When you have officially 'joined the hobby'?

Aug 28, 2017

    1. I can't put a date on when I was in the bjd hobby, because I wanted one before they existed. I was fascinated with antique French fashion dolls because of all the joints, but I didn't want to be responsible for an antique. (Like the prices weren't holding me back!:XD:) I saw a tiny black and white photo of a Volks SD, and I was 'infected' - a permanent case of bjd fever!!
    2. I didn't really feel official in the hobby until I got my first doll. My first doll was actually a hybrid so there for awhile I had a body but no head. Even through the body is what makes it a bjd I still didnt feel official until i had her head. It was kind of one of those situations where you almost feel like a poser while interacting in the community. I was very cautious to talk to any one in the hobby because I would not have any dollie pictures or stories to share yet. Now that I have my doll I am very active in the community and have made a few friends.
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    3. i think around 2014 i officially join this hobby, since that time i got my first bjd
    4. I knew bjd since 2006 and I had my first doll when I was in middle school, but I feel like I officially joined the hobby in 2017. That is when I bought a camera to take pictures of my dolls and joined SNS for bjd community as well.
    5. Yep, actually you're in the bjd hobby when you say you're in the hobby.

      There is no ultimate authority, no minimum purchase, no Supreme Court rulings on who's in and who's out. (Thank Goodness!)
      Spend your time with positive, encouraging people. Life is too short.
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    6. I think like a lot people here I agree that there’s no 'official' joining but, I do think it’s kind of a personal feeling. Some people don’t need dolls at all and just like to browse and appreciate and that’s totally cool! Others like to own their own doll before they totally consider themselves into the hobby.

      That’s sort of where I fall I think. For me I felt like I joined the hobby when I was serious about buying a doll. When I was doing my research about company wait times and looking around for sculpts that I was totally head over heels with, that’s when I felt like I was doing the thing, you know? I only felt even more into the thick of things when my first doll arrived.

      I think a lot peole kind of get more of a 'community' feel rather than being into the hobby itself as a whole when they own a doll. That’s probably because it feels like you can participate in more hobby related things, such as sharing photos and stuff like that.
    7. I had my very first doll in June 2017. A customized Dollfie Dream 07, I sold her a few months ago (realized that I'm more into bjd).
    8. It can be before the first doll for many people, although that makes an easy anniversary to remember. I think for me it was when I joined DoA and began actually shopping with the intent of purchasing my own dolls. I'd known about ball-jointed dolls from conventions before that, but that's when I got 'serious' about them.
    9. You've joined the hobby once you gotten in the habit of looking at BJDs all the time.
    10. I generally think it's whenever you start looking into the dolls as more than just a passing "Huh, that's interesting."

      But if anyone ask me how long I been in the hobby I say since 2006. Because as silly as it sounds I forgotten when I first started and use my Den of Angel's start date as general estimate. lol.
    11. It's personal and I think different for different people. Maybe whenever it piques your interest. Maybe when you become passionate. For me it was when I saw a Dollshe Amanda with an incredible faceup on Flickr. Even though I'd never even heard of BJDs, I had instantly "joined the hobby".
    12. I officially joined the hobby when I had ordered my first doll and joined a doll forum. That was 10 years ago in January. Time does fly. :lol:
    13. I first saw BJD in about 2006, a tiny from a company I don't recall. Then I remember looking a photos of them in maybe 2012 again. Maybe a tiny and a mini. For me it is when you see/handle a BJD which for most people is when you buy one.
      As soon as you handle one you get it -
      this is important - (so 2015 for me)

      Also, if you know tons and tons about BJD but don't have one yet, I think you are still in the hobby.
    14. Realistically I think you can say you're in the hobby whenever it feels right to you.

      Personally, I feel like I would need to have some kind of non-passive activity to mark that point (whether that's buying a doll, started to sew, or just creative planning, or anything similar), but that's just because I'm on the fence with collecting hobbies being proper hobbies if there isn't some additional element to them.
    15. Oh...just a personal opinion here, but I'd like to think collecting hobbies are proper hobbies. :)
      Even "just a collector" is thinking about their hobby, looking and shopping for their hobby, becoming informed, reading and spending money on their hobby. Then there's the care, display and storage. There's talking about the hobby and hopefully socializing with other enthusiasts. That all sounds fairly active to me.
      Let's welcome anyone who is interested in bjds: the no-bjds-yet people, the collectors and the more-than-collectors.
    16. I've been in the hobby officially (buying my first doll) over thirteen years ago, but I know I was familiar with Volks brand far earlier than my first purchase. I definitely wasn't as invested though until I got my first one! However I think you can consider yourself in the hobby even if you haven't received a doll yet. Being involved in the community and doing your research on them is also investing your time and you should consider yourself apart of the hobby! :D
    17. I considered myself to be 'in the hobby' once my first BJD arrived in 2010. Leading up to that time, and before I put in my order, I did a lot of research, many hours of reading, and browsing other's pictures. It wasn't until I got my first BJD that I started talking about them and sharing pictures/experiences, etc.
    18. I'd say that I joined the hobby last year in December when my first doll finally arrived. Before that I was doing a lot of research and have known bjds from conventions for a couple of years but never thought that one day I'd own one myself. But I'm glad that I took the plunge and decided to join the community.
    19. Even though I bought my first doll in 2008 I don't really feel I "joined the hobby" until 2012. All I ever really did with my first one was set him on a shelf and admired him quietly and not active at all. But 2012 brought an unexpected doll #2 and I've been more involved since.
      But whether you own a doll or not, if you participate in any way then I'd say you're in the hobby.
    20. I can't tell at all when I started being interested in BJDs. For me it's when I ordered my first doll since I have a specific date for that. :lol: