When you have officially 'joined the hobby'?

Aug 28, 2017

    1. It's an interesting question and not one I've considered before.

      I guess I felt I had joined the hobby when BJDs became something I kept returning to again and again, something that made me happy, held my interest, and occupied my time...the same as my other hobbies. For me, this was before I bought my first doll. It was the stage where I was researching sculpts, watching tons of box openings & tutorials, building comparison spreadsheets, and making my first doll plans. When I bought my first doll, I didn't feel like I had finally joined the hobby. I just felt like I could then experience different aspects of it, the aspects related to owning and handling the doll.
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    2. Personally, I consider the day I decided to collect dolls and began doing research as the day I joined this hobby. To me, a big part of this hobby is research, so I'd say researching for one's first doll is an acceptable 'joining' point.
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    3. totally agree that it begins when you start researching the doll you want. I know for me it was an obsession out of the gates!
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    4. Like a lot of others on this thread I never really considered myself apart of the hobby until my first doll arrived! Even now I'm still iffy about considering myself apart of the hobby- there's still so much I need to learn and I have lack of experience. Hopefully one day I'll be able to say it with confidence though :D
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    5. I think I "officially joined" the hobby in Mar this year when I received my first doll head. Even after placing my order it still doesn't feel real. It was only after seeing the head in person which made me feel more involved in the hobby, even if I was just staring at the blank head :XD: Then, I started to think of the faceup, hair or clothing that suit him.
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    6. I think I was 'in' the hobby the moment bjds became an important part of my life and hobby time which happened before I got my first doll. Everybody experiences their hobbies differently, so I don't think there's really a right or wrong answer to this question. From the moment you consider yourself 'in'the hobby you are.
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    7. I just got my first doll and still am not sure if I'm "in" the hobby (in over my head, maybe, but having a blast). I'm definitely still a novice!
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    8. When you find yourself spending more time looking at dolls than anything else and begin planning your first doll. :lol:
    9. I think you get to decide when you are in the hobby and when you aren't.
    10. I probably really considered myself a part of the community when I ordered my first girl! Up until then I was just interested in dolls, but ordering Alice really cemented it for me that I loved them and wanted to join the hobby.
    11. I always think of the day I joined the hobby as the day I purchased my first BJD (Dec 2010). I did research them for several months before then, but after buying one I felt like I had truly committed and "joined" the hobby.
    12. I fell in love with them years ago when I saw the bjd my friends had. At the time they were beyond my price range. Now I'm finally waiting for my first to arrive, so I guess i'm officially in the hobby now!
    13. It was like the 28th of July 2016 when I ordered my first doll I think? I've been in the hobby for about a year and a couple months?:XD:
    14. 2003. A long long time ago.
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    15. I think I agree for me its when I purchased my first doll. I had not been digging and researching for months or anything but I think for those that do, that definitely counts. Its up to the person to decide but it seems by this small sampling it becomes 'real' when the money gets dropped or the doll shows up :). I think its pretty individual. I am sure its perceived differently from everyone. Some old-timers might not consider you 'in' if you don't have a doll, but I feel that if you know what you are talking about, you are in it if that's how you think of yourself.
    16. There really isn't one answer to this.
      In my opinion, joining the hobby is not necessarily when you've obtained your first BJD but when you're sure you want a doll and start getting involved in the community through things like research and/or saving for your first doll. You might not have a doll yet but you're putting in a lot of time and effort towards getting one and learning about BJDs so I consider that as being part of the hobby.
    17. For me there's a little difference between joining the hobby and joining the community...
      While I think I joined the overall hobby with the day I decided on me buying a doll and started saving up for my first boy (which was in 2013) I even until today fail at consindering myself as part of the hobby in the community kind of way... Like... Even though I collect BJDs I am a very shy person and don't talk much to other people in the hobby and all so I don't really consider myself a part of the hobby/community in that way... ;-; Though maybe that's just my weird way of thinking...?
    18. I feel like you'really in the hobby as soon as your active and start connecting with other hobbyists,
    19. I get you on this 'cause its true they are different things.
      So joining the actually hobby itself you could be in it for years without a doll, researching, designing and even making to then eventually getting your first doll many years after and you've had an interest in the hobby itself and no one will know.

      Yet joining the hobby's community you could've had dolls for years and are only just had an interest in joining the community or you're not that active, or even don't have dolls yet but you're still in the community and within the hobby.

      So when the OP asks "when you have officially joined the hobby" I'd say its the moment you really get into researching, actively seeking info on dolls and generally showing great interest in the hobby, whether your'e apart of the community or not :) Hope all the rambling makes sense lol xD
    20. For me... It's simply when you decided you joined the hobby. For me, that was when I started a doll social media even though i didn't have a doll. I STILL don't have a doll, three years later.