whats your ideal number of dolls

May 25, 2019

    1. I don't think I need more than 3. Sewing and crafting for more dolls than that is overwhelming for me,too much scattered energy.
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    2. well said - me, all the time ^^
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    3. I feel like every day, my answer changes Lol Yesterday, I was content with 10. Now, that I am branching out and learning of new doll companies (new to me), I find myself expanding a bit. I do know that I have seen at least 3 dolls from each company that I like. I want a collection, but at the same time I want it relatively uniform, too. Which is hard when t here are so many awesome dolls that are completely different from one another. If I have a small series of each, I feel justified. So now, the new collection number is 15-20. Who knows if I will ever reach that, but I feel like I should have at least 2-3 dolls from the same company. Maybe I am just odd...:kitty1
    4. For me I think 5. Unless I decide to try an SD then I might get one more.
    5. I have plans for six, all SD sized. I hope to never go over ten, because it may get overwhelming with their size. But I mean, that's far away from now, so we'll see what happens :sweat
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    6. My ideal number of dolls is 25, one for each character I want shelled. I mean, ideally my ideal number to be a lot lower than that lol but I really want to have all my characters has bjds. I could stand to have only 19 of them shelled buuuuuut in for a penny, in for a pound. :whee:
    7. I have 6 dolls and sincerely try to stop, because I want each of them to collect a complete image and sew amazing outfits, but with a lot of dolls it willbe very problematic, I think
    8. My ideal number of dolls adjusts to the number of characters I feel like having. I have 12 characters now and I seem to be contented, unless I feel like it’s a necessity to introduce another character beneficial to the story. All in all, think won’t go over 15 BJDs and/or doll plans. (Still hoping I won’t break my word though) :XD:
    9. I think 6 is a good number! Maybe a few more, but it feels more personal with just a few. I’m at 4 now, and I wouldn’t mind a couple more!
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    11. 10-15. I have 4 currently, with 2 on the way. When I was collecting SD's the number was way less. The 1/4th scale and smaller dolls fit into my lifestyle better and thus, make it easier to get more. I have plans for at least 12 right now. :wiggle
    12. Ideally 8. Right now I have 2 at home and 3 on the way. I just cant fit that many in my current apartment so the rest will have to wait maybe, we shall see.
    13. Same. :roll:
    14. I want plenty, but every day I catch myself thinking that I'm so happy to have two of my guys. And they even not in direct interaction with each other. And I have no time for anything except admiration, but they make me happy just as they are. So, ideal number is while you are enjoying owning and collecting and whatever you want in this hobby.

      Mine is unknown yet, I have 2 more on layaway and I'm purchasing a head today. And my wishlist has no limit. Will see :)
    15. The more the better~
      Now my aim is to collect 50 dolls. I have had 31 already.
    16. My ideal number is 1-3... 5 tops :P Yet here I am looking at a collection of 25 going on 30 eventually. About ten times larger than I'd like. But I love all of my dolls too much at this point.
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    17. I think my ideal would be 3 dolls, possibly 4, but I would like 1000 heads!
    18. Just one or two!!
    19. Lays on floor and cries a little.

      I once thought I might just have 2 someday? I swear they multiply when you're not looking.
    20. At the moment I have 8 full SDs and a head that needs a body. I like my collection about the size it is; around 10 dolls is good. My limit is 13. I'm not a frequent buyer and I'm more into doing stuff with the dolls I have than I am into collecting, so I'm in no danger of my group going over a comfortable number for me.