What's your favourite minifee sculpt?

Sep 20, 2015

    1. My favorite is minifee Hwayu and minifee Ria. I recently recived a 2018 Halloween event Head or Human Hwayu. I am so excited to get her a body. :)
    2. My favorite is definitely Nanuri 14! I've had mine for a few years now and I really adore her more mature, neutral features. I'm about to send her off for a faceup and I'm going to miss her too much while she's gone!
    3. For me, it's Chloe's sculpt and Céline too :D
    4. I have 3 favourites, I really can’t choose between them! They are Juri13, FLAM elf and Rin :love they are also so cute and I love their big eyes, I love Juri13’s cute and slightly chubby face, FlamElf’s ears and lips, and Rin’s nose :kitty2 they are also my 3 grail sculpts, and I’ve been lucky enough this year to get all three :chibi
    5. Marcia's my favorite,I love her face and big eyes.
    6. If talking about unmodded sculpts it's Sircca, Seorin, Juri'08, Altis. If SP mods or just sleeping heads: Chloe, Rheia, Liria.
    7. Oh, definitely the vampire woosoo! I used to have one and I should never have let him go...
    8. I have a question for Chloe owners. I just received one and her head is larger then my Mirwen. What body do you prefer for the Chloe head? Thanks.
    9. Mine changes a lot. At the moment, I'm pretty obsessed with Sircca :o
    10. I definitely like the sleeping heads in general but my favorite would be vampire Hwayu.
    11. I know I posted in here over two years ago, but my taste has definitely changed. I think I'd have to pick Lucywen or Momo. I just like how cute they are!
    12. My Chloe is on the A-line body and I think it works well for her.
    13. Thank you so much @malvinas. Really appreciate your feedback.
    14. Oh they’re my exact favourites too! I normally prefer realistic sculpts so I’ve avoided Fairyland in the past but ever since those two were released the urge to buy one when they pop up in the second hand market is overwhelming :XD:
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    15. Chloe! I also like Mika and Altis a lot too.
    16. Shiwoo for me! I have three (so far). ;)

    17. Rendia probably! But Sia, Liria, and Niella are definitely high on the list.
    18. Mirwen and Maya.

      Nanuris 19 too, i think.
    19. I have an Altis and I love him! His face sculpt won me over instantly. My other favorite is Mirwen, I am obsessed with how gorgeous her eye shape is and I want her in my collection so bad!
    20. Klaus is my favorite, but I also like Karsh, Iru, Mio and Seorin.