Whats your favourite type of female Mini Doll?

Jun 9, 2005

    1. Unoa Lusis and Mini Fee Shushu are my absolute favorites :)
    2. Shoyo and TinTan by DollZone and Luts Kid Delf Girl ANI :)
      I only own the Shoyo by DollZone though.
    3. Unoa, Narae, Minisup Yan (for more mature).

      Right now Dollmore MOMO is my favorite (love the pudgy nose - finally, a doll I like with a WIDE NOSE! =O)
      I also like the Blue Fairy blossom body, and SDC Kaede.

      But darn, they're all just so cute. <3
    4. 1. MNF Shushu
      2. Kid Delf Cherry
      3. BF May Valentine *pout for the expensive doll*
    5. Kid Delf Ani Elf and PeaksWoods Morimoth, both of whom live with with me, MNF Soo, and there are a couple of new girls that have really caught my eye. :)
    6. U-noa Sist no question. She is lovely and her body engineering is something special.
    7. I love all the DollZone girls-- Megi, Mo, Feilan, Tintan-- I think they're all beautiful. I ended up buying a Fei girl. She is very beautiful! I think they all have such unique expression which lends itself to being viewed in very different ways-- turn the head one way, it looks sad, the other way, it looks thoughtful. Beautiful bodies, too-- long legged and lithe.
    8. Unoa Sist/Lusis
      Minifee Shushu
      Serendipity girls

      I personally prefer mature minis to any other style, and if that were a checklist... I'm halfway there, lol
    9. Narae is quite adorable.
    10. Right now...

      I'd have to say some of my favorites are

      Unoa Sist and Lusis (their body sculpts are just beautiful)
      Mini Fee girls Shushu and Lishe
      Sould Kids Linn
    11. Unoa Lusis without a doubt :D
    12. Narae of course! :aheartbea *points at title*

    13. So far Narae is my favorite,
      I have Soul kids Linn and Yewon and a Mini Sup Yan.
      I am really interested in the Unoa, but so far her pictures I guess don't do her justice. I just can't see what is the big lust for her. That said, I find capturing Narae in a picture frustrating as she is so much prettier when I'm looking at her than the pictures I take.
      I have been looking at the Castle Anne, she seems really pretty, but that is not enough for me to buy a doll, I want to see how well they can hold a pose.
    14. DZ and DOC are my favs for mini girls :)
    15. N~doll Miso! :aheartbea
    16. CP MNF Shushu and CP MNF Shushu Vamp have been my love in the doll world. Followed by CH LJ Tera.. They are the only ones i've been willing to spend on so far. I am a Shushu addict and I don't want a cure. ^.^
    17. MNF Shushu, for sure, especially the elf version. ^^; I own a Shushu Elf, too, so I'm happy! Barring my dolls (the elf and her sleeping vampire head), I love BF Olive, especially in whiteskin. ^^ I'd love a whiteskin girl if they made them in something other than cross-gender limiteds. XD

      1. Shushu
      2. BF Olive
      3. Unoa Lusis

      And MAYBE
      4. DOD Twin-B with the girl body (^^;; I'm not a big DOC fan, because they all look pretty much the same to me. But Twin-B's lips, I think, make her/him look just slightly different from every other DOC mould, though, naturally, it is close to Twing-key-- sibling and all.)

      Edit: Junia- Lol I've had this answer sitting here for over three hours, forgot to post, and I just looked up to see yours. XD God Bless Shushus, every one. XD

      Edit: I just realized I posted in this way back in June '07. XD My tastes have changed a bit. I no longer like Bee-A (nor most DODs), and Soo is cute but not a favorite. Still love Shushu, though. ^_^
    18. Call me biased if you wish - Lati Blue girls are my definite favourites. And Yern is my favourite of the Lati Blues. :)
    19. The Unoa and Narae girls, no question about that :aheartbea I adore these two doll types.
    20. MNF Lishe and Unoa Lusis & Sist. :D:D Shushu is also pretty one :love