Where are all the Dollshe Bermanns?

Oct 22, 2004

    1. sorry for the blurry pix,
      bowen with his brother, owen.

      bermann and me the story has go back a year ago,
      when the first time i saw him i totally fall in love with him.
      but i wasnt sure if i'm ready for this kinda big boy,
      i did plan to order when the first pre-order comes out, but i didnt. :(
      later i couldnt find anymore bermann to order, i was so regret.
      thank god! i was able to order a bermann from the second pre-order!
      ((actually i order from someone order the second pre-order, long story))
      he's just my type! i love him so much!
      um...i'm a student in boston, but i'm actually from taiwan! :oops:
      so bowen is in taiwan with my other bjds. really miss him...>.<
    2. Linda,
      Welcome to this country! Is this the first time here? What do you think of all us?
      Are the BJDs more popular in Tawain than here? Are there any companies there that make similar dolls? Do you have Tawainese personal websites of other peoples dolls?

      I am so sorry for all the questions, but it interests me to see what is going on in other parts of the world with these lovely kids!

      Here is a comparison shot that I took awhile back of all the boys and girls that I had at the time.

      I see you have Omiclon!!!!! Very lovely boy! Love Hyperies!

    3. I'm not Linda, but I can tell you that the last time I went to Taiwan with my MSD Ken, I scared a heck of a lot of people. :oops: My college aged cousin and her friends kept calling him The Corpse. :|
    4. Ha! That is pretty much what we get here!
    5. Bermann arrived at our house a week or so ago - and my daughter is in love. His hands and body sculpt are exquisite.


      I've got some reservations myself - A Souldoll arrived at the same time, and the difference in the resin is incredible - Souldoll's is translucent - Bermann's is pitted around his ears and feet especially, and very matt almost chalky. his faceup has to come off - which I think will really change how I feel about him - but we haven't had time to approach that yet. With the incredible delicacy and detail in his hands and torso - i was surprised by the squareness of his head!

      and the poor dear cant sit, can't stand, but he lounges very beautifully ---- and he gets really grouchy when we try to put clothes on him!!!! hmmm - actually with his beautiful body, maybe he need some hakama pants and a beautiful body tattoo..... and none of my SD wigs fit him - his head is smaller than SD, but seems to be larger than mini - so I need to go get some new wigs and eyes for him.....

      anyway - i don't know if this is an issue with others - but i am needing to work a bit at the bonding with him........
    6. I had to restring and suede my Bermann's double joints! It was a chore but he poses beautifully now. The pits in the resin are air bubbles, but I have not noticed any on my guy. I love the resin, it makes him, him. Perfect color for his attitude. Every doll that you get from different companies are going to have their own unique resin look and mix.

      I really would hate for you to be disappointed with him, I would be more than happy to buy him off you!!! I would love a twin for my B-Boy!

    7. Hi !

      What did you mean by those words, exactly?

      Has your Bermann got some kind of stringing problems, by chance?

      All the best,
    8. Yikes! :o

      There are still only 3 pics??? You guy have to do better than that!!

      I think there should be a beauty contest for Bermann. Who's got the best pic of this guy?
    9. Christy does the best photos of Bermann, hands down!
    10. hi guys,

      I'm sure you are right - I'm trying to figure if he is too tightly strung, or too loose. His legs don't "lock" into place in a straight position, and his torso keeps slumping --- maybe he is too loose?

      Karin - I know I need to take him apart and restring him and suede him, but I'm kind of nervous - especially because I'm a little afraid of all the pitting - my Bermann is one that was probably poured either during or just after the rains - he doesn't have any pitting on his face, but his ears and toes are pretty affected. So I'm a little nervous about sanding him at all.

      Don't get me wrong, he is a very beautiful doll --- his resin is such a pale pale color - I need to hold him against my BW shiwoo elf to see how he compares..... and I love his joints - they are truly spectacular. I like the Hakama idea - but probably won't do the tattoo unless I get much more comfortable with his resin...

      hey Karin,
      If i fail to bond - I'll definitely keep you in mind. I would love for him to be in such a great family.

      take care
    11. Patl,
      You want to post some close ups of the pits? That can't be that deep that they can't be sanded out.

