Whats your favourite type of female Mini Doll?

Jun 9, 2005

    1. PsychoticElflet5
      : It is SICK, the effect shushu's have, everytime i see a sales thread or a photo thread, ANYTHING that might have a shushu in it i look. My friends think I'm crazy. I'm not crazy, i just have an UBER dollie crush lol.
    2. I love the DOC girls, Bee-a has a lovely mature face and Twingkey is just too cute! :D
    3. BF Emilie, AR Mano, Ami, DZ Shoyo (with proper faceup) and AS Kana. Oh, and my own modded AS Vera
    4. Well, the Narae get my vote. I really love the ethereal look to them :3nodding:
    5. DIM happy so far has my vote. For looks anyway, I don't know for performance. I haven't gotten mine yet. I love how soft her body looks in shape. Her hips are nicely feminine and the legs look so nice. The breast are quite large in comparison to other mini bjd's but other than that the sculpt is more natural looking than the other mature minis.
    6. For me it is the Souldkids all the way. They pose better than any other BJD in my opinion and their faces are so unique and expressive.
    7. To date Goodreau all the way, Peak's Woods second.. But then my Narae's aren't here yet...
    8. I love Unoas, Narae, and any MNF girls. :)
    9. I'm so biased, I still love my AOD Rao. :aheartbea

      But I also love DOD's and AS girls.
    10. MNF Shushu. No question. She's the angel who got me interested in dolls in the first place, years ago... and I still don't have her. ;__; someday.
    11. Mini Fee's are so beautiful, I love their graceful bodies. :aheartbea
      Likewise Unoa's, they are lovely too. :aheartbea
      They are so different but both have to been seen and handled to
      appreciate them.
      Pania : )
    12. Liebchen is my favorite so far. It was love at first sight. She is so delicate and her face has such personality for me. I kind of feel she is actually looking out at me...

      Patricia C.
    13. BF May and Peak's Woods Lady Bee all the wayy
    14. My fave must be the supia girls and Lati girls! ^__^
    15. Despite the many gorgeous MSDs out there, like Narae, Unoa, etc, I love my Soulkid Tiffee (named Anissina) the best. Fell for her precious little face, and I really like her realistic body (the first one). I was sort of tempted to get Elfdoll's new MSD, but Anissina gave me "the look" and saved me some $$$$$$$. Amazing how 16 inches of resin stole my heart!
    16. I love my Kid Delf Ani . But in the future I'm planning to buy a Kid Delf Bory~!

    17. have to agree with you. AOD is by far my favorite.:D
    18. I am loving Iplehouse Tatiana right now, if my signiture didn't make that obvious :sweat

      I usually fall for the SD girls, but she stole my heart and I knew she had to be my Midori. :aheartbea Super Love! :aheartbea

      ((icon = future paring, if my best bud ever gets a doll made out for him ;)))
    19. Peaks woods Ladybee! :D She is sooo cute.
    20. Unoa Sist definately!