whats your ideal number of dolls

May 25, 2019

    1. I’ve decided not to put a number on my collection and just go with however many I like (or can afford).
    2. When the parts I am waiting on have arrived, I will have six full dolls. That feels like a lot, especially at the moment when everyone needs something done. Husband thinks I could make do with four. Since I tend to gain enjoyment from the crafting and storytelling side of the hobby moreso than purchasing and collecting, I wouldn’t say he’s wrong—though I enjoy the novelty of having a broader cast for photostories. I think any more than eight would certainly be overwhelming, so that is the ‘hard’ limit I have in the back of my mind.
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    3. After several attempts at setting limits on my collection, I have realized that my ideal number of dolls isn't a number. It is simply the amount of dolls I can comfortably display in my home and give attention to. Which, in practice, seems to mean an army of cat tinies and a more limited number of SD elves.
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    4. Size is a big factor in my ideal, perfect number.

      If I end up with nothing but sds, then 5 is my perfect number. All msds and my number would be 10. All yosds and the number would also be 10.

      My perfect (imaginary) collection, though, might be 3 sds, 4 msds, and 3 yosds.

      All in all, 5 - 10 dolls.
    5. One more than whatever number it is I have now... :XD:

      I have to say it does depend on the size. There's always room for one more tiny, especially since I love the really small ones (PKF, Lati Yellow and smaller).
      There may not be a lot of room for more SD and larger sized boys, though.
    6. 3-4 is my ideal, but my husband has asked if I can keep it to 2. I have my 2 Yosd sized, but I may sneak in one or two smaller anthro bjds. Im lusting over a light blue Axolotle bjd I saw :drool
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    7. One. Just one and I want to spoil it to the bones (or strings?).
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    8. If you had asked me ten years ago, three. Now i have considerably more than that lol

      (Not including floating heads and incoming dolls... I'm at 25.)
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    9. Honestly 2 or 3 dolls would be ideal! But i have 7, one floating head and two dolls on the way...
      If I didn't have as many i could poor so much time into a few and they would be 150% complete with all the extras. But i guess its one way to always keep busy when the kids aren't around haha!
    10. I don't like the idea of a limitation. I have over 20 though. If conditions are ideal in the future then I see more coming home to me :p
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    11. I don't know an actual number. Good question. lol

      I think I'm just going until I get exhausted? Is that a good excuse? XD I am not buying with any motive but "I like it." And I just fit them into my crew later or right then and there during purchase.

      I currently have nearly 20 and 10 on their way. And I'm slowly working my way to finish customizing the 20 I have. lol
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    12. BJD alone, i'd say my max would be 5. I am pretty much easily contented with what I have (and if what I have has satisfied me to some extent) and I try my hardest to exercise wise shopping and avoid impulse buying.
    13. My max would also be 5. 5 just seems like a nice little crew and I would want them to all fit in a picture together without looking crowded. Of course I say this when I have 0 dolls, it will probably go higher :sweat
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    14. Honestly, less than 10 - and I'm pretty rapidly approaching it! I just want a small group that I lavish with attention. I collect SDs, so space is a determining factor. I think I'd be overwhelmed by more than that.

      After the characters I have planned are shelled, though, I'm more open to a couple of tinies.
    15. Honestly, I feel like I should have one who is perfect to devote all my crafting/attention/playing to LOL. But I have four, so...
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    16. I've currently got 19, one more ordered, and 2 floating heads. They are all tiny but it's starting to feel like I'm close to the limit of how many I can handle, since barely any of them are finished. Though I have ten more on my wish list. So I'd say 25-30 at most.
    17. For me the ideal number of dolls is five. If I have less, I am bored and want to buy more dolls. When their number goes beyond five, I feel that I don't pay enough attention to all of them and it annoys me so I start reducing my collection.
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    18. For me it's 10 at maximum. I have a few friends who have collection exceeded that number, and it is hard for them to take care of all their doll. So before every doll meetings we have, they always stress themselves with new costumes and faceup, to the point that they have to stay up all night just to finish customize their dolls.
    19. I would also like to keep my collection under 10. I want to be able to spoil the dolls I do have with all kinds of clothes and props and if I have too many dolls, I don’t think I’d be able to afford it.
    20. I can completely echo this sentiment. When I first started out in the hobby I set arbitrary number limits for myself...but I soon found myself exceeding them whenever I’d come up with a great new idea for another character. Over the years, I realized that my numbers are limited only by my space to display them and my desire to create their individual story. Now my home is happily populated with resin friends and unique stories everywhere. It’s truly a lovely and creative way to live, and my husband loves it too.:) Fortunately, part of my way of telling a story is doing my own face-ups, designing displays from repurposed materials, and sewing them complete wardrobes using recycled fabrics from thrift shops. I have way too much fun in this hobby, and my creative passion has never waned in 13 years! Currently my number (including dolls in multiple displays in all sizes) is 38, and I’m completely content with that and don’t feel overwhelmed at all. That being said however, I fully realize I cannot keep adding resin forever...I’m just hoping I run out of ideas before I run out of space!
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