whats your ideal number of dolls

May 25, 2019

    1. I'd say maybe 15. I don't want to have too many to where I just forget I even have a certain sculpt
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    2. Interesting question! I don't think I have one magic number, but there is definitely a range between minimum and maximum I would want to stay in between. I'm currently at 6 dolls. At one point I had 8 and it felt like I didn't give the two dolls I sold any attention, but maybe that had more to do with me not loving them than the number of dolls itself being too high? I definitely wouldn't want too many dolls though especially since I prefer SD scale. On the other hand, I wouldn't ever want just one doll, because I definitely do rotate who is my favorite at any given moment and might get bored if I had only one. So maybe more than 1 doll but less than 10? 6 feels good for me right now :)
    3. My ideal number of dolls is 3. I've noticed that once I get more dolls than 3 I lose interest and want to sell.
      Up until now there are 2 permanent dolls in my collection and I'm looking for my last permanent member. But I think that I've found her in my Rumpeldoll Abby...
    4. Thinking from a visual standpoint, I'd say 10 to 15 complete dolls sounds like a good amount. It's a limit I will definitely go over though since I plan on buying more and am making more doll space. :lol: I do feel like I will eventually run out of ideas for doll appearances, so maybe the number of dolls when that happens...
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    5. I’m not sure I have a limit per say... I’m currently at 11 full dolls, 2 heads and a head I’m paying off... if I had to stop, I’d stop when I finished a certain set of OCs, which would round me to 19... and I don’t prefer odd numbers, so 20 if I had to cap it haha
    6. I would say that I don’t necessarily have a limit but I also want to keep a smaller, manageable group. I can’t realistically imagine ever having more than 30, becuase I like a lot of sculpts but only really love a handful.
    7. Ideally, I'd like to own just two dolls to shell two particular characters I absolutely adore. Alas, this means I really need to choose wisely, because I REALLY want to get it right on the first try so I don't wind up with extras! I suppose if I DID wind up with extras, however, I could just sell them. Still, the pressure is on!
    8. My golden number is 1 but.....that didn't work out for me. I like to think that one day I could just do it, sell all but my favorite doll. It would be nice to just focus on my favorite doll. No guilt about neglecting the other doll and more money and space to spare.
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    9. I am at number six after saying I wanted to have only one when I started this year. I think about 12 is the amount I want to say is ideal but I know I am going to go way over that!
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    10. I think my cap is ten, I have nine currently, but I am looking to sell two so I can get different dolls in my collection. I can't really see myself having more then 10. I just like simple even numbers. :3nodding:
    11. I think, is two. For 10 years in a hobby, I bought and sold several dolls, but in the end I loved and played only with the two that I bought first. Now I have three dolls and it constantly seems to me that this is too much.
    12. I have a plan for a group of 5 characters I want to shell (I currently have 3 dolls), but I haven't really thought of a limit. As a serial character creator, I can definitely see myself with more than 5 dolls in the future. I'm a slow collector, so I won't need to worry about running out of space for a long time.
    13. As an absolute newbie to the hobby, I'd say my ideal number would be ten or under. That number would be even less if I were collecting bigger dolls, but I seem to be most drawn to tinies and slim minis.
    14. I don't have a set number.
      I didn't think that I would never even own one. My friends have had them for years and I never felt that I wanted one but when the right one finally comes aline...
      I have now bought 7 this year!! Lol, you never know where this hobby will lead.
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    15. Mine is currently 3, maybe 4! I have 2 in my collection that will be permanent and maybe 2 dream ones I would like to purchase soon! I haven't found a lot of sculpts that I would like to own, so my collection will stay small!
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    16. Exactly the number I have at any given time.
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    17. I'm finding my collection is a nice steady number of 12 at the moment (1 SD, 5 MSD, 5 YOSD and a Sakura & Paper Ruby rabbit- if you count that as one) :) I've sold off quite a few because for me I find if I have too many it's hard to appreciate all of them and give them enough attention (otherwise I end up with too many ongoing projects with clothes-less, faceless dolls) not to mention space also starts to become an issue. :sweat
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    18. My ideal will be from 2-3 no more than that! I don’t like to keep collecting dolls just to leave them unfinished! I prefer to take care and maintain each of them!
    19. I'm going to cap myself at 10, though that could change because I'm apparently addicted to buying dolls
      I was only planning on having around 6, but then so many sculpts & skintones & sizes come out that I just want them all so maybe I'll end up with 80 :lol:
    20. For me I think a max would be 5, which seems pretty low when I see everyone else's! I just don't have a lot of room for displaying my dolls so I have to be super selective about what I choose to add to my collection.