      Restring and sueding Bermann is the biggest task that you will ever have to do with these dolls as far as I am concerned. It is not hard just very time comsuming. You must take off each piece and lay it in order. The little "cap" that sits on the top and bottom of each joint must go back the same way. There is a left and a right and a upper and lower. They are shaped differently although slightly.

      If I had time I would offer to work on him for you, but I don't have time for my real family right now and they yell louder!

    12. Karin if you want a Bermann can't you just order him?
    13. I already have a Bermann. But.... if I did want another he is no longer available, at all, unless you find one on the secondary market.
    14. [​IMG]

      nah, i have been in boston area for about two years.
      i love to read through all the posts in my free time as a way to improve my english.
      bjd is getting popular in taiwan and hong kong in these two years.
      i even see it on newspapers, some articles said bjd is the "new fashion trend."
      this is the photo from a hong kong local magazine(2003),
      the magazine is saying bjd is the most cool "toy" for next year(2004),
      and it did a little introduction on the ai's body, also the hong kong limited ai.
      it's great started to see more more sd/bjd on newspapers and magazine.

      there are few people who make the head only and sell it on taiwan yahoo auction.
      here is one:

      if you wanna see more chinese websites,
      this is a good place to start: http://bjdl.hk.st/
      i hope i help.

      i also love omiclon! he's a sweet boy. looking forward for the new hyperdolly in november!
    15. Auucckkk! Another whole new world of Auctions! Just what I need! Ooooh! Pretty!

      Thanks for taking the time and talking about the magazines and newspapers. I will also take my time and go through the link for websites! I love to see what people in other countries are doing with them!

      New hypers...... Also Serendipity is coming out with a boy in November, then there is Narin..... It's going to be an expensive pre-Christmas!

      Thanks again,
    16. Linda!
      I know who you are!!! Sorry! I was looking at the link you posted and saw your Bermann and DAH!!!!
    17. [​IMG]

      ohoh! that's great to hear serendipity is coming out a new boy!
      i also heard blue fairy is coming out three new tiny fairy. (2 boy + 1 girl)
      are you talking about narin doll? i just order my narea in october.
      narea now renamed to zora, she's coming home in the first week of november.
      this x'mas is crazy for me, so many wonderful new bjds! dont forget dp12 is also coming up! :D
    18. That is a very nice photo of your Bermann! Ahhh! He is so handsome. Mine is the only doll that I have sitting in my living area. The rest are in my room where I sew and play.

      Yes, was thinking about getting a Narin boy and girl during the November order period, now I don't know if I should just get the Serendipity boy and call it a day.....

      I don't want to start up anything, this is just my own personal taste and opinion but... Volks hasn't done anything that has knocked me off my feet in over a year. They just seem all the same to me.

      Did you hear if Hyperdolly is coming out with a new one in November? I heard a quick comment but can't remember where or if I dreamt it!

      Can't wait to hear what you think about your Narin! Please let me know. Do you have a U-Noa to compare it too?

      I am sitting here staring at my Eujquiv begging her to tell me what kind of outfit she wants! I feel like sewing tonight but she is not co-operating here!!!

    19. [​IMG]

      to Karin:
      thank you.
      i think your bermann and other bermann has more mature look than mine.
      bowen sometimes seem childish with his brothers, and he sometimes smile, really sweet.
      i wish i have the pix when he's smiling. :( the pix is in my photo cd which i left in taiwan.

      i plan to get narea twins, if i like zora.
      i'll post lots pix when i get her! i cant wait to see her! :D
      i was thinking get a narin, too. but i dont like small male bjd.
      do you already have pix of the new serendipity boy? oh, i wanna see him!

      i dont have a u-noa to compare with narea,
      but if you check narin doll's website, they have body pictures.
      narin doll's body does look like u-noa's a lot, but anyway, the face is totally different.