have them and I became a little underwhelmed, but I do really like the proportions and the elegant way they pose. So after years of thinking that I don't really want one, a couple days ago I found one on the second hand market and boy o boy I lost it.. it was an impulse buy at 3am! I love the Celine sculpt is so nice, I love her lips <3
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